The Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast, released recently, is a french movie, directed by Christophe Gans. The story is faithful to the tail written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in 1755. It is directed with lots of poesy and lyrisism.

The naration sat between: a woman telling the story to her children, the love story of the Beauty and the Beast and Belle’s dreams when she was emprisoned in Beatst’s castle.

The movie is also punctuated of wonderful elements and of divine interventions. Several times, the Beast uses magic powers and all around the castle, the presence of fairies (which look like fireflies) and of goddesses of the wood, give a fabulous and imaginary sides to the movie.

Something that suprised me a lot in this film: to create a complet entry in the story, the director had chosen to shoot lots of scene on green sets and to use modern technics on computer.

Even if many people consider this technic as a cheating. I find it used with ingenuity and it permits to travel in another faraway area and also in another universe, more poetic and wonderful than our universe.

The result is mind-boggling, equally thanks to the acting of the two main actors, Lea Seydoux (La vie d’Adèle chap.1&2) and Vincent Cassel (Le parrain). In spite of a silly story and a elevated language of the 16th century, they success to carry us away in this beautiful love story betwenn a young woman and a monster.