Le présent simple et les adverbes de fréquence

5 01 2013

La Troisième Personne du Singulier




  • Adverbes de fréquence

Do your best: revise the adverbs.


Chores and Frequency Adverbs  (Chores p2-9  / Adverbs p10-12)

Mind map frequency-adverbs

chart of adverbs


  • Jokes (http://www.esljokes.net)

Healthy livingillustration

Lucy Williams worked in an office near the city centre . She usually went for a walk in the park during her lunch hour. Nearly every day she saw a very old man who was always in the park on the same bench. He had white hair and a long white beard and a very contented expression. She sometimes nodded to him or said hello and he always smiled back very happily. One day, she decided to stop and speak to him.
‘Excuse me,’ said Lucy, ‘I often see you here. You always seem very cheerful and you’re never sick! What’s your secret for a long and happy life?’
‘My secret?’ asked the old man, smiling at her ‘I don’t have a secret.’
‘But how often do you take exercise?’ asked Lucy.
‘I never take any exercise, young lady.’
‘What about your diet? How often do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables?’
‘I hardly ever eat vegetables.’ he replied, still smiling,  ‘And I smoke almost all the time.’
‘That’s amazing!’ said Lucy. ‘How old are you?’
‘Thirty five,’ he replied.


Present Be + V-ing

27 05 2012

 Are you revising your English?

Interactive exercise:

PRESENT be+ing : Un nouveau parcours grammatical sur Memovoc,

dont le but est de savoir former le présent en be+ing, et de l’utiliser pour décrire des activités en cours

Créé par Hélène de Morel. (Ac. Caen)

Choose between the Present Simple or Present Be + V-ing

Singin’ in the rain  (Ms Maufroid)

A busy day




I’m with you, by Avril Lavigne + doc

Tom’s diner, by Suzanne Vega

Sailing, by Rod Stewart

Lemon tree, by Fool’s garden

You can tell me which one you prefer by posting a comment !

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