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*** Culture Palier 1 Modernités et traditions His Royal Highness Prince George ****

Royal baby article Prince



Modernités et traditions Culture Palier 1 His Royal Highness Prince George ‘s christeningGeorge ‘s christening

*** Culture Palier 1 Modernités et traditions : His Royal Highness George Alexander Louis Prince of Cambridge ***



Windsor family tree


Georges Alexander Louis in numbers



Imperial State Crown









Le système métrique britannique et les conversions des poids des élèves de kilos en livres

Questions about His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge


What is his name ?

When was he born ?

What is his weight ?

What is his nationality ?

Is it a boy ?

Is it a girl ?

How do you pronounce July ?

Can you write 22 nd in full letters?

What does he weigh? How big is he?

Does he look healthy?

Is he cute?

What is his father’s name and occupation?

What is his mother’s name and occupation?

Where was he born?

What is the family’s usual address?

Where was his mother born?

Where was his father born?



The birth certificate


The Imperial State Crown includes many precious gems, including 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, and 5 rubies. [1]



Princess Charlotte's christening







The Town Crier who  invited himself ...


'Oyez, oyez [...]

A future king is born!God Save the Queen!'

*** The Little Carpet Boy *** World Day against Child Labor ***

The true story of a little hero


Which country?


Which name?


Recap !







A2 – B1 – B2 *** Is giving advice to the parents of A future King realistic? ***


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


 The best advice? Ignore all the other advice. Ask the questions you want answers to, follow your instincts and ignore all unsolicited advice. John Whittington, Stoke, UK

Wise words?


Simple solutions?

1. Avoid giving your toddler pineapple juice to drink. It has a spectacularly disgusting effect on their digestive systems because of the enzymes it contains. John Locke, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

2. When baby sleeps, you sleep. Housework can wait. Sam, England

3. Never underestimate the power of sleep deprivation. It can turn the most pleasant of persons into a raging psychopath. Craig Redmond

4. Buy some ear plugs and […] Oliver and Danielle Reed, Warminster, England

5. Boarding school. Paul, Tremelo, Belgium

***plastic, plastic, plastic, chewing gum and their effects on birds ***


What is the name of the poet and the quotation at the beginning of the clip?


It is a sunny day.

Birds are singing and they are looking after their  babies. Babies are dying. Birds are dying.

We can see seagulls and they are dying because of the plastic bottles, plastic lids (couvercles) etc...

They are dying because they are eating plastic. They are hungry and they think that plastic is like food . Plastic kills all the birds. 

WE should not throw plastic away!

WE should not use plastic !







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