Teen Jobs

2 03 2016


Here are


  • some videos:

how to get an after-school job:

teen workers: real jobs, real risks…


  • Job Interviews:

* Top 10 Job Interview questions:

* 2 examples:

* 5 common Job Interview questions:

*6 tips to ace a Job Interview:




This week’s word is…

17 06 2014

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This week’s word is TIMETABLE

This week’s word is…

19 04 2014


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This week’s word is QUARREL



This week’s word is…

4 04 2014


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This week’s word is CHORE



This week’s word is…

20 03 2014

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This week’s word is COMPLAIN



This week’s word is…

26 02 2014

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This week’s word is BEHAVIOR



This week’s word is…

20 02 2014



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This week’s word is…Bully



This week’s word is…

29 01 2014


  • In this rubric you will learn a new word every week

and increase your vocabulary!

  • There will be a definition and two exercices

to check if you understood the word.


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             This week’s word is FRIENDSHIP. 


Classroom Vocabulary

15 09 2013

Voici une nouvelle vidéo pour apprendre le vocabulaire (pour les 6°7) EFL Learning

Voici un jeu crée spécialement pour les 6°7.

Here is a Powerpoint Presentation to revise your vocabulary.

Lesson + exercises. (http://www.learnenglish.be)

Game ( Renée Maufroid)

School things 1   + School things 2

Click here to revise your Classroom English!

Vocabulary: Transport

15 04 2013


  • Matching exercise
  • Learning with pictures

  • Bali plane crash (the Guardian) 13/04/13 (photo AP) and watch a video by clicking on the picture.

The Lion Air Boeing 737 broken on rocks in shallow water off Bali


  • A unique airport in Barra, Scotland, where planes land on the beach!


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