Tesla’s birthday celebration: promotion of the Memory of the World patrimony

UNESCO Club Sorbonne together with the French Federation for UNESCO, Kapacity.org, Belgrade University UNESCO Club and SOCIA, celebrated Nikola Tesla’s birthday at the Palace of Belgrade, on July 9th 2015 in the evening (Tesla was born on midnight between 9th and 10th July 1856).

The event was formally opened by the President of the French Federation for UNESCO, Yves Lopez and UNESCO Club Sorbonne Honorary President, Aleksandar Protic, who both talked about Tesla’s important role in UNESCO Memory of the World register.


Tesla talk was followed by Future Leadership masterclass organized by Kapacity.org. The key speaker was Alex Cameron of Socia, a London-based expert in collaborative leadership. Alex has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector and in other contexts where people know they must collaborate to arrive at a better result. Their motivation to collaborate is not just about ‘doing the right thing’ – it delivers better business in terms of profit, employment and sustainability of ventures.  This dialogue-based, interdisciplinary and intensive event was attended by a diverse cross-section of local young people and mid-career professionals.   Kapacity.org director Natasha Cica was delighted to ‘co-create’ this event with entrepreneurial young Serbs – including Nataša Gligorijevi? who founded the New Diplomacy Centre here in Belgrade, and Kosta Živanovi? who is President of the University Club for UNESCO.