The Great Gatsby

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past “
The Great Gatsby is the third book of the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald which was released in 1925.This book describes exactly the Roaring Twenties.
The story takes place in New York during the 20’s. The narrator is a Gatsby’s neighbor who is becoming Gatsby’s friend. His name is Nick Carraway who leaves the state of the Middle-West for New-York in the goal to reach the American dream and becoming a trader. He lives surrounded by two luxurious houses. A mysterious millionaire lives next to him, Jay Gatsby, worldly party and colossal receptions make part of the Gatsby’s habits. One night Nick is invited at Tom Buchanan’s house, Tom is the husband of Daisy the cousin of Nick. Then Nick meets Jordan Baker one of the Daisy’s friends, she’s a professional golfer. A little bit later Tom asks to Nick to come with him to see his lover, Myrtle Wilson a mechanic’s wife. Offend by it Nick don’t want to stay alongside of the couple but he is attracted by Jordan. A lot of versions of Gatsby’s life are moving along. Who is him? What is he doing? Nick is at two finger to discover his secrets when one day he is invited to spend the night at Gasby’s house. An incredible story will happened between the five characters.
In 2013 this book was adapted into a movie Leonardo Di Caprio plays the main character.
This book is my favorite book because it is not only a love story it’s an eventful story. Even the cinematographic adaptation is splendid

Warm bodies by Isaac Marion

« What make you alive? »
In the traditional literature, zombies are presented as evil creatures, the heroes kill them. But in the book written by Marion Isaac in 2010 we have a point of view of a zombie. The narrator is a zombie. It’s so strange, but interesting.
The main character is a young man who don’t know anything about his life before the death. He can’t speak, because he was nearly dead.
He wants just eat humans brains, for take their memories.
One day, he kill a young man and he fall in love with his girlfriend. Next, the main character saves the life of the girl.
At the end, thanks to their love, the zombie apocalypses end, the main character and the other zombies becomes a man.
It’s was one of my favourite books.
Im my opinion, this is an original novel, « a zombie romance », a love story, done with charm, humor, and tenderness, a book full of different emotions.
Here’s my favorite quote of the book:  » There is no ideal world for you to wait around for. The world is always just what it is now, and it’s up to you how you respond to it ».

Rage – Stephen King

Rage is a novel of Stephen King, written as Richard Bachman, published in 1977.

Charles Decker is a sixteen years old student student and one day he is called at his school’s principal’s office because Charles hurt one of his teachers two months ago. Charles provokes the principal. Before going back in class, Charles takes a gun in is locker and kills his mathematic teacher. After doing that, he takes his class hostage all day long. The police and a psychologist arrive at the scene and Charles began to do a sort of psychotherapy with his classmates, speaking first of his past, his father… Then he begin to ask questions to the others, who start to taking the game.
There is just Ted Jones, the beautiful quarterback of the class, who don’t enter in Decker’s game, and Charles harass him with questions and finish to make Ted crack.
Charles humiliate the authorities who try to negociate with him, without a real success…

This novel is a little bit disappointed because it’s too long and I think a short story could have been enough, but it stay a very good thrilling story. This book made me wonder, will it makes you wonder too ?

500 days of summer

Hello hello!

For my third article I’ve chosen to talk about a movie which is definitely my favourite. But I have to warn you : it is a very mushy romance.. that I absolutely enjoyed. No kidding, I’m pretty sure I already watched it at least twenty times… But I digress. It was directed by Marc Webb and released in 2009. The main actors are the gorgeous Zooey Deschanel and the awesome (also handsome…) Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This movie is, as you may have guessed, 500 days of summer. Enough talking, let me summarize it to you. I hope it will make you want to watch it!

« This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story. This is a story about love. » Here is how the movie starts. And I would say that it perfectly summarize the entire movie. Indeed, Tom Hansen is a young romantic man who, to his biggest regret, works in a greeting card company. One day, he met Summer Finn, his boss’s assistant. Immediatly, he felt love at first sight. That’s when he will awkwardly try to conquer her. But unfortunately for him, Summer is not confident in love. She always refused to have a boyfriend since her parents divorced. Therefrom we will see (in disorder) the five hundred days after their meeting. Day after day, feelings will appear. Even if Tom is self confident about his own for his beloved, Summer is afraid to engage herself in a serious relation. As a consequence, she will not hesitate to slow down the things. However, Tom will keep doing his best to make Summer falling in love with him. Some days will be full of happiness and love, while others will be dark and empty.

What will happen next? How will those five hundred days end? Well, you will have to watch the movie if you want to know. And I can assure you it is not a waste of time! (only if you’re a sensitive girl? ahah.)

Moreover, I have to say that how the movie was directed (all the flashbacks, the fact that the scenes are in disorder, how we see some scenes, the actor’s play…) make the movie even better. 

Please, let me know if you have already watch it or if you are going to!


Into the wild

Christopher is a young man of 22 who decided overnight ( in 1990 ) hit the road without warning . He has dropped a brilliant career , family, money to go in search of himself. A spiritual journey of two years which led him on US roads , Mexico to Alaska , his ultimate goal , where it could finally be alone , surrounded by nature.
I loved this book because it is based on real events . The character is not boring and we can identify at him .At the end i was a bit disappointed because I found it brutal. I recommend this book.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

Hi everyone !

I would to tell you about my favorite book of my childhood , Charlie and the chocolate factory .
Charlie and the chocolate factory were writing by Roald Dahl in 1964.

This book , is about the story of on little poor children, who lived in the suburb of the city with his parents and four grandparents . In this city , there is a chocolate factory . The children dream to go in ther . To make is dream , he must find the gold ticket , who permit him to know the factory where is make he’s favorite chocolate .
One day Charlie gets one bar of Wonka chocolate , with an gold ticket .
At this day , his granpa , join him to go in the factory , and to share a good moment together . When Charlie and his grand pa are going in the factory , they have metting four kids who have flaws of gluttony (Augustus), gum-addiction (Violet), greed (Veruca), and TV obsession (Mike) .
I think you know the end …

Night and Day Virginia Woolf

Dedicated to housewife’s life, Katherine is a fiancée to the writer William and the prospect of this marriage makes the happiness of his parents. She does not however manage to deny he feelings for Ralph, modest lawyer, which courts her although he is so closely interested in Mary the suffragette which has itself eyes only for William! Virginia Woolf describes with a lot of humor the customs of the high society of London to defend better the right of the women to work and to marry who well seems to them. This book is very interesting and i would advise you to read this novel!

« Harry Potter at the school of the wizard »

This story is magic. The day of their 11 years , Harry Potter a high orphan by an uncle and an aunt that hated him, sees his existence upsets. A giant comes look for him to bring in Poudlard, the famous school of wizard where a place wait him since always. Fly in the broom, cast spells, fight the trolls : Harry Potter is a wizard very gifted, but what mystere round this bord any who is the terrible V…..!!! the mage whose nobody dare pronounce the name?

Harry Potter at the school of the wizard is a book fills of suspence written by J.K.Rowling in 1999. She had written seven Harry Potter.It’s a world fantastic with they wizard Ron, Hermion this friends.

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Jack the Ripper !

Jack the Ripper

Hello everybody ! Today I am going to talk about scary, and terrifying things that are blood freezing : The mysterious Jack the Ripper ! Bouh !

Jack the Ripper is the nickname given to the biggest serial killer of London. He is an unidentified serial killer who have been active in the street of Whitechapel in London between August and November 1888.

According to the investigators, he could have killed five person : only prostitutes named : Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly who worked in the district of Whitechapel.

He didn’t really disemboweled his victims because they have all were found the clear-cut throat and the removal of internal organs from the least three victimes led to propose that Jack had some anatomical or surgical knoweldge.

In 1888, letters were recieved by medias and Scotland Yard from one of several writers wich told to be the murderer. But, a letter was received by George Lusk of the Whitechapel Vigilance Commitee entilted « From Hell » in whom the really Jack the Ripper claims his murder.

Investigators have never found the real killer but they have some names like Joseph Barnett the partner of one of the victims Mary Kelly or Jacob Levy.

One thing is certain, whe shall never wich was really Jack the Ripper.

This myth inspires many authors like Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell who wrote the excellent comic book « From Hell » apparead in 10 volumes of 1991 to 1996.

Gran Torino

Gran Torino is an American movie create and produce by Clint Eastwood, it was released in 2008. The film is in the top rated 2008.

It puts in scene an old man Walter Kowalski racist against everyone who is not ‘American’ for him.

Like every heroes made by the Clint Eastwood, the principal character make the war. Walt made the Korean war. The environment of the movie present him like an anti-hero the neighborhood in which he lives is habited by Asian, but during the movie he sympathize with his neighbors particularly with Thao who try to steel his car the ‘Gran Torino’ which despises at the beginning. He protects them against Thao’s cousin and his gang who harassed Thao. Walt he’s imposing, shocking and quite funny. He bring everything to the war he made, he’s like grumpy grandpa, but he’s badass and imposes its presence with racist insults. Death not afraid him so gang, and bad boy do laugh him. I recommend this movie.

If you want to see familial movie who makes feel full of emotion it the perfect movie you will never get bored.

The Road

The Road is an American post-apocalyptic dramatic movie realized by John Hillcoat, released in 2009.from the eponym novel written by Cormac McCarthy. Now more than ten years ago the world exploded. Nobody knows what passed.The last survivors roam in a world destroyed and covered with ash which is not more than the shadow of what he was.It is in this decoration of apocalypse that a father and his son roam by pushing in front of them a shopping cart filled with heterogeneous objects,During their trip, they are going to make dangerous and fascinating meetings.Even if the father has no hope, he tries hard to remain standing for the one who is from now on his only universe.

Gran Torino

Today I’m going to talk about Gran Torino is a film directed by Clint Eastwood and released in 2008.

The scene takes place in Michigan, in United States and it’s the story of Walt Kowalsk ( plays by Clint Eastwood) a racist veteran of the Corea war and who just lost his wife and Thao a hmong immigrant ( people Asia) who is 16 and who is the neighbour of Walt.

In the quarter a gang composed by the cousin of Thao tries to recruit this last and give him a mission : steal the collection car of Walt, a Gran Torino. Thao is surprised by his neighbour and fail. Then a kind of friendship born between Thao and Walt but also between Walt and Thao’s sister, Sue, when he save her.

Walt learn to go beyond differences and prejudices, learn a new cultur and this relation with his neighbour brings him a little part of happiness.

I discovered this film a few days ago and I like it because it is a beautiful human story although it’s a little dramatic, especially the end.

I recommend it if you did not watch because it’s an interresting story and also because Clint Easwood is a very good actor! If you watch it what do you think about ?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

 » We are Infinite  » 

This quote is from the epistolary novel named The Perks of Being a Wallflower, written by Stephen Chbosky on February 1999. On the one hand, this novel is autobiographic : It’s all around the character Charlie, who is the double of the author into the story. Charlie is very tender and he’s on the edge of the society, because of his bitter past. He has lost the two most important persons of his life : His best friend, Micheal, who commited a suicide, and his aunt, with whom he was very close. She was the only person who could understand him, without her, he’s completely lost, and can’t explain how does it feels to live what he’s living. Even his family are unable to talk to him.

Charlie has got problems to make friends.He’s too shy to go meet people, and always feels like he’s the one scapegoat of the school. When he entered for the first time in high school, it’s really hard for him. The first day of class, the last first person who he talks with is his English teacher, who find into him a interesting writter, whom he keeps believe that he has the potential to success in the future.  At the opening prom bal of the school, he finally meet two final-year students : Sam and Patrick. Charlie completely falls in love with Sam, but keep thinking that he’s got any chance with her. Thanks to Patrick and Sam, Charlie is going to live the life of a real teenagers of his generations : Sex, drogs, alcohol and party all night long.

Infortunately, this  » adventure  » will reveal a lot of things about Charlie : more about his past and about his personality, bad or good things.

This books is really incredible. We have the point of view of Charlie of what life looks like for him, and it’s an influence on our point of view. The story is beautiful, it’s a life lesson, about what does life mean, what having friends mean and what fun mean. The story is based on a teenager, so we can refers ourselves to him. How a troubled student can learn to be self-confident, and  especially : how to see life in a better way, this is what this novel is talking about.

Finally, the author Stephen Chbosky directed a film based on his novel. The mains actors are Logan Lerman as Charlie, Emma Watson as Sam and Ezra Miller as Patrick. The movie came out in 2012.



 » We are Infinite « 

The Extraordinary trip of the fakir who was remained stuck in an Ikea closet


The Extraordinary trip of the fakir who was remained stuck in an Ikea closet is a novel of Romain Puértolas, a French writer. The main character of this novel is a fakir named Ajatashatru Lavash Patel, who, at the beginning of the novel, is a mountebank. The fakir wich is found stuck in a closet (Ikea), travel around the world: First of all in France, in England, in Spain, in Italy, and in Libya. During these many travels (in a short time), he meet many people like African immigrants in a truck, a famous French actress in Italy, or even Marie a woman that he met in the Ikea’s cafeteria (which he fell in love ? ).

I love this novel of Puértolas, because it’s pretty simple to read, it’s recent (the novel was published in 2013), and it’s full of short movies/ TV references like the show « Pékin Express », or even « Harry Potter »… The language may be familiar sometimes, and some passages don’t lack of humor. I strongly advise this book for all those who love amazing stories. 😉

Zombillenium by Arthur de Pins

Warning : That’s not because there is the word « Zombi » in the title that the following graphic novel I’m going to speak about, is about zombie’s classics stories with the apocalypse or the ends times or whatever it can happen of strange in the so mad world we are living ! If you thought that it was a story like this, you’re going to be disappointed because that’s not really the point of the story. Despite it all, you’re still there ? Okay, let’s do this !

Zombillénium is a french graphic novel created by Arthur de Pins and published since 2009. Actually, there are only 3 graphic novels and the 4th is going to come soon but not for the moment ‘cause the creator is working on an animation film (an adaptation of this graphic novel, what a coincidence !) and it’s better to do one thing at a time.

So, the story takes place in a theme park of horror, located in the north of France and named “Zombillénium”. What the visitors didn’t know, it’s that the park employs real witches, demons, vampires, zombies, mummies, etc… We follow the character of Aurélien, who is one of these “monsters” (I wonder if we really can to call these people like that ‘cause they still have a big part of humanity within themselves but anyway) and especially a demon. Unlike the others, he was a human like us at the beginning. But, he had an accident and he was bitten by Francis, a vampire and employee at Zombillénium. By doing that, Francis saved Aurélien from death but also turned him into a demon (and not a vampire) and now, Aurélien is sentenced to work for the eternity at the park and like all the creatures who work at Zombillénium, he is stuck there for the eternity…

I have found this graphic novel absolutely amazing. Arthur de Pins managed to mix fun with horror stuff like when Zombies go on strike to defend their rights. He shows that no matter if the employee is a creature or not, they still are confronted to real problems like financial crisis and decrease of their salaries. He also managed to approach these subjects into the graphic novel so these stories can be more funny and interesting that we believed at the beginning. Zombillénium is also refreshing and if you like good humour with French references and all that belongs to the horror stuff, it’s a good deal for you !

Romeo & Juliet

Hi, I’m going to talk about Romeo and Juliet it’s a famous play wich has written by William Skakespeare and published in 1597 for the first time. The first theatral performance was in 1598. This story is about Romeo, a young man, a heir of M.Montaigu, his father. Romeo meets Juliet Capulet for the first time at the dance, in Verona, their hometown, in Italy.

They fall in love but in fact it’s an impossible love because their families are rival so they decided to married them with the help of Brother Laurent and the Juliet’s nanny. After that, Romeo is banishes of Verona to killed his best friend’s murderer.

Before he goes, Julet gets to spend her wedding night with her lover, Romeo. Juliet’s parents want to married their daughter with Comte Parî, but she refuses and she stimulates her death with the Brother’s Laurent help. The Nanny discovers Juliet is dead, anh there are her funeral according to Brother’s Laurent plan

The messenger who was required to bring the Juliet’s letter to Romeo is sick so Romeo only learns the Juliet’s death. He comes to say goodbye to Juliet and after he drinks a sealed vial of poison and he dies. Juliet wakes up and she see him dead… So she suicide her with a dagger.

Finally, Romeo’s and Juliet’s parents are reconciling, despite, they owners get a statue of their children’s memories.


Personally love the film too, I recomend you so much !

The Enchanted April

The Enchanted April is a novel written by Elizabeth Von Arnim, published in 1922, Lotty Wilkins find accidentally an announcement to a rent of a castle in Italie. She finds three joint tenants for share this castle : Mrs Rose Arbuthnot a dependent woman of her husband, Mrs Fisher an old rich woman and Lady Caroline who wants go away of her close friends.

This novel tell about the adventures of these four woman who do not know each other and will have to live together. Each of them avoid different persons for different reason, she avoid aslo their everyday life…

A Clockwork Orange

Hello everyone, today, i’m gonna talk about A Clockwork orange, a short novel of science-fiction written by Anthony Burgess and published in 1962. Burgess find inspiration when his first wife has been attack by soldiers in 1944. A Clockwork Orange was adapted by Stanley Kubrick in 1971 .

The book talk about a young offender, sixteen years only. Whit his Gang, the Doogis, Alex Delarge rob, break the law and finally kill innocent people around him in the streets of London. A day like another, Alex is captured by the police when he killed accidentally a  woman .

At this moment, he can not imagine what happened. Alex go in jail and finish used as a guinea-pig for a science experience financed by the government. The Ludovico treatment. When he go out the jail, he’s not the same man. when he heard the song of Beethoven, the nine symphony. he can do something and suffering terribly.

So without saying more, A Clockwork Orange is for me is a great short novel. Funny, musical, exciting, bizarre, political, frightening… that’s the all words who resumed the book   for me. Enjoy your reading and see you for the next article.

Rage Against The Machine – KILLING ON THE NAME

Raised Against the Machine is a american punk band of the 90’s in their song they fight against the racism and the capitalism. The song that I want to present is KILLIG ON THE NAME she spoke about the event with the Ku Klux Klan ( a group of Neo-Nazis)

Killing in the name of!
Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses
(4 )

Killing in the name of!
Killing in the name of

And now you do what they told ya
Well now you do what they told ya

Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites

Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses

Killing in the name of!
Killing in the name of

And now you do what they told ya
And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control
And now you do what they told ya!

Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
Those who died are justified, for wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
You justify those that died by wearing the badge, they’re the chosen whites
Come on!

Yeah! Come on!

Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me

This song is very catchy,the tempo is very good and above all she forward a strong message. This band is one of the greatest group of Punk music .



Read more: Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Lyrics | MetroLyrics

The extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe – Romain Puertolàs


The extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe

Hey guys ! I want to speak about a French book .Yes.. I know… when you saw the title, you thought: WHAT IS THIS TYPE OF BOOK ??? It’s pretty strange, i know… But, it’s a really good book ! Personally I love !

But first, let me introduce this novel…

The extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe( a very long title…) was written by Romain Puertolàs, a French Author, in August 2013, and it’s now a bestseller, and it was translated in many languages.

In fact, Romain Puertolàs, was a perfect unknown writer, and, when he wrote this book, he became very famous! Thank to success, he wrote too “The little girl who swallowed A cloud as big as the Eiffel Tower”(always a very long title…)

I’m sure that, a lot of you doesn’t know this book, and it’s why, i’m gonna to tell you the story.

It’s the story of an Indian Fakir, Ajatashatru (A name which is a little bit difficult to prononce!!) who came in Paris, just to buy an IKEA bed of 15 000 Nails !! (You must think that, it’s a really strange wish… you’re right!).

In fact, when he arrived, he has stolen the Taxi driver, to come in an IKEA store.. He met Marie Rivière, a French,who he has stolen too(I don’t tell you how because it’s a spoil if you want to read this novel.. ) but she became in love with Ajatashatru….

After, he was confined in an IKEA wardrobe, and travelled in many countries in Europa, like England, Italy, Spain, France… and even in Libya… Despite him! The Indian Fakir is really dishonest, but during his “travel”, he will meet many people and he will change!

He became an illegal passenger despite him, and has many problems… Will manages he  to return in Paris and buy his Nail Bed ?


So, I REALLY love this novel, because it’s REALLY funny ! Yes, the story of the Indian Fakir, who come from Indian to Paris, just to buy his Bed nails, and the many things which happens to him is really incredible !!

Moreover, there are many comments of the author in the novel like ( Ajatashatru : Pronounce “Achète un chat roux”) and it makes the story funnier !!

Although it’s funny, it’s also serious and a bit sad, because it speak about a current event : The illegal immigration. Ajatashatru met some Africans, who wanted to go from Calais, in France, to London, to work, and they tell him their tragical stories.

I advise you to read this book, which is (According to me) really good and it denounce pretty good the illegal immigration.

Did you know and read it ?

happy birthday

it’s a novel written by Danieelle Steel. She explain the life of a woman and her daughter who are born as the same day. April, the daughter, has got a restaurant in New York and she is 30, she hasn’t married and baby. One day, a man went in her restaurant and they have a relation. They heva a baby bus the man disappear. April’s mother meet a famous man and she decided to married with him. At the end, April and the baby’s father will be married to.


This book, written by Stephen R. Covey, was named as one of the Most Influential Business Book of the 21 century by the Times, the german newspaper Der Spiegel… It covers 7 habits which deal with personal development and self management, and has become a reference for many influential men. Thus, it is recommended by international business schools: indeed, it is considered one of the most inspiring books ever written. Not only does it provide some helpful advice to be a successful manager, but it also tackles how to be successful in your family setting, with your friends, and more generally in your social contact.

To begin, a habit in general, is the intersection of knowledge, skill, and desire.
As the title indicates, the book consists of 7 habits. It helps us define our priorities and learn to distinguish what really matters in our life. For example, the third habit explains how to put first things first: to succeed, you have to take into account the first and the second habits. In other words, each habit is build upon the preceding one. The first is about making choice and taking responsibility, and the second deals with your imagination and creation. You have to know if you don’t enforce the first and second habits you can’t achieve the third habit: which consists in making things you find most worth. Then, you are organized and you can manage time to be effective. I won’t go further in my explanations because you have to read it to understand the book’ stakes.

When you read it, this piece of advice seems easy to understand, but not easy at all to apply (indeed, I wrote this article at the last minute haha). But anyway, I advice everyone to read it because it contributes to an important self awareness.

The picture of Dorian Gray

   The picture of Dorian Gray is a philosophical and fantastic novel written by Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish writer, and published in 1890. The story occurs in the worldly life of England during Victorian era.

   The main character, Dorian Gray, is a close friend to Basil Hallward, a famous painter. Basil is quite fascinated by Dorian’s facial beauty and decides to paint a picture of him. Gray gets to meet Lord Henry one day, another friend of Basil. Dorian will soon be influenced by Henry’s vision of life, that beauty is the most important thing, and will become jealous of his picture because it will never be old while he would age. His desire will become reality : Dorian is going to stay young and beautiful forever but his picture will age. Despite that, his life will not be as beautiful as he thought it would be.

   I recommend this book because I loved Wilde’s writing style, I think it is so well written. You may think the story is boring and not be attracted by it because it’s an old book but it’s not boring at all, it’s catching and very readable.



Every human being has his own knowledge, skills, intelligence. Imagine if you could share them. This is what the Wachowski ( Matrix filmmakers ) have implemented in their new TV series called Sense8.

The title tells us a lot about the blurb. Indeed it’s a play on words : sense8 means sensate and it’s a synonym of aware .

The story revolves around eight people, spread throughout the world, which suddenly become connected intellectually, emotionally and sensorially .The show explores themes that its directors believe to be generally ignored by the series of science fiction, including politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion.

Here is a a little presentation of the « sensate » :

Wolfgang Bogdanov , a burglar born in East Berlin, lives in Berlin, a complex family history.

Kala Dandekar , a druggist from Mumbai, engaged to a man she doesn’t love.

Riley Blue , a DJ from London with a troubled past, a native of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Will Gorky , a policeman haunted by an unsolved murder during his childhood from Chicago.

Capheus (nicknamed  » Van Damn  » ) , a minibus driver in Nairobi, Kenya, which is desperate to earn money to cure his mother.

Sun Bak , daughter of a powerful businessman she works in Seoul, South Korea, and practices kickboxing .

Nomi Marks ( born Michael Marks ), a trans woman , blogger and hacker from San Francisco.

Lito Rodriguez , a famous telenovela actor nicknamed « El caído  » living in Mexico City, who conceals his homosexuality.

I recommend this great show to everyone . You’ll see how thrilling and intriguing it is ! You’ll wonder if one day it will happen to us and if science will manage to explain it.


I killed my mother, Xavier Dolan

poster                                                  Hello everybody!
This time, I would like to write about an impressive film, that was only directed by a 20-year-old film director and then, shown during the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation.
« I Killed My Mother » is Dolan’s debut movie, one could also identify this film as a semi-autobiographical story.
Dolan tells us the love-hate relationship of a 17-year-old Hubert Minel, played par Dolan himself, and Chantal Lemming, his mother. Hubert is very talented with words, also artistically, but he seems to grow only to despise every single aspect of his mother, from the way she eats, her old fashioned and kitsch pull-overs as well,  to the fact that she applies make-up while driving… Discussions between them become shouting matches.
fightThey sometimes are so angry against each other that they burst into laughter, understanding how absurd their behaviours are. Hubert cannot stand when she forgets what she promised the day before or how she manoeuvres him into doing something she wants…She annoys him so much, that he even told a teacher that her mother was dead…A sad news, that her mother will learn, then turn up in his classroom furiously, screaming a false hilarious Do I look dead to you ?”. Both of them acknowledge that they can’t live with each other anymore, but perhaps not without each other either.
The first scene of the movie is a close-up in black and white of Hubert’s eyes, as he tries to find out what he wants to say to his camera. These videos allow us to understand his thoughts and to have his own point of view, which makes us deeply understand how he feels.videos More than this, the film tackles many important topics, such as the homosexuality of the main characters, the bullying because of his identity, his relationship with his boyfriend, his forbidden friendship with his french teacher, how to live without catching one’s father attention…

 » I can look at her, talk to her, sit next to her, but… I can’t be her son. I could be anyone’s son, but not hers »

This is a very honest film that succeeds so well because it says the truth about relationships between humans, that everybody can recognize. We all fully agree then, that we all have the weird ability to hurt people we love the most. The actors are also truly touching and convincing, especially Dolan himself.

Have you heard of this film? Have you ever seen another one of this film director? What did you think about it?

1984 – George Orwell

I decided to speak about 1984 written by George Orwell which was written in 1949. It is George Orwell’s famous novel. I have choosen this book because it is a book for my « T.P.E ».

As the name of the book, the story takes place in 1984 and the world is devided in 3 parts : the « Oceania », the « Eurasia » and the « Estasia ». It is the war ! This dictatorship has a catch line : « The war is the peace, the freedom is the slavery, the ignorance is the strength ». The main character is Winston Smith ; he works on « the ministry of the truth » and he wants to discover the truth on this strange world because people are constantly watched by a television screen and of course by Big Brother, and they shouldn’t know the past… With Julia, a girl that he met during « the two minutes of the hatred », they are going to try to fight this dictatorship.

This book is a science fiction novel which criticizes the totalitarian society where the freedom of expression don’t exist anymore and all the thoughts are watched and big posters are placarded in streets (« Big Brother is watching you »).

We need to Talk about Kevin by Lynne Ramsay.

     We Need to Talk about Kevin is an american film by the Scotish Lynne Ramsay. She comes back with a brutal movie. Through a hate story between a mother, Eva and her son, Kevin. The film tell a flashback and adopts the perspective of the mother devastated. Indeed, the movie begin a painful history of her relationship with her son, step by step, we see the trajectory from childhood to teenager, Kevin led to commit the unthinkable.

     After a painful birth, their relationship already bathed in blood, tears and cries. The baby will not stop screaming, and the mother realizes she has lost her tranquility and does not support it. In a terrible scene, Eve stops near a construction site with her baby in a stroller, but she prefer the sound of the jackhammer to the cries of her child.

     Then, she « sacrificed » her career to raise Kevin. She must give up city life that she loves, to give to her son the advantages of the suburb. So many sacrifices she made for her son and she will not reward. At 8, Kevin wear again diapers, probably to annoy his mother and force her to change them. Kevin repainted with his paint gun the room freshly decorated of his mother. As a teenager he spend his time on porn sites, to masturbate in the bathroom without bothering to close the door. He never stop bully his little sister Celly.

     We need to Talk about Kevin, is a psychological movie, interresting to watch. In brief, Kevin made a big splash in the gallery terrible children to the movies. The movie is a death struggle between a mother and her son.


Escape from the city ?

Hey everybody !

Today I decided to speak about something else than a book. Yes it’s great to change sometimes!
First I wanted to tell you about another novel, but I read it a long time ago therefore I don’t really remember the details. That’s why I will read it again soon and the next article will be about it.

So I have chosen a song that I like to listen while I’m in the bus to go back home. This song is called “Escape from the city” and because I do not live in the city, it’s pretty appropriate for me ! It was composed by Jun Senoue and performed by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell.

(If you want to listen to it while reading, it’s under the text at the end !)

It was played in Sonic’s Adventure 2, but it’s not the main theme, just a stage music of the game.
We always say that Sonic has not the best games, but sure the best musics ! That’s pretty true because it’s a little chaotic when you play… However most of the music are freaking awesome.

If you don’t know Sonic the Hedgehog who is as famous as Mario it’s not a problem, but checks it out on Google 😉
In a nutshell he’s an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who can run faster than the sound (which is a pretty useful and cool ability, isn’t it ?). He has to save his world from a crazy genius named Dr Eggman who wants to control it with giants and terrifying robots (huh not really freaky anyway…).

You know this song is really energetic and it refers really well to Sonic who “can’t stick around, have to keep moving on”.  Moreover I’m a bit like that too, I’d rather move fast (or not !) instead of staying seated in a bus… And yet it’s impossible, of course. So that’s quite opposed.

As a result I only have that kind of music to escape the daily routine, to feel better after a bad day (when you got bad marks for instance !) or to go in my “bubble” to not hear the crazy and childish guys in my bus.

Indeed this music takes me in another world and I feel free to do what I want because it’s entertaining. Unfortunately every great thing has a problem, here it has a very irritating default : it’s too short ! Even not 3 minutes though it’s not really significant.

Otherwise I think this music’s genre can be loved by –almost- everybody since it’s not too classical or not a metal song. To me it’s the perfect middle. And the way he is singing is not too slow or too fast. The music behind is pretty cool and we don’t have huge basses which mess it up.

So here you can listen to this song and tell me what you think about it, if it’s the kind of music you like to listen to or if you like more another genre 😉
->The original-one : the best !
-> Modern version

Comment what you think : it does no matter if you like or not, just share your opinion with us/me ! 🙂 See you soon !

The Clan of the Cave Bear

The Clan of the Cave Bear is the first novel of a saga called Earth’s Children. Written by Jean M. Auel between 1980 et 2011, it made up of seven fictional volumes relating the life of the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal man.


This first book was published in 1980. The Clan of the Cave Bear turned into a film in 1986, it was directed by Michael Chapman.

The story occured 35 000 years ago in Europe and in those initial days, Alya, a five-years-old little girl outlived an earthquake. Now an orphaned and vulnerable children, she wandered a few hours to forage and got scratched by a big cave lion. She took refuge towards a foreign clan where, once she recovered, she was noticed because of her many skills.


This book enables the readers to learn more about the beginning of the human being, it is a way to entertain while acquiring knowledge about the Cro-Magnon and his daily life, his behaviour when he is facing an another man or an unexpected event. Moreover I guess the author had to do a great deal of research even if I think she had to invent some details so that the story become more realistic and could also be anchored in our era, in our time. If anyone reads the book without know the summary, he can suppose that the story takes place in a prehistoric world even if several events are linked with our everyday life. The manner in which some scenes are described adds credibilty to the story, as though we were 35 000 years ago. I think this book is worth reading !

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing it’s an american film, it was directed by Emile Ardolino. He also directed Sister Act. He is a famous director. Dirty Dancing, is a famous movie in the world.

The story takes place in New York’s mountains, in sixtees, where a family come for hollidays. « Baby » the daughter is a sweet daddy’s girl but in they camp she meet a teacher of dance, Johnny Castle, he is a naugty man but in real he is a nice man. Baby lies to her father for dance with Johnny. She fall in love and him too. But they relationship is so complicate because they are so diferent and Johnny musn’t be in love with a client of camp. The film is a typical love story. They will finish together in the end of the film ? That is the plot of the movie.

I loved this film because the story is beautiful, the film shows : the love hasn’t limitation, two diferent peoples can fall in love. Althougt the movie shows the emancipation of daughter than her father. I love the famous actor Patrick Swayze, Johnny in the movie, he is very good and beautiful. The song into the film like Time of my life and Hungry eyes are amazing, I always listen they.

Pretty Little Liars, Sara Shepard

You probably all already know the TV series Pretty Little Liars but I decided to talk about the series of novels that inspired the show.

The Pretty Little Liars series were written by Sara Shepard, a young american writter, the first novel was published in 2006, the series follows the lifes of 4 girls, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, and Emily Fields. 1 year after their group « leader » Alison DiLaurentis‘ disappearance the girls started to reveive threatening messages from an anonymous person called -A. The books follows the progression of the heroins throught the process of figuring out who this A is, and how they face many dangerous obstacles.

I’ve chosen this book series because I love the TV show and I finally figured out who A is !

I read the 1st book of the series and loved it ! I plan to read the others.

Under the dome, Stephen King

For the third article, I decided to talk about a book (or rather two books because there is a sequel) written by a very well-know American author. Some of you have already written articles about his books. I obviously speak about Stephen King and I’m going to share with you one of my favourite book entitled Under the dome. You probably know this title because there is also a TV series, adapted from these books, whose name is the same as the books.

Now I have to sum up the story:
The scene is set in a little town whose name is Chester’s Mill. This town is located in the Maine in the USA. One day, the town is suddenly encircled by a giant dome that cut the communication with the exterior, the other side of the world. That’s the beginning of bad things because of the absolute power of Jim Rennie. Indeed Jim was the first deputy in Chester Mill (before the dome) and he takes advantage of the apparition of the dome to govern the town.

I really loved this book because there are a lot of characters which are all different. They are very good exploited thanks to many details. The main character is named Dale Barbara but his nickname is Barbie and that’s my favourite character because of his bravery. Indeed he dares to struggle against Jim Rennie.
I’ve also seen the first season of the series and even if it’s quite different it’s great!

See you soon!

Fauvel’s novel

Today, I am going to speak about « The Flauvel’s novel ».

This novel was written between 1310 and 1314 by Gervais Du Bus, he speak about « Flauvel » a donkey who becomes king. His name is an acronym from six of his defaults: flattery, avarice, vileness, volatility, envy, cowardice.

Flauvel has the power by chance and especially thanks deceit. He punishes the innocent and he rewarded hypocrites. This novel take place in the world where human acted like animals. This novel is satire of policy on this century and denuncuation from people who abuse their power.

I like this novel because Flauvel look like at some people in our present world.