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Indigenous Women in Canada disappear …

Indigenous women are preyed on at horrifying rates. I was one of them by Brandi Morin Twenty-seven years ago I almost ended up a grim statistic, like so many Indigenous women and girls. It’s still happening. Red dresses hang on a fence near the TransMountain pipeline site in Blue River, British Columbia. Red dresses symbolize … Continuer la lecture »

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Native Americans fight to be counted in the census

  See how and why Native Americans still have to fight to be recognized as fully American citizens   https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jan/15/we-are-still-here-native-americans-fight-to-be-counted-in-us-census

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The American Dream

ISLE OF HOPE, ISLE OF TEARS HOW IT ALL BEGAN in reality :  A TIME LINE from 1492 to 2016 in another dimension : History revisited ! ENTERING THE USA   THROUGH ANGEL ISLAND THROUGH ELLIS ISLAND timeline  history TESTIMONIES OF IMMIGRANTS CE (online) : Story of a Chinese Immigrant in the 1930s CO: Story … Continuer la lecture »

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