le futur / future et le futur proche / near future : I will be the next champion I am going to work hard at English grammar

  • I’m going on holiday to Germany tomorrow
  • I’m not going to get married next year.
  • What are you going to study next year?
  • I will see you tomorrow.
  • I won’t come to class tomorrow.
  • Will you lend me some money?



  1. 1.            Where are you going to live in the future?
  2. 2.            What are you going to study next year?
  3. 3.            Are you going to get married? When? Where?
  4. 4.            Do you think you’ll have children? How many?
  5. 5.            Tell me something you are definitely NOT going to do in your life.
  6. 6.            Where will you go tonight?
  7. 7.            What are you going to do this weekend?
  8. 8.            Tell me about your life in twenty years.


  • I will study at university next year. 
  • I’m going to open the window, it’s hot. 
  • We are  going to have a party. 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
make dinner     go for a helicopter ride     Clean my flat


  • You must go to work on Monday.
  • You have a doctor’s appointment on Friday.
  • There’s a party on Tuesday night.
  • It’s your partner’s birthday on Saturday.
  • You won $1 million dollars!


  1. 1.            I’ve lost my wallet
  2. 2.            I’m freezing
  3. 3.            I’m sad
  4. 4.            I’ve got a headache
  5. 5.            I’m thirsty
  6. 6.            My bags are very heavy.
  7. 7.            I’m hungry
  8. 8.            I’m very hot
  9. 9.            I’m poor.
  10. 10.          I’m really tired.



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