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Cambrigdeshire boy and school uniform -under construction


1)Match the words :

to tease                                                                                     courage

equal                                                                                         determination

Impington School                                                                     independance

to be mocked at                                                                         equality

to bully someone                                           the act of making fun of: se moquer gentiment de  

independant                                                                             a school in Cambridgshire: which intends to develop children’s skills: independance

determined                                                                              to be involved in a strong physical aggression against someone

brave or courageous                                                           to be made fun of



Gorilla Samantha

17 August 2010 Last updated at 19:54 GMT

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Gorilla Samantha, 37, dies at Toronto Zoo after stroke

Samantha the 37 year old lowland gorilla Samantha was born in Gabon, where gorillas are becoming endangered

Longtime Toronto Zoo resident Samantha, a 37-year-old western lowland gorilla, was euthanized on Tuesday after suffering a second stroke.

The 37-year-old gorilla had been a fixture at the zoo since it opened in 1974 when she was 2.

She had five offspring, two of which remain at Toronto Zoo along with her mate Charles, a silverback gorilla.

Matt Stephenson, the zoo’s gorilla keeper, said he would miss Samantha who “always brought a smile to my face”.

The zoo’s chief veterinarian decided euthanasia was the most humane option after the stroke on Monday – her second in two months – left Samantha in a critical condition.

The first stroke paralyzed the right side of the gorilla’s body.

Samantha was born in Gabon, West Africa, where gorillas have become endangered as a result of hunting and habitat destruction, including logging and mining.

She was part of a species survival plan for these western lowland gorillas.

“I will particularly miss her ‘singing’ at breakfast and dinner, and those purrs and rumbles she made that were like music to the soul, which always brought a smile to my face,” Mr Stephenson said in a statement.

@ B2-C1 over-packing

Petition against over-packaging

To the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament,

We, European citizens and residents of the European Union,

consider that the growing increase of over-packaging, that is to say all packaging materials obviously over-sized only to promote the sales of these products, is an offence against the principle of sustainable and environmentally-friendly growth expressly mentioned in the Treaty on the European Union.

consider that the waste reduction and environmental protection required to take measures in order to limit over-packaging, as well as the research into environmentally-friendly packaging or the development of  packaging waste recycling procedures are not an end in themselves. We consider that only significant waste reduction at source will enable us to limit the impact of our consumer goods on the environment.

consider that if packaging does not play any role or does not contribute to the protection of the product during its preservation, transport, storage, identification or to inform consumers, it can be eliminated.

As packaging can represent up to 80 % of the total weight of the finished product and thus constitute up to 65% of its price, packaging reduction must enable every consumer to reduce the global volume of her/his waste production and to save money  proportionately.
However, as European Union Law, and especially the European Directive 94/62, does not propose any criteria to limit packaging marketing, we ask European Institutions to take measures to impose packaging restrictions on manufacturers.

This petition asks for measures to limit packaging in quantity and volume, and to restrict its use to the strict respect of the security and hygiene requirements of the products concerned.

The petition was translated accurately from the original text. However, in the event of dispute, the French version shall be deemed authentic.

<!– With the participation of Pierre-François MORIN, barrister at the Barreau de Paris.

–> Translated by e-trad : e-trad@orange.fr / www.e-trad.fr


The decade in review adapted from Marie-Madeleine Cloup-Speer

A decade in review
On September 11th 2001, Al-Qaeda terrorists _________(destroy)
the Twin Towers in New York City, _________ (kill) more than 3000
people and _________ (prompt) the American government and its
allies ___________ (launch) a global “war on terror” that
____________________ (still / go on) today.

In November 2008 the Americans _________ (elect) Barack Obama
44th President of the United States. Ever since, the first black
president of the world?s most powerful nation ___________ (be)
under intense pressure. He ______________ (promise) to put an
end to the war in Iraq, give all Americans medical coverage and
promote strong environmental laws.

__________ (he /succeed)?

The European currency _______

____ (become) the only French
currency on January 1st 2002. Today 16 EU countries __________
(make) the switch. Eight more __________________ (do) it by 2014.
The United Kingdom, Denmark and Sweden ________ (be) the only
EU countries left with a national currency
Today the Euro _______ (be) the 2nd most used currency in the
world after the dollar.

December 26th 2004: gigantic waves sometimes more than 10
meters high ________ (bring) destruction to the coasts of Indonesia,
Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia, _______ (kill) more than
220 000 people and _________ (cause) more than a million
_________ (lose) their home and possessions. Because the
Tsunami _______ (hit) in places where many tourists ______
_______________ (vacation) over the Christmas holidays, it
__________ (become) an unprecedented global event.

The financial crisis _____ (hit) the stock markets in August 2007,
________ (cause) the banking system __________ (collapse) all
over the world. The global economic crisis that __________ (follow)
________ (not / be) over yet.

Michael Jackson _______ (die) unexpectedly on June 25th 2009.
Millions all over the world __________ (mourn) the “King of Pop”, an
artist who _________ (sell) more than 750,000,000 records over his

American President George W. Bush ___________ (announce) the
invasion of Irak in March 2003. The war ____________ (not / end)
with the arrest of Saddam Hussein and the fall of his regime . Today
the Americans and their allies _____________ (still /fight) a war that
__________ (cost) more than 100 000 lives.

According to a United Nations survey, the population of the world
________ (reach) 6 billion in 2000. Ten years later, there _______
(be) 6.7 billion of us. There _______ (be /“possibly”) 9 billion in 2050.
In the last decade demography ____________ (become) a major
concern, along with global warming, migrations, growing inequalities
and food shortages.

Although the first Harry Potter book ___________ (published) in
1997, success _________ (hit) really big in 2001, when the film
adaptation ___________ (release).
420,000,000 copies of the novels _______________(sell) all over the
world, translated into 67 languages.

After the Bible, Mao?s “Little Red Book” and the Koran, it _________
(be/“possibly”) the 4th best selling book of all times!

The first iPod _________ (launch) by Apple in 2001. Since then,
more than 220, 000, 000 iPods _________________ (sell) all over
the world, __________ (make) it the most popular digital audio
player on the market. Since the invention of the iPod and its
alternatives, it ______________ (become) normal to carry around
thousands of songs and hours of video. Only 10 years ago, it _____
(be) unthinkable!

Homework: Your turn now!
Think about 3 events from the 2000-2010 decade that you think were important.
Write about them (30 to 50 words each), and illustrate them wit
h a picture.

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