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A2- B1 Johnny Cash

Walk the line, a film about Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash’s  biography:

-his brother died

– he got divorced

-he had ups and downs

-he eventually settled

-he met a  singer and fell in love with her

Description of both characters:

-They are both good-looking.

What is she wearing?

She is wearing a red dress with flowers and she has got long dark hair.

She is smiling. She is also wearing a necklace. She looks very confident!

What is he wearing?

He is wearing a black suit and he looks rather shy.

Where are they?

They are talking in a café

to wear-wore-worn: porter

a necklace: un collier

good-looking: de belle apparence, beau, belle

shy: timide

confident: sûr/e de soi, confiant/e

What can you see?

I can see a man and a woman

Who are they?
They may be friends: a husband and his wife   or   just friends

What are they doing?

They are speaking. He is playing the guitar  and she is singing a song.

to do – did -done


In the telephone booth:

-I am leaving in five minutes

-All right! Is everything alright!

-I love you!

Bye bye!

-I love you too!

In the coffe shop:

-How are you doing?


(Would you like anything?

What would you like?)

-And  some toasts, please!

Speaking to the singer:

-Me and my brother Jack we always listened to your songs!

-You are tired, aren’t you?

tired [ai]

It’ll slow down

It will slow down  (it will get better)

I better get going!

-It was good to talk  with you!

They get on well  and they are probably falling in love!


December 2022