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Buy nothing Day



    • Reuse reduce recycle + refuse and re-think

    • It’s more than just a day

  1. Buy Nothing Day. The thinking of “Oh it’s just one day it won’t change anything.” is true, but the symbolism affects everyday life. The point of buy nothing day is to replace the horrible effects of Black Friday, such as violence, increased debt, and destroying our environment to create trash that you don’t even need. Buy Nothing Day is a reminder for Americans and people around the world to spend less money.

  2. Imagine all the poor people that is force to work in sweatshops. That takes only 1 dollar.

  3. There are some people that can’t buy anything. So try for only one day to get to their view.

  4. Is it so difficult? Am i asking a lot?

  5. So buying nothing day is a great idea.

3.Buy Nothing Day is a day when every people who participate in this event don’t buy anything for one day. It was made to protest against Black Friday which takes place the same day (following Thanksgiving) and when people can buy very cheap items. Do I support Buy Nothing Day? Actually, I am kind of neutral. I am not for this event because I don’t participate in it but I think it is something good to encourage the people to save our planet. I think it is useless not to consume just for one day but if it can motivate the people to create another events to prevent our planet from pollution and over-consumption, I believe it is a good thing. Finally, even if I think this is useless because of the existence of Black Friday, I am not against because once again, it is the beginning of a new age.

A2 Thanksgiving Cobbler and Gobbler










Thanksgiving is an American ——– celebrated each year in the USA on the ——- Thursday of ———–.

This year, Thanksgiving is on the ——- of November.
On Thanksgiving, people have a special ——- with their ———. They eat roast ——- with ——– sauce and ——– pie.
In 1620, the ——– came from England aboard the ——- and they settled in Plymouth.

At first, life was very hard but the ——- helped them to plant ——, to —– turkeys, to pick up berries. That’s why the Pilgrims —— Squanto and his friends to share a big dinner.

It was the first ——-.

It was in —- .



2012 Presidential election in the USA

2012 American election


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A2-B1 Bo, the White House dog




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