Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dhal

this book was written by Roald Dhal and published by Alfred.A Knopf in 1964. The book tells the story of the little charlie bucket, charlie lives with his family in a small wooden house on the edge of a great town. One day, charlie goes to a store to buy a chocolate bar, the seller does not give him any chocolate bar… it is a chocolate bar of the very famous and incredible inventor mr.Wonka. And in this chocolate bar, charlie find a golden ticket who will allow him to visit the famous chocolate factory of the master confectioner mister Wonka.

I wont go further because for me Charlie and the chocolate factory is a novel which have to be read by everyone to fell like a child again. As for as i know, it is a great and it’s my very first book i have read. Everything in the book give you the desire to eat chocolate. From the beginning to the end, the book will transport you into the biggest chocolate in the world unfortunately which doesn’t exist in real life. All the characters are touching, they have got their own personalities that allow us us to identify with them. Finally, i will end my speech here. Enjoy your reading !

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly one of the most famous works of English literature, written by playwright William Shakespeare in 16th century. Romeo and Juliet were already two characters that existed; they are appeared with Luigi da Porta, Masuccio of Novellino and Matteo Bandello. But it’s the play of Shakespeare that made Romeo and Juliet two famous characteres in all over the world. Romeo and Juliet appeared in 1597. It’s a romantic-tragedy, a drama in five acts.
The story takes places in Verona, it’s an old town in Italy. The story relates about two feuding families in Verona : Montague and Capulet. They were always in conflicts for the distant and forgotten reasons. Their conflicts In this famillies, they’re two young people : Romeo, a young man of 16 years old, he naive man, he is describ like night , solitary and cold. On the other side : Juliet, a young woman of 14 years old, she is too naive and pure woman, she is describ by Romeo like day, like a sun, bright and wonderful. The two characters fall in love and they brave their famillies and they loved until the death.
It’s a beautiful story of love and tragedy. They are naive, because they are young and they believe in  their love until the death and this love is so pure. But we feel all along the story, the presence of the death who turn around of the couple and we know the end from the beginning.
It’s a universal story about love, death and about human nature.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Ken Kesey

Many people know the 1975 film called « One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest », which is really a great movie -as well as an award-winning movie- starring the impressive actor Jack Nicholson.
However, did you know that this film was based on a novel ?

This 3 million copy bestelling novel by Ken Kesey tells the story of Randle McMurphy, a recidivist criminal who could do anything to avoid prison… Even to pass himself off as a mentally ill person!
The story begins as he is institutionalized in an asylum. In this place,he discovers the patients, such as Chestwick, who turns red and cries when nobody agrees with him,“Rub-a-Dub George”, a very tall man who has an intense phobia of dirtiness,the shy and young Billy who is afraid of his mother, as well as Chief Bromden, a dumb and deaf American Indian who shows himself to be promising at playing basketball… He discovers human-beings, who beyond their insanity , are also extremely endearing and moving.
Rebel against the rules established by the authoritative Big Nurse and her dictatorship, Randle McMurphy decides to revolutionize their little world…

This novel eplores themes like rebellion against conformity through an extremely powerful story and it made a deep impression on me.

I promise you it is not going to make you snore!


Hunger Games

Hunger Games 

I am going to talk about my favourite book: Hunger Games. It’s a triology of books named Hunger game, Hunger games catching fire and Hunger Games the mockingjay. They have been written by Suzanne Collins. But here I just want to present te first, the blurb is:

After a nuclear war, the worl is divided in thrirteen district and citizen by the Capitol and all of the essential resources are shared. But a rebellion was organized by the thrirteen district , they where massacred by the government and this last one decides to do games to hold in place the fear and avoid any new confrontation with the district. All year a tribute male and female between twelve and eighteen years are choose in all of the twelve district to fight for their life in an arena and all it’s at the television: just one can be win, one words dominates SURVIVE. We follow a young girl named Katniss who live in the poorest disctrict the twelfth, she had a little sister called Primrose. When she heard the name of her sister just aged of twelve years, Katniss decides to be volunteer for the seventy-four Hunger Games. Helped by Peeta Melark the baker’s son they are going to try to survive beteween powerful enemies and the fury of the Capitol.

Suzanne Collins is an american writer, she was born in 1962 in the Connecticut. She doesn’t was famous before the Hunger Games saga who gives to her a impressive fame. Four films are adapted by her novel and billions fans have seen the three first ones.

Paper towns

Paper towns it ‘s an American book written by John Green, he is a author of The fault in Ours Stars, Looking for Alaska, An abundance of Katherines and the famous Papers town « La face cachée de Margot » in French. This book was published in 2008 in the USA but in 2014 in France.


The Paper Towns it’s an story about two teenagers : Quentin Jacobson and Margo Roth Spiegelman. The scene takes place in Oralndo, Florida. When they were young, Quentin and Margo dicovered a death body of a man, since this moment Quentin was secret in love with Margot. While ten years Margo and Quentin don’t talk but on night  Margot Roth Spiegelman comes to Quentin’s windows because she needs a favor. She needs Quentin to drive around city for a revenge.  He was excited because he and Margo are friends again. But the next day Margot never come back to school. The adventure become for Quentin besause he wants to found Margo.


I  like this book because the story describe the questions of life, how we live our life and it’s very interesting. This book is very good for the teenagers because the story is simple and in it there are love, actions, suspense, and emotions.

The mortal instruments am going to talk about a book which is the first volume to the serie “The Mortal Instruments” entitled “City of Bones”. It is written in 2006 by Cassandra Clare:

The book at was adapt to a movie: “The Mortal Instruments” and it will be adapted in series: “Shadowhunter”. Cassandra Clare written six book to series “Mortal Instruments”. This book tell the story of Clary Fray. In a nightclub, Clary see a group of teenargers to his age kill a man! And which the body disappears under his eyes! And she alone person can see the group of teenargers. And its is not finish, the next day this mother, Jocelyne disappears and Clary is attacked by a deamons! She will have found his mother apparently abducted by a bad shadow hunter: Valentin.

The character:

  • Clary Fray: She is the heroïne. She is fifteen years old. This father was dead befor that birth and she raised by this mother . She is a ordinary teenergers. She like draw and read. She is very attracted by Jace.



  • Simon lewis: He is a best friend and childhood friend. He is a geek. He seems interested by Isabelle. He is very attached at Clary.


  • Jace Wayland: He is a shadow hunter. He is very strong but he is a little pretentious. And he is attracted by Clary too.




  • Alec Lightwood: He is a shadow hunter. He is a big brother of Isabelle. He love in secretly Jace.

  • Isabelle Lightwood: She is a shadow hunter. She is a little sister of Alec and she little interested by Simon.

  • Hodge Starkweather: He is a shadow hunter. He is a teacher of Jace, Alec ans Isabelle.


  • Luke Garroway: He is as a oncle or a father for Clarry. They are very close. He is a childhood friend of Jocelyne.


  • Magnus Bane: He is a wizard. He is extravagant. He is very, very interested by Alec. He know Jocelyne. He know Clary since long time but her, she know him (he is my favorite character).

  • Jocelyne Fray: She is a Clary’s mother. She don’t like anything related by the fantasy and she very protective with Clary. She is a childhood friens of Luke and she know Magnus.

To conclude, this book is very intersting. And I have realy like it. The fantasy is good represent. There in full of suspense and rebound.

the old man and the sea

The old man and the sea is a novel written by Ernest Hemingway in 1951. It’s a fictionnal story who won the pulitzer price in 1953.

It talk about an old fisherman who thought himself cursed who decide to goes in the Gulf Steam. He finished by have a fish , a really big fish who didn’t want to be captured. He fought it along 3 days and 2 nights , and finally , the old man won and killed the enormous fish. The fish’s body couldn’t stay in the boat so , the old man decided to lets it in the water and to hangs it at the boat. But the Sharks began to eat the old man’s prey and the poor fisherman come back to his Harbor with only the head of the fish.

I’ve like this story ’cause it shows good the power of the nature and we can deduce a moral philosophy as « whatever you do , the environnement always win , bu if if you deserve it , it can do , for you , a favor »

Still Alice

Hi ! Today I’m going to talk to you about the book Still Alice of Lisa Genova. It’s her first novel and it’s published in 2007. This woman is an American neuroscientist and author, she writes fiction. This book was so much loved by the readers, that it won several prize and was adapted to the cinema.

The book talks about a woman, Alice Howland, who is a brilliant professor of psychology and linguistics. She loves her life, that she shares between university, her researches, her journeys and her husband. But while she’s going to celebrate her 50 years, the first symptoms of disease appear. At first memory lapses, then she gets lost in her own district. The diagnosis falls : she has the Alzheimer’s disease. Little by little her state degrades, but she’s going to try of oversteer.

I loved a lot this book. Even if it was only the fiction, I find it very realistic. And the relation between Alice and her husband is very beautiful, in spite of the disease, he continues to love her and helps her to fight her disease.

I recommend this book to everybody who likes this kind of story


Hi ! For my first article, I want to talk about one of my favorite author, who is Jack Kerouac. More precisely, I’m going to talk about the Lonesome Traveler, published in 1960.
This book, I read one year ago, is pretty typical of the beat generation. Indeed, it deals about travelling, wandering and so on. It’s a collection of short stories, travels through the road of America and Europe. Here, we are following the life of Jack Kerouac, a railroder who lives on the fringes of society. He makes us discover the America of fifties, Mexico, New York, Paris, the UK, with his point of view, which may be ironical, accusing but always interesting.
In spite of the long sentences for the descriptions (it can extend over two pages) which could be boring from time to time, we are never tired of reading the beat generation’s master. A far as I am concerned, I particulary love his way to describe his life: on a train, as a cook on a ship, at the top of a mountain, in the New York of the deep beat generation. Moreover, he always got the right word to catch his readers’s interest and I that’s what makes a very good writer.
To conclude, I will end with one of my favortite phrase of the book “Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream”.


For my first article, I’m going to talk about «  Brave New World « , a science/ distopian fiction novel written by Aldous Huxley ( a famous english writer ) in 1931 and published in 1932.

This Novel takes its name from a famous passage of a speech in the Tempest of Shakespeare. In this book, the autor imagine a society who uses the genetic and the conditioning of persons for especially push for consumption.

The story begins in London in the year 632 ( but we can’t realy locate this year in real life ). In this world, the majority of people live inside  » The Mondial State « , except a minority of « savages » who don’t correspond to the exigency of the society, they are regroupe into « reserves ». In this society, the humans are created in laboratories, where they are then conditioned. The natural reproduction has become taboo. The way they are traided belong the role than the society decided to them ( the society is divided on groups : Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, the Alpha are the elite and the Epsilon are the lowers classes ). For example, the lower classes receive alcohol to become more weaker physically than the upper classes. This technic aim for produces good numbers of people for the needs of society.

In my mind, I like this novel because first it’s one of my favorite kind of book, and in second because sometimes in this book we can really see the drifts of our world. I really advice this book.

Ten Little Niggers

This book is a thriller written by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) and publised in england in 1939. She is a famous english writer, she write famous books like «Murder on the orient express» or «Curtain: Poirot’s last case». The action takes place before 1940 during the summer. Ten guest have landed on a mysterious island (called the island of negro because its shape look like a black head), they are all the main characters. All of us be invited by different means but mostly by some one called U.N Owen which can translate in «unknown», they are  different ages and they do not know each other. As they arrived the owner of the island is not here, they are alone. At the night a disk is placed on a gramophone and a voice accused them to have done different crimes. After one of them died by suffocation after drank a wisky, but is not an accident, mercury was placed on his glass. Then the crimes continue, they died one by one but these crimes concord with a song placed each room, and statues who were on the table in the dining room disapear when one of them dies. Gradually we learn about each stories

I really appreciated the book he is really harrowing, the end is surprising and very intelligent. We know how, when, where and why the killer killed his victim. It is besides an inovante and spectacular ending, that inspired many writer. The plot of this book is placed on a real song written by Frank Green called also named ten little niggers. Agatha Christie written other books with the same plot, a real sing like “Five little pigbut he the most famous but he stay the most known of all, that’s why actually this thriller is the most sold in the world.

Obviously I will not tell you the end if some of person want to read him. Anyway I advice it, is a popular novel most of you know the history but if you do not have read it, it’s a short novel you can read it quickly and the history is poignantly.


Thomas more was a politician and humanist. Chancellor in 1529, he abandoned this charge in 1532, because he disapproved the rupture of Henri VIII with a pape. He was imprisoned in 1535, sentenced to death and decapitated. He published a lot of novel, especially a politic and social in Latin appointed « UTOPIA » in 1515-1516. »UTOPIA » is a book in two parts : In the first place, we have a dialogue between author and a friend retourning from travel and they ask a lot of politics and social questions of the time they have addressed. Still, the parts two, reveals the fiction because the traveler clearly stated he discovered an island is call « UTOPIA » and speaks of Thomas MORE. « UTOPIA » is a word wrought by Thomas MORE which means « ideal world ». This book was a great description for notion of « UTOPIA »,I like this book because it’s interesting adventure.

Harry Potter

Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to talk about Harry Potter , it’s an English saga very famous. It’s talk about wizards who are in school calls Hogwarts and they practicise magic. There are 3 main characters thier names are Harry, Ron and Hermione. Throughout the saga we follow their adventures of their lifes everywhere. This saga is written by J.K Rowling , a famous English novelist knew for had written Harry Potter saga.  Personnally I usually read it. I recomend you Harry potter’s books so much ! Good reading to you !

The Girl who loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King

Trisha is 9 years old. One day, while a walk with her family in the forest, she go away in the woods and she gets lost.
At the beginning, she can’t believe it : after all, the way she left a few minutes ago . But strangely, it seems to leak her, and more she walk, more she move away for civilization.
The twilight and the dark take her and scary her. She will not have enough food to survive in the forest, and she’s afraid of the beasts, the creatures which could erupt in the night.
The only contact she keeps with the world is the radio on her Walkman and Tom Gordon, a baseball player. Trisha’s anxiety get us too, her fears became ours and this is with a terrible anguish that we see hours pass and horrors of the night invade little by little the woods who imprisoned the little Trisha.



Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, written in English and published in 1955 in Paris, in 1958 in New York, and in 1959 in London. It is critized and censored book. It owes it’s success to the scandal that led to his publication.

The story of this novel set the scene a pedophile called Humbert Humbert aged of 40 years attracted by a « nymphet » called Dolores Lolita and aged of 12 years. We read his confession, written from his prison cell in which he awaits trial for murder.
Humbert Humbert, professor of literature live in the house of Charlotte Haze -widow- to write and continue to read in peace. A complicity is born between the young girl of 12 years and him. Charlotte, the mother of the girl is jealous of their rapprochement because she’s in love with the professor so she decides to expel her daughter by sending in a holiday camp.
The pedophile will marry Charlotte to be closer to Dolores. His wife will one day read his diary in which he reveals his sexual attraction to girls aged to 9 and 12 years and more precisely on his daughter. Charlotte ran away but in her flight she accidentally hit by a car, killing her. His wife died, Humbert Humbert becomes the legual gardian of Lolita. He will recover in the camps and traveling through America. The nymphet becomes the mistress of his stepfather.
Lolita fled with another man and Humbert wanders looking for them for 3 years, repeating the path backwards in order to find clues from this man. At the end of the novel, Lolita wrote, he joined, and including he still loves although it is no longer a nymphet, decides he must see her again. He snatches the man’s name with whom she fled -Clare Quilty-, will kill him, then dies of a heart attack in prison before his trial.

Lolita is a confused and murky book shared between two contradictory wills. But we can wonder if is a work apart, which arouses discomfort as much as fascination, inconvenient as it seduces. Why, indeed, the reader can not help, page after page, to enjoy a story he should hate yet ?

« Osceola the Seminole » by Thomas Mayn Reid


Osceola the Seminole: The Red Fawn of the Flower Land was written in 1858 by Scottish-Irish American novelist Thomas Mayn Reid.
The story takes place in the United States, more precisely in Florida, during the Second Seminole War. The book tells about Osceola, Seminole’s young leader. In 1836, during the Second Seminole’s War, when the United States tried to remove the tribe from their lands in Florida, Osceola led a small band of the warriors in the Seminole resistance.
The narrator is a young United States army solider George, the childhood friend of Osceola.
During the war, despite the fact that were in the different sides, they remain friends and help each other to survive.
But in 1937, to stop Indians resistance, United States authorities decide to capture Osceola by deception under a flag of truce when he went to the United States fort for peace talks.
George tries to help his friend, but unfortunately Osceola died in January 1838 at age of 33-34 in prison of cases reported as an internal infection of Malaria.
After Osceola’s death, the war’s end. George married with Osceola’s sister Mayumi, who he loved since childhood.
     In my opinion a great book, overflowing emotions! The story of friendship, first love on the battlefield. The life story of the man who fought until the end, his death for the Seminole’s people.


An abundance of Katherines, John Green

Hello everybody ! Today, i’m going to speak about a book (really?) which i love ! I hope you are gonna to like it !

An abundance of Katherines is a book (Young adult novel)written in 2006 by John Green, an American author famous with « The faults in our Stars » released in 2014. John green was helped by Daniel Biss, his friend and an American mathematician for wirte the complex equations made by the main character.

It’s the story of a seventeen year-old boy, Colin Singleton, a prodigy who felt in love Nineteen times. And the Nineteen times , the girl was called Katherine. Not Kat, Katie, Kittie, Cathy and ESPECIALLY NOT Catherine but K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E ! And… Nineteen times he was dumped !(Poor Boy !)

He doesn’t understand why he is so unlucky ..As he is pretty (Or rather excellent!) good at maths, he decided to create some Theorems to solve his problems. Because he is prodigy he hasn’t lot of friends except Hassan ! After graduating from high-school, with Hassan, he made a trip in car to change his ideas and met Lyndsey Lee Wells, a charming woman. Will manage he to find love ?

I love this book because it’s a little bit funny, and the story is very interresting.

How and when i read this book ? Firstly i had read « The faults in our Stars » the most famous book of John Green and then i decided to read the others books of him ! (And finally i love!!)

What I like in this book ? In fact, John Green make us like the personnality of Colin although he is a prodigy and little bit pretentious at time, contrary to Hassan who is very lazy ! The love situation of Colin is very incredible, there are many equations in the book even if i’m VERY bad in maths, there is any problem to understand the book!(and fortunately!!)

Have you ever read this book ? And did you like ?