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Tagged With: South Africa

Plastic Art

Turning recycling into an art form An art studio with no brushes or paint.  Mbongeni Buthelezi uses strips of plastic melted and glued to the canvas for his portraits. When the South African studied art he couldn’t afford to buy expensive materials. So he found an alternative and now produces this unique kind of art. … Continuer la lecture »

Catégories: A2B1-6. Creation & Relation to Arts, AMCT°_2-2-From the protection of Nature to ecological transition, B1B2-3. Art & Power, LLCET°_1-1-Art and protest | Tags: , , , , | Commentaires fermés sur Plastic Art

Anglo-Trivia : how much do you know about the English-speaking world?


Catégories: Yoda's Favorites | Tags: , , , , , , , | Commentaires fermés sur Anglo-Trivia : how much do you know about the English-speaking world?

Nelson Mandela’s Life Story

Learning about Nelson Mandela’s early life will help you understand how he could come to power.

Catégories: AMCT°_1-2-Public and individual freedoms, AMCT°_1-3-Equalities and inequalities, AMCT°_2-1-Frontier and space, AMCT°_3-1-Power and influence, AMCT°_3-2-Rivalries and interdependencies, AMCT°_3-3-Common inheritance and diversity, B1B2-7. Diversity & Inclusion | Tags: , , , , , , , | Commentaires fermés sur Nelson Mandela’s Life Story

Sports can Unite a Nation

Nelson Mandela’s speech (Listen) & Olympic Games values   As we can read in the speech of Nelson Mandela, sport can be an exchange between countries and people. Like during the Olympic Games, peoples are united together in the same place to play or watch a game. They can talk together and create links whatever … Continuer la lecture »

Catégories: A2B1-5. Sport & Society, AMC1°_2-3-Representing the world and oneself, AMCT°_1-1-Unity and plurality, AMCT°_3-3-Common inheritance and diversity, B1B2-1. Identities & Exchanges, B1B2-7. Diversity & Inclusion | Tags: , , , , , , , | Commentaires fermés sur Sports can Unite a Nation