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from A2 Bhutan, the last valley in sanskrit is also called the Kingdom of the Dragon



 The wedding of the King and the Princess of the Kingdom of the Dragon.

Bhutan in English or Bhoutan in French is a country as big as Switzerland.School is compulsory for boys and girls. The language is “ dzongkha” . English is compulsory for boys and girls. School has got a mixed number of boys and girls. You can see dragons everywhere in Bhutan.

Bhutan means the last valley in Sanskrit. The inhabitants are the Bhutanese. 


My noun toolbox friend=

music, a uniform, silk, shiny silk, a scarf,respect, a tie, the lady, the gentleman, ladies and gentlemen, the King, the Princess, the crown, a necklace, a ring and a watch, fruit, the Palace of Happiness,


My adjective toolbox friend=

happy, unhappy, manly and handsome, lovely and beautiful, sad, nervous, afraid and frightened, obedient, respectful, smiling, serious, kind, good-looking, green orange, red, black, white, yellow, grey, purple, in love, not in love, tolerant, different, religious and military


My verb toolbox friend=

to be in love, to walk, to smile, to sing, to hold, to bow, to pay respect to, to like, to enjoy, to hate, to accept difference, to wear (the lady is wearing) (the gentleman is wearing)


My preposition toolbox friend=

close to, near, behind, in front of, on top of, up, down


My culture toolbox friend=

Bhutan, India, Nepal, The Himalayas, a country, wedding or marriage, ceremony, tradition, history, war, peace, a Catholic, Catholicism, a Protestant, Protestantism, an Islamic, Islam, Buddhism, a Buddhist, a Hindu, Hinduism, religion.



BOOK of K E L L S Collège et cinéma Brendan and the Secret of Kells


Long ago, when the Vikings crossed the seas to raid Ireland, a boy called Brendan lived in a village not far from

the great monastery of Kells.

One terrible day, the Vikings attacked Brendan’s village

and left no one  alive- except little Brendan!

click http://LearningApps.org/view3131279  and watch!

http://LearningApps.org/view1361649 about King Arthur, a  very famous Celtic King 



Aidan of Iona

Pangur Bán

a forest spirit named Aisling.

the Eye of Collum-Cille

Crom Cruach, a Celtic pagan deity

Opening scene:

-“Catch him, Brendan! Don’t let him go!”   The goose is running very fast.

-“We’ve got him!”

The walls of the Abbot’s room  are full of drawings!

-“We are artists, not builders!” said Brother leonardo crossly.

A stranger arrives with a white cat!

From Brother Aidan’ s study room to the forest:

Brendan took down the stachel (bag) and opened it!

-“Oh! Brother Aidan! I… mean no harm. I just wanted to look at the Book.”

The “Chi Ro” page is the most glorious page in the entire book.

The monks use ink, the deepest emerald green ink! They grow an old oak trees in the forest.”

Brendan’s face: ‘I am not allowed in the forest. It is too dangerous.’

-“Oh, Pangur, I really want to help Brother Aidan. Maybe I could go into the forest.

The two friends crept through the passage between the stones.  They hurried into the dark forest.

Finally, they reached a clearing (woods with trees) and stopped to catch their breath.

Wolves! Brendan picked up a stick and swung it around like a sword. The wolves started making noises.

Brendan closed his eyes and begun to pray.


-“Is this your cat?”

A small white-haired girl, about eight years old, stood in front of the stone, holding Pangu Ban.

-“You’re a… a fairy! What are you doing here?”

-“What are you doing here- in my forest? You’ve come to spoil it, haven’t you? Where are the rest of your family?

Cutting down trees or hunting the animals, I suppose?”

-‘I haven’t come to spoil anything! And I don’t have a family.’

-‘No mother?’

-“No?” Brendan said, “no mother, and no father either.”

-‘I’m alone too. My name is Aisling, what’s yours?”

-‘Brendan. And I’m jsut here to find berries to make ink. Do you know where these grow?”

-‘I could help you find them’ Aisling said, ‘but only if you and your cat promise never to come into my forest again!’

-‘We promise.’

-‘Come on, then.’

Aisling led Brendan and Pangur throught the forest, stopping to ask birds and animals for directions to the oak tree.

Finally she stopped under a huge tree and pointed straight up. It was a very long way to the top.

Aisling looked very strong. She managed to climb trees, all of them! Tall trees, thick trees, large trees, all of them!

But Brendan had difficulties climbing, he was trying to breathe.

Aisling was already at the bottom.

-‘Are you alright?’ Aisling asked anxiously.

-‘I’m fine. I just jumped the last bit.’

Pangur looked at him and shook her head.

Brendan left the path and found a cave.

-‘Careful! Be carefu! Evil ahead of you!’

-‘What do you mean?’

Crom Cruach? It is not a story … The Dark One is real. Run!’

It isn’t your world, Brendan? You must trust me! We need to go home!’

Back at the Abbey:

Brendan! Where have you been?’

I … I went into the forest. For brother Aidan, to get berries to make ink… for the BooK.’

I said it to you. You must not and shouldn’t leave the Abbey.’

Yes, Uncle. I’m sorry, I apologize.’

Now, come along. I have work for you in the tower.’

Later that night…

-‘Aidan! Wake up!

The next day refugees arrived at the abbey gates. The Vikings were getting closer! The monks worked even harder on the walls.

And Brendan worked on his drawing. Aidan was very pleased with his progress.

-‘Brendan, I have a confession. I cannot do the Chi Ro page. My old hands are too shaky and my eyes too dim. YOU must do it.’

-‘Me? No. I would ruin it. There must be someone else-‘

-‘You just have to trust in yourself and your imagination.’

For once (for the first time in his life), Brendan was glad to hear Abbot Cellach calling him.

Aidan drew a shape on a piece of paper and placed Brendan’s hand on it. The Eye of Crom Cruach was there!

-‘I cannot give up the Book, Uncle!’

Saved by Aisling:

-‘The only key to the Tower is in the Abbot’s room. ‘

-‘Now, Little Cat.’ said Aisling softly ‘You must go where I cannot.’

Aisling begun to croon softly into Pangur’s ear. Pangur’s shape  slowly dissolved into thin white cloud.

The mist-cat turned and twisted inside the room, then reached out and lifted the key from the hook by the door.

-Where are you going?’

-‘The Eye of Crom!’

-‘No, Aisling. It’s a crystal and I think there’s one in the Dark One’s cave.’

Aisling is very sad and also frightened. She doesn’t want her friend to go to Crom Cruach’s place.

-‘Crom Cruach took my people. It took my mother. You will die!’

-‘The Book is Knowledge and Hope and Inspiration. it will be a treasure far beyond our time, a treasure forever.’

-‘This place is hurting you, Aisling. You must go back.’

The fight with the monster:

Again and again, the monster tried to consume Brendan; each time Brendan ducked out of its way( trying to escape).

The serpent raced towards Brendan. Brendan drew a big circle. The monster screamed in frustration.

Brendan reached for the monster’s eye. The eye came free. Pangur Ban was happy to see her her friend alive and well.

In the scriptorium and the arrival of the Vikings:

Brendan lay asleep on his desk, his hand covering a small piece of vellum. Aidan gently moved his hand and looked at Brendan’ s

creation throught the crystal. Very small creatures seemed alive under the glass, perfect in every detail. He called the other Brothers and they looked

at Brendan’s  creation through the crystal. They were amazed at Brendan’s work.

They told Brendan to go in the tower because it was too dangerous to stay  with the Northmen. They slammed the door and locked it behind


The monks said to Brendan :

-‘ The Northmen killed everyone on Iona; they will leave no one in Kells. Your uncle lived to protect you. Now I must protect you, for Cellach and for the Book.’

The Northmen had destroyed part of the book, the vellum pages started floating gently to the ground.

Brendan started collecting them.  The wolf had big blue eyes and was watching them. He suddenly disappeared.

Time passes by. Brendan is now a young adult and he is paying a visit to his Uncle who is old.

from wikipedia:

Brendan Gleeson as Abbot Cellach: A former illuminator himself, Abbot Cellach now uses his talents for the purposes of designing a wall to protect the Abbey of Kells from invasion. He is very concerned for everyone’s safety, especially that of his nephew Brendan, to the point where he thinks of little else but the completion of his wall. Eventually, this leads to his downfall.

Liam Hourican as Brother Tang and Brother Leonardo: Two illuminators, the former from Asia and the latter from Italy.

Mick Lally as Brother Aidan: As the Vikings attacked the Scottish island of Iona, master illuminator Brother Aidan fled with his cat, Pangur Bán. In Kells, he acquires Brendan as an assistant.

Evan McGuire as Brendan: The main character of the film, twelve-year-old Brendan is bright, imaginative and curious, but leads a sheltered life due to his uncle forbidding him from venturing outside the walls of Kells. Brendan is very interested in the art of illumination, and spends much of his time in the scriptorium with some of the Brothers in the abbey. He is recruited as Aidan’s assistant to help finish his great book. His uncle Abbot Cellach, an approaching Viking horde, a snake god and his own fears stand in the way of bringing the finished book to the people.

Michael McGrath as Adult Brendan

Christen Mooney as Aisling: Aisling is a fairy, related to the Tuatha De Danann, living in the woods outside of Kells. She is a protector of the forest, and doesn’t like unwelcomed guests. At this point her age is uncertain, but she is likely to be hundreds of years old. Despite being terrified of Crom Cruach, the evil god that dwells in a cave deep within her forest, she becomes loyal to Brendan and does whatever she can to help him. She has many magical abilities, and often takes the form of a white wolf.

Paul Tylack as Brother Assoua: An illuminator from Africa.

Paul Young as Brother Square: An illuminator from England.

The name Book of Kells is derived from the Abbey of Kells in Kells, County Meath, which was its home for much of the medieval period. The date and place of production of the manuscript have been the subject of considerable debate. Traditionally, the book was thought to have been created in the time of Columba,[4]paleographic and stylistic grounds: most evidence points to a composition date ca. 800,[5] long after St. Columba’s death in 597. The proposed dating in the 9th century coincides with Viking raids on Iona, which began in 794 and eventually dispersed the monks and their holy relics into Ireland and Scotland.[6] There is another tradition, with some traction among Irish scholars, that suggests the manuscript was created for the 200th anniversary of the saint’s death.[7] possibly even as the work of his own hands.


Rescued by his uncle, Cellach,

Brendan has lived ever since among the monks in the monsatery,

under strict instructions not to go beyond the walls!

Have a look at the maps!


photos of Iona, July 2007  by Marie André-milesi




Key words:

click on the word :  Iona


A stranger arrives with a white cat!



  1. Opening Brendan          
Lecture 2. Brendan and the secret of Kells          
Lecture 3. The Goose and the Abbot          
Lecture 4. Aisling Song          
Lecture 5. The mist doors          
Lecture 6. Vikings          
Lecture 7. The Chi’Rho Page          
Lecture 8. In the Forest          
Lecture 9. Brother Aidan          
Lecture 10. Brendan and Abbot          
Lecture 11. What are you doing in my forest          
Lecture 12. The Eye          
Lecture 13. The Monks          
Lecture 14. Build up to the attack        
Lecture 15. The story of Colmicille          
Lecture 16. During the attack          
Lecture 17. Kells Destroyed          
Lecture 18. The Book of Iona          
Lecture 19. The Book of Kells          
Lecture 20. Epicy          
Lecture 21. Cardinal Knowledge

A2-B1 Guy Fawkes, the Gunplot and the conspirators

Let us talk about the Gunpowder Plot? 

Guy (Guido) Fawkes was part of the Gunpowder plot in 1605.

He wanted to blow up the House of Parliament and King James I .

 England was a Protestant country and the plotters were Catholic. They wanted England to be Catholic again. They wanted to kill  King James I and his ministers because they were Protestants. 

So, Fawkes and his group put 36 barrels of gunpowder in cellars underneath the Houses of Parliament in London.

One  member of Fawkes’ group sent a letter to his friend who worked in Parliament, warning him to stay away on 5 November. 

The King’s supporters got hold of the letter and the plot failed. 

Guards broke into the cellars .

And  they arrested  and executed the  plotters . 

Each year, there are celebrations all over the United-Kingdom. 




 Fichiers de niveau A2


-  Candice : Guy Fawkes’ celebrations in England and in France
Candice talks about the way the British celebrate Guy Fawkes in and out of England.

-  Liz : Guy Fawkes’ Night in England
Liz tells us how kids celebrate Guy Fawkes’Night in England (how they create the Guy, « penny for the Guy » and fireworks).

- Sally : I love Bonfire Night !
Sally explains what Bonfire Night is and how people usually celebrate Guy Fawkes.

- Jane : I was born on Guy Fawkes’ day
Jane had a great birthday every year when she was a little girl, on Guy Fawkes’ day, with barbecues and fireworks.

-  Jenny : Guy Fawkes’ celebrations (2)
Jenny now explains how she used to celebrate Guy Fawkes on November 5th and it included a bonfire.


 Fichiers de niveau B1


- Jenny : Guy Fawkes’ celebrations (1)
Jenny explains how she used to celebrate Guy Fawkes with her brother when she was a little girl. A few days before November 5th they would make a guy.

- Jason : How I celebrated Guy Fawkes Night when I was a kid
Jason tells us how he celebrated Guy Fawkes Night when he was a kid and what he used to eat.


Guy Fawkes, the Gunplot and the conspirators

adpated from


Compréhension écrite / Written comprehension :

On the night of November 4th 1605, a man, Guido Fawkes, was discovered in a cellar beneath the Houses of Parliament. James I’s chief minister, Robert Cecil was a Protestant who hated Catholics. He was standing guard over 20 barrels of gunpowder. The intention was to blow up the Houses of Parliament on November 5th.Guido Fawkes was an explosives expert who had served in the Spanish army.Fawkes was one of a Catholic group who wanted to see the Protestant King James 1st replaced with a Catholic monarch.The members of the group were – Robert Catesby, Guido (Guy) Fawkes, Thomas Winter, John Wright and Thomas Percy.T he group recruited others who were sympathetic to their cause. One of the recruits was Francis Tresham whose brother in law Thomas Monteagle was a Member of Parliament.Tresham was worried about his brother-in-law’s safety and Tresham alerted the authorities.Fawkes was arrested and after being tortured he revealed the names of the other conspirators.Guido Fawkes made a signed confession. All of the conspirators were executed except one – Francis Tresham. The signature on Guy Fawkes’ confession did not match his normal signature.Catesby and Percy were killed resisting arrest. The others were tried (=examined in a tribunal)for treason, found guilty and executed.

Are the comments  true or false?

En m’appuyant sur le texte, je suis capable de dire si ces phrases sont conformes avec le texte ci-dessus ou non.
1. A group of Catholics plotted to blow up the king because they did not want  a Protestant king.
2. The group rented a cellar underneath the Tower of London.
3. Francis Tresham sent Lord Monteagle a letter not to go to parliament.
4. Guy Fawkes’ real name was Guido Fawkes.
5. Guy Fawkes was discovered with the gunpowder.
6. The King was James the First and he was a Protestant.
7. Robert Cecil was a Catholic.
8. Francis Tresham was executed.
9. The signature on Guy Fawkes’ confession may have been forged.
10. The event is still commemorated today.

Bonus : vocabulary on the theme+underline the verbs in the preterite

Ireland (source: Académie de Rouen) Mr Vittecocq Ia-Ipr

BBC Republic of Ireland home page http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/country_profiles/1038581.stm

BBC Northern Ireland home page http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/index.shtml

Welcome to the street, radio 4, http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/world/onyourstreet/thestreet/ireland/

http://yahooligans.yahoo.com/Around_the_World/Countries/Ireland/ (collège)

National symbols

The Republic of Ireland’s flag http://www.enchantedlearning.com/europe/ireland/flagquizbw.shtml (collège)

National anthem http://www.national-anthems.net/web/find.webpage?from=real&what=ireland&id=EI

Saint Patrick’s day, video http://www.historychannel.com/exhibits/stpatricksday/?page=video (collège et lycée)

Northern Ireland, interactive book http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/spring/patricks/book.shtml


Map and facts  http://worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/europe/ie.htm (collège et lycée)

Map http://www.enchantedlearning.com/europe/ireland/ (collège)

Map  http://www.enchantedlearning.com/europe/ireland/activity.shtml (collège)

CIA -The World Fact Book http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ei.html#Intro ( Ressources pour les enseignants )

Discover Ireland http://www.discoverireland.com/gb/about-ireland/

Dublin http://www.visitdublin.com/

Belfast for kids   http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/twocities/belfast/citytours.shtml (collège)

Northern Ireland http://www.geographia.com/northern-ireland/


Christmas in Ireland http://www.christmasarchives.com/ireland.html

Famous Dubliners – George Bernard. Shaw, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, William Butler Yeats –



George Bernard Shaw http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/audiointerviews/profilepages/shawg1.shtml

William Butler Yeats http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/audiointerviews/profilepages/yeatsw1.shtml

The James Joyce Center http://www.jamesjoyce.ie/home/

Bloody Sunday The film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0280491/


Historical facts

The island history http://www.discoverireland.com/gb/about-ireland/history/

Timeline Northern Ireland, BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/timelines/ni/first_migrations.shtml

Timeline (Post WWII Northern Ireland) http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/timelines/britain/post_civil_rights.shtml

Saint Patrick http://www.historychannel.com/exhibits/stpatricksday/

http://www.history.com/topics/st-patricks-day/photos#st-patricks-dayThe troubles

http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/find_out/guides/uk/northern_ireland/newsid_1613000/1613043.stm ( collège)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/war/troubles/ (Ressources pour les enseignants et lycée)

http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/index.html (Ressources pour les enseignants)

Streetscape in Belfast, Interactive activity http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/eyewitness/activities/index.shtml

Bloody Sunday

BBC interactive guide http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/in_depth/northern_ireland/2000/bloody_sunday/map/default.stm

BBC Coverage http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/in_depth/northern_ireland/2000/bloody_sunday_inquiry/default.stm


Photos and audio clips: http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/events/bsunday/wlrphotos.htm#audio (Ressources pour les enseignants et lycée)

Series of Audio Clips http://www.paramountclassics.com/bloodysunday/main.html ( lycée)


U2, Irish rock group facts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U2

Bloody Sunday, Lyrics http://www.u2.com/music/lyrics.php?song=23&list=s

The Cranberries, Irish pop group facts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cranberries

Bob Geldof, profile http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4564332.stm

Rebel songs (with audio clips): http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/war/easterrising/songs/ (lycée)

The street, Ireland, musicians, listen to Sinaed O’Connor http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/world/onyourstreet/thestreet/ireland/ireland_country.shtml (collège)



The Irish Times http://www.ireland.com/ (Ressources pour les enseignants)


Gaelic words and phrases http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/alba/foghlam/beag_air_bheag/section15/index.shtml





http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/sport/findasport/hurling.shtml (collège)

Traditional sports http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sport_in_Ireland

Haiti and its strength : past present and future

Positive Piece of  News Project

art one year after the eathquake



Voodoo pilgrimage


Which recovery?


Listening comprehension:  an orphanage in Haiti.

What is an orphanage?

an orphanage is a place  for children who need to be taken care of when parents or families

cannot (can’t) care for them or will NOT (won’t ) take care of them .

I-Underline the correct answers:

A-The young woman who is working in the orphanage is called:

1- Martha-       2-  Melinda          3- Melissa

What ‘s her nationality?

Welsh – Irish- Scottish   -Canadian  –  French   – American –   British

B- The orphanage is located :

1 – at the very bottom of Port au Prince         2- in the mountains above Port of Prince (the capital city of Haiti)

3- by the seaside

4- in a beautiful place with a breathtaking  or  an  amazing  viewpoint

C- The name of the orphanage is :

Little Angels              God’s Littlest   Angels               God’s Little Angels

II-We are given a tour of the orphanage
How many children (babies and toddlers) are living in the orphanage?

What is the name of the  baby who has a scar but who is doing well?

Jude   –      Jade      – John

What is the name of the place for  babies who are in need of special care :

Special Care Unit        Intensive Care             Intensive Care   Unit

III- Do you agree or do you disagree with the following statements?

Some babies will  be reunited with their families later on in the future when they have a proper house to live in   .

Some will be given for adoption  .

Some babies  are staying in  the orphanage  because their parents cannot take care of them as  their house collapsed   during the earthquake .

One baby is here because her mother can’t (cannot)  take care of her as she has a defect in her legs  .

IV- What about Ti’dada?

He is  the son of one of the nannies .

He is lots of fun    or on the contrary        he is no fun.

It is a nickname .

He  hasn’t got an older brother.

He will go back to his home once his house is rebuilt .

He is staying there until they can  get their home rebuilt.

He  has been abandonned by his family.

V- What about the lady who is talking to us? true or false?

She is enthusiastic and says  she is happy to work there because it is the best place to be  .

She tells us that volunteers come and help them on the balcony of the nursery.

She likes the balcony  at the top of the  house       and she feels she is blessed to be there   .

Her final words are:  “What else can you ask for!”                          ” What can I say?”

VI -Express yourself :

In my opinion this video-clip is   a relevant , interesting   and  genuine(authentique)– or uninteresting  and boring – document about the work done .

Would you like to work in an orphanage?  Where? Why ?  Why not?

It is a very interesting  report and I like  the baby Ti’ Dada!


About  Haiti!


It was the very first island to get its independance  during the

slave trade ( commerce des esclaves)

It became the very first republic made for and by Black people.

Toussaint -Louverture had a lot of arguments with Napoleon

and both men (tous les deux) had the same personality:

they were determined and strong -minded. The “white ” emperor was facing the “black” emperor.

Haiti is the poorest or one of the poorest island in the world.

Haiti was the victim of  one of the biggest earthquake.

Toussaint -Louverture was imprisoned  in the Château de Joux!

He eventually died here! (il a fini par mourir ici) eventually= finalement




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and geographical facts


July 2024

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