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*** Thanksgiving and My friend White Cloud ****




IMG_0478Pumpkin recipe 



IMG_0185blackfoot-searchers-on-the-gallatin1The weather by Danaé

Thanksgiving is an American -------- celebrated each year in the USA on the ------- Thursday of -----------.

This year, Thanksgiving is on the ------- of November.
On Thanksgiving, people have a special ------- with their ---------. They eat roast ------- with -------- sauce and -------- pie.
In 1620, the -------- came from England aboard the ------- and they settled in Plymouth.

At first, life was very hard but the ------- helped them to plant ------, to ----- turkeys, to pick up berries. That’s why the Pilgrims ------ Squanto and his friends to share a big dinner.

It was the first -------.

It was in ----