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A1- A2 – B1 Gremlins by Joe Dante

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VA3Kig93ys[/youtube]Gremlins by Joe Dante



What ‘s the name of the imaginary creatures?

The word mogwai is the transliteration of the Cantonese word ?? (mo1 gwai2) (Mandarin Chinese: ??; pinyin?mógu?) meaning “monster“, “evil spirit”, “devil” or “demon“.

grem·lin  (grmln) (The Free dictionary)


1. An imaginary gnome-like creature to whom mechanical problems, especially in aircraft, are attributed.
2. A maker of mischief.

[Perhaps blend of Irish gruaimín, bad-tempered little fellow (from Middle Irish gruaim, gloom, surliness) and goblin.]
Word History: Elves, goblins, and trolls seem to be timeless creations of the distant past, but gremlins were born in the 20th century. In fact, gremlin is first recorded only in the 1920s, as a Royal Air Force term for a low-ranking officer or enlisted man saddled with oppressive assignments. Said to have been invented by members of the Royal Naval Air Service in World War I, gremlin is used in works written in the 1940s for “an imaginary gnomelike creature who causes difficulties in aircraft.” The word seems likely to have been influenced by goblin, but accounts of its origin are various and none are certain. One source calls in Fremlin beer bottles to explain the word; another, the Irish Gaelic word gruaimín, “ill-humored little fellow.” Whatever the word’s origin, it is certain that gremlins have taken on a life of their own.

They are called gremlins, gnomes, elves, goblins.

In  our film, there is an opposition between “mogwai”: the pure, intact and innocent creature before its “fall” and  “ gizmo”, the nickname given to “mogwai”  by Billy’s father, the inventor of the American family.

A gizmo is an object, an artefact= un truc, un machin

Prologue :

Friends, let me introduce myself.


Peltzer’s the name.

Rand Peltzer.


That’s me there on the corner.


I’m an inventor.


And I have a story to tell.


I know.

Who hasn ‘t got a story?


Well, nobody’s got a story like this one.




It all started here in Chinatown.

Where does the scene take place?

The  first scene takes place in the streets of Chinatown, New York City in the USA.

Are the streets deserted?

No, they  aren’t deserted. Quite the opposite!

Are there many people in the streets?

Yes, there are many people in the streets.

It is dark and the scene takes place during the night.

Who is the film-maker?

Joe Dante is the film-maker.  He  is very fond of  horror and keen on suspense.

He likes shooting films with a lot of  actions and suspense.

What is your first impression?

The beginning is mysterious, strange and scary because of the dark streets at night.

It is also strange because of the full moon.

Elements contributing to suspense:

–          Actions and  more particularly sudden actions

–          Music: rhythmic music, classical music, music including strong and weak  beats and rhythms

–          Full moon, dark streets, night, silence

–          Other elements: the beginning of the film when the narrator says that his story is different from other stories and that it is the best!

A manichean view of the world or a film in black and white: the goodies and the baddies

Who are the goodies?

Billy and his girlfriend, Gizmo, the wise Chinese grand-father

Who are the baddies?

The gremlins (but not really their fault)

I underline the correct words or expressions describing the gremlins  in red and in green the words describing Gizmo:

strange- bizarre- nice and beautiful-scary and frightening – they give me the creeps!-cute and affectionate- smiling and friendly- devilish, cruel  and vampire-like-creepy!- innocent and pure- wicked

Il faut deviner de quelle scène  il s’agit et reporter le nom des  personnages qui parlent:
  Honey, this is the gentleman who sold me the mogwai.
 "Sold. " An interesting choice of words.
               Conflicting eyewitness reports concerning "little green men"..
You teach him to watch television?
There was, I believe, a box.
                   Dad... .
                  Rand, your scarf.
                   I warned you.                 
With mogwai comes much responsibility.But you didn't listen.
And you see what happens.
   I didn't mean it.
 You do with mogwai what your society...has done with all of nature's gifts.                  
You do not understand.                 
You are not ready.
He has something to say to you.
 You understand what  he says when he speaks to you?
 To hear, one has only to listen.  
Bye, Billy.
         Perhaps someday you may be ready.       
Until then, mogwai...will be waiting.
 Excuse me, sir.                  
Before you go, I wanted to tell you...that I am truly sorry for what's happened.
 And if you would accept it, I'd like to...give you this small token.
          There's one other one.                 This is an invention of mine.
    Smokeless Ashtray.
 How did you know?
 Man at gas station tried to sell me.
 Latest word in technology.
                   Very generous of you.
               I'm sure it will come in handy
                   Well, that's the story.
  So if your air conditioner goes on the fritz, your washing machine blows up...
...or your video recorder conks out....before you call the repairman ...turn on the lights, check the closets and cupboard and...
look under all the beds.
 Because you never can tell.
There just might be  a gremlin in your house.




Gremlin Naughtynaughty by Dorine

« I am Naughtynaughty !»

« I am very old with very ugly features! »

« I have got sharp long ears and spiky teeth!

” I can bite!”

« My skin is full of wrinkles! »

« My eyes are red! »

« I am very strong and everybody is afraid of me! »

« I am like the devil and like a monster! »

« People are afraid of me and they run when they see me! »


« In fact, I am very kind and sentimental! »

«  I am very romantic! »

« I am the most romantic person in the world! »

« My heart is full of golden flowers and colourful roses! »

« My real name is Heartyhearty Georgygeorgy! »


The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien, first published in 1954


They possessed the art of disappearing swiftly and silently.[…]

For they are a little people, smaller than Dwarves[…]. Their height is variable, ranging between two and four feet of our measure. […] All hobbits had originally lived in holes in the ground.


  • Plusieurs extraits de films sont visibles à divers moments du film. Il s’agit de :
    • Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains (1937) : le dessin animé que regardent les Gremlins au cinéma.
    • L’Invasion des profanateurs de sépultures (1956) : Billy et Gizmo regardent ce film dans la chambre pendant que les mauvais mogwaïs s’empiffrent. Gizmo semble être assez effrayé par le film !
    • La vie est belle (1946) : la mère de Billy regarde ce film à la télé tout en faisant la cuisine (elle affirme que ce dernier est triste), juste avant que le père ne revienne avec le Mogwai.
    • Pour plaire à sa belle (1950) : Gizmo est très ému par ce film lorsqu’il le regarde à la télé dans la chambre de Billy. À la fin du film, il y repense lorsqu’il parcourt le magasin de jouets en voiture.
  • Parmi les références à d’autres films, on peut noter :
    • L’Empire contre-attaque (1980) : lorsque Stripe qui envoie tout ce qui lui tombe sous la main sur Billy, référence à la scène entre Dark Vador et Luke à la fin de l’épisode V de Star Wars.
    • Hurlements (1981) : lorsque Billy descend à la cuisine afin de chercher de la nourriture pour les Gremlins affamés, on aperçoit un “souriard” sur la porte du frigo. Celui-ci annonçait la venue du loup-garou dans Hurlements du même réalisateur. Plus tard, des photos du film sont affichées dans le cinéma où les Gremlins regardent « Blanche-Neige ».
    • La Machine à explorer le temps (1960) : lorsque Rand appelle sa femme depuis le congrès des inventeurs, on aperçoit derrière lui la machine à explorer le temps en train de monter en puissance. Puis on voit les cocons, et lorsque la caméra revient au congrès, la machine a disparu, laissant des visiteurs perplexes.
    • Flashdance (1983) Dans la scène du bar, on peut voir un Gremlins en tenue de danseuse imiter la chorégraphie de l’héroïne de Flashdance.
    • Planète interdite (1956) : on aperçoit Robby le robot au congrès des inventeurs, notamment dans une conversation téléphonique où il parle avec un chapeau sur la tête. Ses paroles sont tirées de la fin de Planète interdite lorsqu’il discute de production d’alcool avec le cuistot du C57-D.
    • Le Magicien d’Oz (1939) : le personnage de Mme Deagle est très proche d’Almira Gulch, la voisine acariâtre de Dorothy. Elle vient d’ailleurs à la banque pour chercher le chien de Billy qu’elle accuse d’avoir démoli son bonhomme de neige importé de Bavière. La mort du dernier gremlins est une référence à la mort de la vilaine sorcière de l’ouest ( la sorcière reçoit de l’eau sur elle et commence à fondre = le gremlin sort de l’eau et frappé par le soleil,fond).
    • Les Aventuriers de l’arche perdue (1981) : le panneau publicitaire géant de la radio « Rockn’ Ricky Rialto » est fortement inspiré de l’affiche des Aventuriers de l’Arche perdue, comme de celle de Indiana Jones et le temple maudit sorti en 1984, deux semaines avant Gremlins.
    • James Bond : Chez Dorry, Gérald le vice-président commande une vodka martini au shaker et non à la cuillère, qui est la boisson préféré du célèbre agent secret.
    • Poltergeist : Lorsque Steven Spielberg fait son apparition sur un chariot avec la jambe plâtrée, il visionne une scène de Poltergeist.
    • E.T. l’extra-terrestre : Quand le gremlin débranche la ligne téléphonique, il dit “téléphone maison”. On peut aussi distinguer une figurine de E.T. dans le magasin de jouet lorsque le gremlin est caché dans les rayons.

Of Men and Gods

Monk tragedy Of Men and Gods  proves surprise hit

By Emma Jones Entertainment reporter, BBC News

Of Gods and Men Of Gods and Men is true story that is moving audiences worldwide

Nine monks go about the simple rhythms of their life, in the certain knowledge that they face an imminent death.

Hardly a movie pitch which would have predicted success but Xavier Beauvois’s Of Gods and Men was not only runner up at this year’s Cannes Film Festival; it ‘s now the French Oscar entry – as well as taking more than 8m euro at the French box office.

Part of its shocking appeal is that it’s based on a real story. In 1996, seven French Cistercian monks were kidnapped and then killed at Tibhirine in Algeria, amidst rising religious and factional violence. Their murderers were never found.

“When it happened, as a nation, France was shocked,” says the film’s producer Etienne Comar.

“Ten years later in 2006, the same questions resurfaced. Why did it happen? Why did they die? I decided, as a movie, that rather than portray their death, it was more interesting to show them living. There is no answer to their deaths.”

Continue reading the main story

“Start Quote

We can be absolutely sure that whoever kidnapped them, they did so for political reasons, not for their faith”

End Quote Director Etienne Comar

In the movie version, the group of French Brothers live a simple life dispensing medicine and comfort to their poor Muslim neighbours. As the countryside is terrorised by armed Islamic fundamentalists, there is an order for all foreigners to leave the country.

Do the monks leave, or do stay to protect their flock, knowing that they are an inevitable target?

“It is a very current film,” comments Comar. “It’s interesting to look at this atrocity as it happened before 9/11 – all the signs of what was to come were there.

“When I re-read again the last testimony of the monks’ leader, Brother Christian, he was very aware of the co-habitation of Muslim and Christian neighbours. He seemed to have a sense that it was going to become a talking point.

“Now it is an important issue wherever in the world you live – the USA, France, the UK, the Middle East. I want this film to ask, ‘what is the next step?’ How can we live in peace with each other? What dialogue should we have?”

Ironically, the movie was filmed in Morocco, in a monastery south of Fez, which in the 1960s was used by a Benedictine order as a meeting point between Christians and Muslims.

Of Gods and Men The monks carry on helping the Algerian community despite impending doom

In the film, the monks and their neighbours co-exist in enviable friendship and harmony.

“We can be absolutely sure that whoever kidnapped them, they did so for political reasons, not for their faith,” adds Comar. “The problem is never the faith, it is always the politics behind the faith.”

Director Xavier Beauvois and his cast were sent to live in an actual monastery to prepare for the difference in the rhythm of monastic life.

“I also asked them to sing together,” said their producer. “Some of them had never done it before, and you would be surprised. It created a community, so by the time we actually came to shoot the film, there was a real sense of brotherhood.”

Viewers see the monks going about their daily business: praying, singing, healing the sick, cooking in the most unhurried, un-modern fashion. Yet hanging over them is a sense of sickening tension as events reach their conclusion.

Some of the scenes – where the men share a supper as Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake plays in the background, or as the community sing to drown out the threatening whir of military helicopters, are heartbreakingly beautiful.

“I hope people will respond to it as a very universal film,” muses Comar.

“The question, whether to stay or to leave a situation, is one everyone can relate to. Every one of these monks made a personal decision to stay, and it was very courageous. I don’t know if I could have done the same. Yet they say, ‘there is no better proof of love than to die for people.'”

Of Gods and Men The one surviving monk saw the film and says it ‘brought him peace’

As well as the critics, Of Gods and Men has found praise with both the Bishops Conference of France and the French Council of Muslim Faith. But the most important critic for the film-makers must have been one of the survivors of the tragedy.

“Two of the brothers escaped being kidnapped, and one of them, Brother Jean-Pierre, is still alive.

“He is an old man of 87 now, and was unable to come to the cinema to see the film. But we sent him a DVD, and we recently received a letter from him.

“He said he liked it a lot – he could see the community of the brothers once more. He said it gave him peace to see them again.”

Of Gods and Men is released in the UK on 3 December.


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President Obama wins Nobel Prize

The Promises film project

<!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>

Comprehension about the Promises film project.

While working on this film, you have contributed to the project: Congratulations!

A-The narrator B. Z grew up 20 minutes from here but never got the chance to get there:


-he never crossed the borders between the two communities

-he was given the opportunity to get there

B-Checkpoints are situated :

  • so that Arabs and Muslims cannot cross the the West Bank

    to avoid extremists

  • as a protection for the population in general for active terrorists

  • as daily reminders of occupation

  • because no other ways are possible at the present times

C-The Western Wall is situated behind the Aqsa Mosque :

-the Wall is called Holy Wall for the Jews and people leave their prayers or wishes in it

-the Wall is a western destination for tourists and politicians around the world

-one of the twins in the film says that when he was younger he used to pray for a stolen bike, to make a wish but mostly for….

D-The little girl uses the future tense during the « chair » scene:

  • she has projetcs and dreams for the future, her future life

  • she has no dreams for her future given the situation

Ereligious practice: who does what?

The Jews read the Torah (the law)

What is the Torah composed of?

various books from the Bible:  Genesis, Exodus, Numbers and a few others

The Shabbat is part and parcel of the Jewish religion:

  • it is a day devoted to family and prayers

  • it is a festive day and people stop buying things, shops are closed and the town is having a rest

  • it is the seventh day in the Bible when God is supposed to have a rest after creating the earth, man and woman.

  • people who practise the prayers and respect the traditions wear the kippa (calotte)

F-Prayers for Muslims:

bending forward in sign of respect is part and parcel of praying as well as washing oneself before entering the mosque

Book : the Coran

G-Can you name a few details given by the litlle girl?

  • the child in the film says she is not allowed to tear toilet paper.

  • She is preparing meals whereas her brother is playing on the computer

H-Symbols working for an optimistic and realistic outcome= issue= building up of the peace process:

  • children from various districts talk to each other

  • children are willing to know each other although they are different

  • the two chairs : the little girl tries to separate them and it takes time

  • the little girl eventually succeeds in separating the two chairs… ON HER OWN , with nobody’s help


encercler-échapper-colonisation protéger- viser- soulèvement palestinien-jeter- les colons-

Palestinian uprising- settlers-to aim at-settlement- to escape from- to encircle- to throw- to protect

to throw-Intifada ( Intifadah- ??????? )

What do you think?

There is no chance for peace without these meetings (the meeting of young people, across the borders and frontiers)

There is a lot of chance for peace without these meetings.

J-Do you think that the language barrier is a problem for the different communities:

  • yes, it is a problem because they don’t undertsand each other

  • yes, it is a problem because they are not invited to communciate with each other

  • no, it isn’t a problem

  • there is a real obstacle because they have to get translators who are willing to help

  • languages are of the utmost importance

  • languages are part of the identity of each community


July 2024

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