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Generation Gaps

Here are 2 funny videos to illustrate our lessons.

  • The first one is Anita Renfroe’s Momisms. (music: William Tell Overture) FIRST, watch, listen and try to understand. THEN, you can read the lyrics.



  • The next one is about an American dad and his daughter’s Facebook wall. This is about what she has to do at home and what she wrote on her Facebook wall. Watch the end and don’t forget this is AMERICAN…. (you’ll understand if you watch the end!) Amazing! It has over 39 million views!



  • FINALLY, you can watch this film:





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The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee



  • Jubilee:
    a. A specially celebrated anniversary, especially a 50th anniversary.
    b. The celebration of such an anniversary.



Diamond Jubilee: Sixty years of memories (BBC)

Elizabeth II became Queen at the age of 25, and during her 60 years on the throne she has witnessed a period in modern history which has seen enormous social, political and technological change.

As part of the celebrations to mark her Diamond Jubilee – with the help of BBC audio archives – take a trip back in time to see how Her Majesty’s life, from sovereign duty to family moments, has been recorded in photographs.



  • Watch a short video (CBS news) about her life




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Present Be + V-ing

 Are you revising your English?

Interactive exercise:

PRESENT be+ing : Un nouveau parcours grammatical sur Memovoc,

dont le but est de savoir former le présent en be+ing, et de l’utiliser pour décrire des activités en cours

Créé par Hélène de Morel. (Ac. Caen)

Choose between the Present Simple or Present Be + V-ing

Singin’ in the rain  (Ms Maufroid)

A busy day




I’m with you, by Avril Lavigne + doc

Tom’s diner, by Suzanne Vega

Sailing, by Rod Stewart

Lemon tree, by Fool’s garden

You can tell me which one you prefer by posting a comment !

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