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17 05 2023

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Coronavirus (comic for kids)

22 03 2020


Interactive Calendar

14 11 2019

A la demande de Nathan, voici le formidable calendrier utilisé en classe chaque jour… pour celles et ceux souhaitant aller plus loin et voir plus de vidéos!

Ce magnifique travail a été réalisé par Mme Haquet. (acad de Rouen)

Teen Jobs

2 03 2016


Here are


  • some videos:

how to get an after-school job:

teen workers: real jobs, real risks…


  • Job Interviews:

* Top 10 Job Interview questions:

* 2 examples:

* 5 common Job Interview questions:

*6 tips to ace a Job Interview:




Amelia, our language assistant.

1 06 2015


Here is Amelia, who was our American language assistant this year. The students in 3°4 did a series of interviews about her life as an American student.

  • Introduction by Akila, Maxime, Meryem, Yann and Yousra:


  •  About food, by Giovanni, Julie, Sabrina and Selma:


  • About sports, by Ahmet, Amine, Colin and Dorian:


  • About past experiences, by Betul, Charlotte and Mouna:


  • About music, movies …, by Arthemis, Rim and Sandra:


  • About American holidays and celebrations, by Axelle, Léa, Ludivine and Manon:


  • About her life as a teenager, by Astrid, Louis, Manon.G and Tahiry:



We’d like to thank Amelia, she’s been a great language assistant. We’ll miss your smily face!

All the best,

Ms Calard and her students.


World Trade Center elevators show 515 years of NYC

1 05 2015


[youtube width= »386″ height= »312″][/youtube]

  • It only takes 47 seconds to get to the top of the WTC but during this journey up to the observatory deck, (on the 102nd floor) visitors will watch a beautiful time-lapse film. This video was shared by the NY Times and reveals 515 years of history.
  • Read more about this experience on Channel One News, or 911




16 10 2014




Golden rules

23 09 2014

If you want to spend a good school year in English class, you should learn the following rules:

1-You must respect the teacher, as well as your classmates.
2-You mustn’t chew gums.
3-You must raise your hand before answering.
4-You mustn’t chat with your neighbor(us)/neighbour(uk).
5-You should ask for help if you don’t understand.
6-You mustn’t laugh at the others when they make mistakes. (=errors)
7-You must turn off your cell phone(us)/Mobile phone(uk).
8-You mustn’t interrupt the teacher and the other students.
9-You must only use English.
10-And most important of all…Have a good year!

Le superlatif

25 04 2014


Cours et activités sur le superlatif.


Golden Rules

6 10 2013

Bart Simpsons Chalkboard

In English class,

we must do our homework.

we must speak loudly and clearly.

we must respect the teacher and the other students.

we must use the classroom English.

we must participate very often.


In English class,

we mustn’t fight in class.

we mustn’t chew gums.

we must’nt laugh at the others.

we mustn’t interrupt the others.

we mustn’t eat in the class.