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* * * Sprechen Sie … ? Europa *** A2-B1

Auf English  und auf Deutsch lesen/ sprechen

In English and German
Was hast du gesagt?
What did you say?
Was hast du gesagt?
What’d you say?
Ich fand sehr beeindruckend, was du heute im Unterricht gesagt hast.
I was very impressed with what you said in English class today.
Was du auch gesagt hast, ich wünschte, ich hätte es gesagt.
I don’t know what you said to her, but I wish I’d said it.

Ich stimme Dir in vielem, was du gesagt hast, zu.
I agree with much of what you said…
Du hast ihm nicht gesagt, was drin ist.
You didn’t tell him what’s inside…
Stimmt das, was du vorhin gesagt hast?
Did you really mean what you said before?
lch hab nicht vergessen, was du gesagt hast.
I didn’t forget what you told me.
Ich bin mir nicht sicher was du gesagt…
I’m not sure what you said…
Hast du was gesagt?
Did you say something?
Das kommt nicht so häufig vor, daß unsere beiden Seiten so übereinstimmen, aber in dem, was du zu Frankreich  gesagt hast, stimme ich wirklich fast ganz mit dir überein.
That does not happen very often, that our two sides are in such agreement, but on what you said about  France I am almost completely in agreement with you.

* * * A L I C E in wonderland * * * A2-B1

adapted from BBC

Alice is an ordinary girl, until the day she meets a talking rabbit and enters a Wonderland of adventures…

Hello. This is the story of an ordinary girl called Alice. Our story begins on an ordinary summer’s day.

Let’s meet Alice: here she is, sitting next to the river with her sister on a very hot summer’s afternoon. Her sister is reading a book, and with no-one to talk to, Alice is bored… and a bit sleepy. Soon, she’ll be in a Wonderland full of strange and wonderful adventures… but Alice doesn’t know that yet…

Ohh… There’s nothing to do… except lie on the grass and pick daisies. Shall I make a daisy chain for my dear little Dinah? Oh… I don’t know… it’s sooo hot…

White Rabbit
Oh dear! Oh dear! I’m late! I’m so very late! Oh dear oh dear!

A white rabbit! A talking white rabbit? Perhaps. But a rabbit with a pocket-watch? A rabbit with pockets? I must see where he’s going!

Alice had never seen a rabbit with a pocket, or a waistcoat, or a pocket-watch before. So, she ran after the rabbit as fast as she could, and when the rabbit jumped down a large rabbit hole, Alice jumped straight after him.

Oohhhh… Either this hole is very deep or I’m falling very slowly. And what a curious rabbit-hole! Who would think a rabbit-hole would have book-shelves … and books … and maps … and jars of marmalade?

Alice fell down, down, down. She fell for so long that she began to think about Dinah, her cat.

Dinah will miss me to-night!I hope they’ll remember her milk at tea-time. Dinah, my dear, I wish you were down here with me!

Alice was beginning to feel quite sleepy when suddenly, her fall was over and she found herself sitting on a pile of leaves and grass.

Ouch! Who’s there?

White Rabbit
Oh, my ears and whiskers! How late it’s getting!!

Wait! Please sir, wait a moment!

The White Rabbit ran down a long tunnel. Alice ran after him. But when she reached the end of the tunnel she found only a long hall with doors all the way round. Alice tried to open the doors – but they were all locked. Then she saw a table with a tiny key on it.

These doors are all too big. There must be a smaller door somewhere. I wonder… hmmm, let me look behind this little curtain… ooh! a tiny little door! Let me try the key…

What a beautiful garden! But how can I visit it? The door is so tiny – I can’t even fit my head through! Oh! (frustrated) It’s no use. I wish I could fold up like a telescope!

Wait a minute… what’s this? It certainly wasn’t here before. A bottle – I wonder what it is. Let me see the label. Hmmm: Drink me… Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!!!! What a curious feeling! I’m folding up like a telescope!

And so she was! Alice got smaller and smaller until she was small enough to fit through the door. But she’d forgotten something …

The key!

Alice was too small to reach the key on the table. She tried and tried to climb up the table leg but it was too slippery. When she had tired herself out with trying, poor little Alice sat down and cried.

(crying noisily) It’s no use. I can’t reach the key, so I can’t get into the garden and that’s that. There’s no use crying like that! (sharply) Alice! I advise you to stop this minute! … Oohh… what’s this? A little glass box…

…with cake inside! Ooh: and there’s a note. Eat me. Hmmm. I wonder if it will make me grow… if I grow, I will be able to reach the key. But what if makes me even smaller? Well, if it makes me smaller, I will be able to creep under the door.

And Alice began to eat the cake. Did she grow big enough to reach the key? Or perhaps the cake made her small enough to creep under the door and into her beautiful garden. I’ll tell you what happened next time. Goodbye.


wanting to know everything about everything

daisies (singular: daisy)
small garden flowers that are white with yellow centres

a kind of jam made from oranges

a metal tube with glass at the end that you use to see things that are very far away. Some telescopes are made from several tubes of different sizes that can fit inside each other

to move very carefully and secretly so that nobody sees you

* Collège et cinéma * S u m m e r t i m e *


Lucie :


I liked the film because I loved the landscape, it is beautiful. The story is interesting and moving because
it tells us the story of a teenager . Robbie is brave, he is courageous and generous.  He wants to unite his family.

His unique dream is to be with all his family.

Margot and Alice:
We liked the film because it is a genuine story and it represents social poverty.

Léa: The film is quite sad! but the landscape is beautiful.

Ulysse: I think the film is not adapted for young people as some scenes are shocking. But the film is interesting and there are good actors who are have not been paid to act and play in the film!

Maurine: The young boys haven’t got a father, their mother is away trying to get better…and make a living.

Hugo B: I think it was a bit boring but interesting because they didn’t get much money to shoot the film.

Paul: It is a good film but I didn’t like it because it is in English.

Sarah:The movie is realistic and pessimistic. The landscape is beautifully shot and looks perfect.
I didn’t like the social poverty at work in the film.

Nature is just like a mother for the boys. I liked it and I nearly cried at the end… it is so sad because Robbie
goes away without his younger brother.IMG_1428_2detail froIMG_1431m Courbet

* * * Charles Dickens * * *






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