Pupin Virtual Museum opened

Aleksandra Ninkovic Tasic, Cross-Cultural Ambassador of Sorbonne University UNESCO Club, had opened the Pupin virtual museum :

« BELGRADE – In the Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) on Wednesday has been presented virtual museum of Mihajlo Pupin, which pays tribute to the late scientist, inventor, honorary professor of 18 Universities, winner of many scientific awards and medals, honorary consul in USA.

Visitors, when visiting this museum, will have the opportunity to meet the life story of this great man through 10 sections – travel through Idvor (his birthplace), USA, professorial work and awards, timeline, autobiography, scientific work, national and political contributions, legacy at National Museum, legacy in University Library, as well as charity.

The audience at the presentation were addressed by the director of the Gallery of Science and Technology, Zoran Petrovic, who noted that Pupin was a great scientist, that few people know he was one of the founders of NASA, the great organizer of American science, one of the founders of the American Physics Society,…


“We all, when Pupin is mentioned, have associations to his coils, but that is just one of his small contributions to science,” noted Petrovic, adding that it is of great importance for Pupin’s legacy to be promoted.

He also emphasized that by launching virtual museum and opening exhibitions about Pupin should be cultivated “the truth about this scientist” as inspiration to future generations.

The author of the project, Aleksandra Ninkovic-Tesic, vise president of the Education and Research Society Mihajlo Pupin has led the audience through the virtual museum, saying that her and the people who worked on the project decided to to make it look like its made of glass, because the whole virtual space is easier for navigation that way.

At the entrance to the museum itself stands the Pupin’s quote “Nothing makes a man so happy as his fair belief that he has done everything he could by investing his best abilities in his work”.


Ninkovic-Tesic also said that 10 sections makes the permanent exhibition of the museum, and that every three months new section will be added to the museum.

In the permanent exhibition through 10 sections everyone interested can learn about Pupin’s work with students, teachers, his science, inventions, quotes that were not published.

The author of the project noted that Pupin was also a big lobbyist in the U.S., so he lobbied at Carnegie Foundation to help building the University Library in Belgrade.

“This is the only institution in the Slovenian region built with the help of the Carnegie Foundation,” said Ninkovic-Tesic.

She also noted that the main objective of the virtual museum is to preserve the tradition of a nation, his stories, history and gifts.

Beside the great contributions he gave to science, Mihajlo Pupin was, according to Lyon Fels in the Washington Post, “one of the kindest and most charming figures of the 20th century, while his life story was exiting as his scientific discoveries”.

If you would like to visit the virtual museum of Mihajlo Pupin, you can find it here: http://www.mihajlopupin.rs.

However,even though the whole exhibit is very interesting, we are very sorry to see that there is no option for switching language to English from Serbian Cyrillic, so people who don’t speak Serbian can not enjoy it as we did. »

Taken from InSerbia