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*** The Little Carpet Boy *** World Day against Child Labor ***

The true story of a little hero


Which country?


Which name?


Recap !







@ B2-C1 over-packing

Petition against over-packaging

To the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament,

We, European citizens and residents of the European Union,

consider that the growing increase of over-packaging, that is to say all packaging materials obviously over-sized only to promote the sales of these products, is an offence against the principle of sustainable and environmentally-friendly growth expressly mentioned in the Treaty on the European Union.

consider that the waste reduction and environmental protection required to take measures in order to limit over-packaging, as well as the research into environmentally-friendly packaging or the development of  packaging waste recycling procedures are not an end in themselves. We consider that only significant waste reduction at source will enable us to limit the impact of our consumer goods on the environment.

consider that if packaging does not play any role or does not contribute to the protection of the product during its preservation, transport, storage, identification or to inform consumers, it can be eliminated.

As packaging can represent up to 80 % of the total weight of the finished product and thus constitute up to 65% of its price, packaging reduction must enable every consumer to reduce the global volume of her/his waste production and to save money  proportionately.
However, as European Union Law, and especially the European Directive 94/62, does not propose any criteria to limit packaging marketing, we ask European Institutions to take measures to impose packaging restrictions on manufacturers.

This petition asks for measures to limit packaging in quantity and volume, and to restrict its use to the strict respect of the security and hygiene requirements of the products concerned.

The petition was translated accurately from the original text. However, in the event of dispute, the French version shall be deemed authentic.

<!– With the participation of Pierre-François MORIN, barrister at the Barreau de Paris.

–> Translated by e-trad : e-trad@orange.fr / www.e-trad.fr


Haiti and its strength : past present and future

Positive Piece of  News Project

art one year after the eathquake



Voodoo pilgrimage


Which recovery?


Listening comprehension:  an orphanage in Haiti.

What is an orphanage?

an orphanage is a place  for children who need to be taken care of when parents or families

cannot (can’t) care for them or will NOT (won’t ) take care of them .

I-Underline the correct answers:

A-The young woman who is working in the orphanage is called:

1- Martha-       2-  Melinda          3- Melissa

What ‘s her nationality?

Welsh – Irish- Scottish   -Canadian  –  French   – American –   British

B- The orphanage is located :

1 – at the very bottom of Port au Prince         2- in the mountains above Port of Prince (the capital city of Haiti)

3- by the seaside

4- in a beautiful place with a breathtaking  or  an  amazing  viewpoint

C- The name of the orphanage is :

Little Angels              God’s Littlest   Angels               God’s Little Angels

II-We are given a tour of the orphanage
How many children (babies and toddlers) are living in the orphanage?

What is the name of the  baby who has a scar but who is doing well?

Jude   –      Jade      – John

What is the name of the place for  babies who are in need of special care :

Special Care Unit        Intensive Care             Intensive Care   Unit

III- Do you agree or do you disagree with the following statements?

Some babies will  be reunited with their families later on in the future when they have a proper house to live in   .

Some will be given for adoption  .

Some babies  are staying in  the orphanage  because their parents cannot take care of them as  their house collapsed   during the earthquake .

One baby is here because her mother can’t (cannot)  take care of her as she has a defect in her legs  .

IV- What about Ti’dada?

He is  the son of one of the nannies .

He is lots of fun    or on the contrary        he is no fun.

It is a nickname .

He  hasn’t got an older brother.

He will go back to his home once his house is rebuilt .

He is staying there until they can  get their home rebuilt.

He  has been abandonned by his family.

V- What about the lady who is talking to us? true or false?

She is enthusiastic and says  she is happy to work there because it is the best place to be  .

She tells us that volunteers come and help them on the balcony of the nursery.

She likes the balcony  at the top of the  house       and she feels she is blessed to be there   .

Her final words are:  “What else can you ask for!”                          ” What can I say?”

VI -Express yourself :

In my opinion this video-clip is   a relevant , interesting   and  genuine(authentique)– or uninteresting  and boring – document about the work done .

Would you like to work in an orphanage?  Where? Why ?  Why not?

It is a very interesting  report and I like  the baby Ti’ Dada!


About  Haiti!


It was the very first island to get its independance  during the

slave trade ( commerce des esclaves)

It became the very first republic made for and by Black people.

Toussaint -Louverture had a lot of arguments with Napoleon

and both men (tous les deux) had the same personality:

they were determined and strong -minded. The “white ” emperor was facing the “black” emperor.

Haiti is the poorest or one of the poorest island in the world.

Haiti was the victim of  one of the biggest earthquake.

Toussaint -Louverture was imprisoned  in the Château de Joux!

He eventually died here! (il a fini par mourir ici) eventually= finalement




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citizenship issues and resources

Citizenship and resources

President Obama Nobel Prize speech

Oslo, President Obama receives much debated Peace Nobel Prize

more for his “audacity of hope” than his accomplished actions


June 2024

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