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How can a Tweet become viral and change people’s mentalities ? To what extent have Brands the right to take a stand ? How can morality impact economics ? ****** Tea has become a hot topic in recent days, with Yorkshire Tea and PG Tips joining forces to tell Black Lives Matter critics to no … Continuer la lecture »

Catégories: AMC1°_2-2-Informing and being informed, AMCT°_3-1-Power and influence, B1B2-1. Identities & Exchanges, B1B2-4. Citizenship & Virtual Worlds, B1B2-7. Diversity & Inclusion | Tags: , , , , , , , | Commentaires fermés sur #Solidaritea

How to make a proper cup of tea: the war of the cuppa has begun!

US woman sparks transatlantic tea war with brutal online brew Michelle from North Carolina shared her recipe for ‘British tea’. An international incident followed Archie Bland Wed 24 Jun 2020 21.44 BST Michelle from North Carolina making ‘hot tea’. Photograph: TikTok There have been more severe transatlantic bust-ups over a brew, such as the American Revolution, … Continuer la lecture »

Catégories: AMCT°_3-2-Rivalries and interdependencies | Tags: , , , | Commentaires fermés sur How to make a proper cup of tea: the war of the cuppa has begun!

Education vs Profit

Who should educate children when it comes to food and eating habits ? Parents? School? The Law? Here are some different viewpoints related to the US but also France … ******** According to Michelle Obama school has a role to play in educating children as to health issues. This is a controversy in the US … Continuer la lecture »

Catégories: A2B1-7. Saving the Planet & Designing our Futures, AMC1°_1-1-Production and circulation of knowledge, AMC1°_2-1-Being heard, B1B2-1. Identities & Exchanges, B1B2-2. Private Space & Public Space | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | Commentaires fermés sur Education vs Profit

Store Wars or the Organic Rebellion

A delicious parody that you’ll never forget … but you need to be a Star Wars’ fan to understand it to the full !

Catégories: A2B1-6. Creation & Relation to Arts, A2B1-7. Saving the Planet & Designing our Futures, AMC1°_1-2-Science and techniques, promises and challenges, AMCT°_2-2-From the protection of Nature to ecological transition, B1B2-5. Fictions & Realities, B1B2-6. Scientific Innovations & Responsibility, LLCE1°_1-3-Utopias and dystopias | Tags: , , , , , , , | Commentaires fermés sur Store Wars or the Organic Rebellion