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food and impact on environment : calculate your daily intake?


+ EPI développement durable + 5° Collège Lucie Aubrac

  1. HOW LONG ?  
  3. HOW MANY ? 
a detail by Marcel Mille photo M André
1. You —————— throw your rubbish but you ————- recycle it.
2. You  —————–eat a healthy diet and you ———– eat a lot of meat.
3. You  —————–bring your own bag when you go shopping,
you ————- use plastic bags.
4. You  ——————-recycle every material.
5.You——————– use energy saving lightbulbs.
6. You  —————–use a lot of heating and you ——– insulate your home.
7. You  ——————rarely use your car and you ———– use your bicycle more often. It protects you and the planet!
8.  You  —————-waste water.
9. You  ————–throw rubbish in nature.
10. You ——————- waste energy because you will need it later.
11. You ——————— switch off all electronic appliances when you don’t use them, you  leave them “stand-by”.



detail by Gustave Courbet, CURTESY OF LE MUSÉE GUSTAVE COURBET,ORNANS photo MM André

Healthy food and healthy habits:



3° http://LearningApps.org/view368446

A full English breakfast


Good for your health


food and colours


Food (audio)



Food and drinks


Typical English food


Likes and dislikes




some / any


food +translate and write

Sunday roast


Food for Thanksgiving



What is it about ?





should – shouldn’t





Plastic : a solution for cleaning the oceans from… plastic:



A2+ – B1 

Shoulda* brought your own bag
Yeah* but you forgot it though
You were busy dreamin* of ice cream and
all that cookie dough

Your life is wrapped in plastic
Convenience is your motto
But plastic addiction’s worse
than they want you to know

BP’s oil spill
Almost like we did it –
We use one million grocery-bags
every single minute

Recycling them’s a joke yo
That baggie don’t go anywhere
It turns to little pieces
and then it spreads over everywhere

Into your food supply
Into your blood supply
Not to mention birds and fish and
Cuties you don’t wanna* die

Just look at baby Sammy
Dioxins in its milky way,
cuz* even her breast milk it’s got

OK now you get it
How you gonna stop it though
Banning Single Use Plastic Bags
is the way to go!

Join other states and cities
Kick the nasty habit
Tell your representatives
Ban single-use bags made from

Fossil product all your crap’s made of
There’s one thing we can do
Ban bags made of plastic
Skip the bag, the cup and spork dude*
Convenience will kill you
Ban single use plastic toxic bags

Sustainably we go forth and save our cities
Bringing your own bag and forks and bottles should be easy
But corporations selling toxins bought by the government
Stand together for yourself, your kids, the planet satin’*

Yeah, yeah,
Ban single-use bags made of

Fossil product all your crap’s made of
There’s one thing we can do
Ban bags made of plastic

Bring your own don’t you forget dude*
And let your reps* know too
Ban single use plastic toxic bags!

Ben Zolno – Writer/Lyricist/Director/Bag Boy/Editor
Glenn Sauber – Shopper
AshEl Eldridge – Rapper http://seasunz-and-jbless.bandcamp.com/
Jenni Perez – Singer
Bex Kanengiser – Cashier
Many awesome Green Sangha volunteers – Shoppers

* * * November 12th and 13th * * *

A2-B1 co-ee-eo-ioe
Je réponds aux questions

What is the title of the film?
Ambitious, Ambition

How many characters are there in the film?
Two persons: a man and a woman
many people

What can you see?
Trees and rivers, houses and people,
lakes and animals, water, roads and highways,
skyscrapers and buildings, offices, stars and comets,
planets, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, Rosetta, the probe,
sand, rocks and dust, stones,
Enough! Walk with me!
Perhaps we should find you something a little less challenging!

I don’t undertsand !
I’ve planned everything
Let me do it again!

Once upon a time…


This is a good one, I promise
What is the key to life on earth?

A long time the origin of water and life on the planet
the underearth
For a long time the origins of water and indeed life on our home planet remained an absolute mystery. So we began searching for answers beyond Earth. “Where could all this water have come from?” In time we turned to comets, one trillion celestial balls of ice, dust, complex molecules, left over from the birth of our Solar System
Once thought of as messengers of doom and destruction and yet so enchanting, if we were to catch one, A staggeringly ambitious plan

Are you talking about the Rosetta mission?

Throw me the probe
So many things could’ve gone wrong
A failure at launch, an error in the calculations, collisions, so many unknowns With the technology we had back then, we may as well have been shooting from a slingshot. and tell me, what was it all for?


Yes, but we also wanted to show what was possible.

I know all this from the archives. There were bigger missions after

Yes, it was the first one to catch a comet
Nothing has changed
we fall
we pick ourselves up again
and we adapt

I was watching you earlier you did everything right I destroyed your rock and see how you would react

Nicely done!
Let’s begin!


European Space Agency
rendezvous with a comet


How Rosetta is turning science fiction into science fact. Ambition, the film, starring Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones), Aisling Franciosi and ESA Rosetta. Screened on 24 October during the British Film Institute’s celebration of Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder.













Rosetta is speaking to Philae:
Wake up! We’ve got work to do!
Are you ready?
Philae: Yes, I am! Let’s go! (Let us go!)
Comet (in the distance) :

Hurry up! I can’t wait.
I am so happy to have visitors.

Are you ready? I can’t hear you! Speak up, please!
Have you got a problem, Philae?

No, I haven’t but I am very cold and it is dark!
Comet (in the distance):
What ‘s your name ?


My name is Rosetta.
I am famous in Egypt and in the British Museum .
My name is Philae. My name comes from an island on the Nile in Egypt. I’ve got a bilingual stone, a deciphering stone on my island in Egypt. I can help you, I can read and I can decipher for you! It sounds great!
Comet (in the distance):
I am looking forward to meeting you!
Il me tarde de vous rencontrer, au plaisir de vous rencontrer,au plaisir de faire connaissance

Rosetta and Philae:
We are so happy! It is a great journey.

We are so lucky!We’ve got a song for you!
See you soon, little baboon! [U:]

In a while [AI] crocodile!  [AI]

Later, little otter!
Bye, bye…[AI]


Peux-tu faire ce questionnaire?







Name: Rosetta

To rendezvous with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko where it will study the nucleus of the comet and its environment for nearly two years, and land a probe on its surface.

Launch date: 2 March 2004

Journey milestones:
1st Earth gravity assist: 4 March 2005
Mars gravity assist: 25 February 2007
2nd Earth gravity assist: 13 November 2007
Asteroid Steins flyby: 5 September 2008
3rd Earth gravity assist: 13 November 2009
Asteroid Lutetia flyby: 10 July 2010
Enter deep space hibernation: 8 June 2011
Exit deep space hibernation: 20 January 2014
Comet rendezvous manoeuvres: May – August 2014
Arrival at comet: 6 August 2014
Philae lander delivery: November 2014
Closest approach to Sun: 13 August 2015

Mission end: 31 December 2015

Launch vehicle: Ariane-5 G+

Launch mass: Orbiter: 2900 kg (including 1670 kg propellant and 165 kg science payload); Lander (Philae): 100 kg

Dimensions: Orbiter: 2.8 x 2.1 x 2.0 m with two 14 metre long solar panels


Partnerships:  The lander is provided by a European consortium headed by the German Aerospace Research Institute (DLR). Other members of the consortium are ESA, CNES and institutes from Austria, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Primary mission objectives:
– Undertake a lengthy exploration of a comet at close quarters to watch how it is transformed by the warmth of the Sun along its elliptical orbit
– Land a probe on a comet’s nucleus for in-situ analysis


Rosetta mission facts:
– Rosetta gets its name from the famous Rosetta stone that led to the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics almost 200 years ago.
– Rosetta’s original target was comet 46P/Wirtanen, but after postponement of the initial launch a new target was set:

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
– Rosetta was the first spacecraft to fly close to Jupiter’s orbit using only solar cells as its main power source.
– Rosetta will be the first spacecraft to orbit a comet and land on its surface
– The Philae lander is named for the island in the river Nile on which an obelisk was found that had a bilingual inscription that enabled the hieroglyphs of the Rosetta Stone to be deciphered.


Rosetta Stone
Je recopie les questions:


What is the Rosetta Stone?

The Rosetta Stone is a stone with writing on it. It was created in 196 BC;


How big is the Rosetta Stone?

The Stone is 114.4 centimeters (45 in) high at its tallest point, 72.3 centimeters (28.5 in) wide, and 27.9 centimeters (11 in) thick. It weighs approximately 760 kilograms (1,676 lb);


Why is it called the Rosetta Stone?

The Rosetta Stone is named after the town it was discovered in, a town called Rosetta, on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt.


What writing was on the Rosetta stone?

The text is made up of three translations of a single passage, written in two Egyptian language scripts (hieroglyphic and Demotic), and in classical Greek.


What does the Rosetta stone say?

The Rosetta Stone is thought to have been written by a group of priests in Egypt to honour the Egyptian pharaoh. It lists all of the good things that the pharaoh has done for the priests and the people of Egypt.


When was the Rosetta Stone found?

The Rosetta Stone was found in 1799.


Who found the Rosetta Stone?

The Rosetta Stone was found by French soldiers who were rebuilding a fort at Rosetta, a harbour on the Mediterranean coast in Egypt.


How long did it take to decode the Rosetta Stone?

For twenty years scholars tried to decode the slab.





Flint Michigan CBS news

Compréhension restitution N°1


This article published in CBSNEWS is about the desindustrialisation of Flint, Michigan, USA. It talks about the re-shaping of what used to be a very prospreous industrial General Motors city, which is now half-deserted and prey to vandalism and delinquency.

The remedy chosen by the local authorities is to shrink the city. The first move was to buldoze 6000 houses giving to the area a new landscape where nature is invited to settle in, thus cutting down all types of public services and putting an end to the havoc caused by hoodlums and crackheads.

The journalist concludes with the introduction of a long-term trend in America: the get-smaller movement!


July 2024

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