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grrr…. culture with … Baton Rouge… Usa… Louisiana … Black people say ‘ we matter ‘A2

Jonathan Bachman ….

is  the New Jersey-born freelance photographer

“I had gone to bed and when I woke up and went right back to Baton Rouge,” he says. ….. Then, his father called.

“He said, ‘John, your photo is all over the Internet.’”

The photograph shows a demonstrator, later identified as Ieshia Evans, facing

 police officers in riot gear as she’s about to be arrested. Evans looks resolute, standing peacefully in the middle of the road near the headquarters of the Baton Rouge police department. The contrast between her body language and those of the approaching police officers is made even more powerful by the flowing black-and-white dress she’s wearing.
Bachman knew he had the shot, and that it would be a good one. “I knew it was a representation of what was happening in Baton Rouge at that moment,” he says. “But I really, honestly, never thought it was going to be something like this. I had no idea I would be talking to everyone these past few days.”

Since he’s photographed Evans, Bachman has been inundated with emails and calls – some coming from photographers he’s looked up to, he says. “It’s a very humbling experience. It’s a little surreal as well.”

“I’m a freelancer,” he says, “so I just wait for the phone calls,” — but Ieshia Evans should be the one getting the credit, he says. “People have been trying to talk about me, but really it’s that woman that made the photo.”

Olivier Laurent is the editor of TIME LightBox






Queen Elizabeth II and the celebration of her 90th birthday


questions: age/colour/clothes/hair style/ vocabulary used 

emotions: which emotions?

feelings: which feelings?




Duchess of Cambridge,

Princess Charlotte,

Prince George

and Prince William,

Duke of Cambridge 

Queen Elizabeth II stand on the balcony

during the Trooping the Colour.

What ‘s happening here?


*** Safety on the road! ***


*** … going green? *** Are you eco-friendly ? ***






  Underline the words and expressions you understand :

This is the creation story of Ngiyaampaa country, as well as the land belonging to Eaglehawk and Crow.

Now long, long time ago of course, in the beginning, when there was no people, no trees, no plants whatever on this land, “Guthi-guthi”, the spirit of our ancestral being, he lived up in the sky.

So he came down and he wanted to create the special land for people and animals and birds to live in.

So Guthi-guthi came down and he went on creating the land for the people-after he’d set the borders in place and the sacred sights, the birthing places of all the Dreamings, where all our Dreamings were to come out of.

Guthi-guthi put one foot on Gunderbooka Mountain and another one at Mount Grenfell.

And he looked out over the land and he could see that the land was bare. There was no water in sight, there was nothing growing. So Guthi-guthi knew that trapped in a mountain-Mount Minara-the water serpent, Weowie, he was trapped in the mountain. So Guthi-guthi called out to him, “Weowie, Weowie”, but because Weowie was trapped right in the middle of the mountain, he couldn’t hear him.

Guthi-guthi went back up into the sky and he called out once more, “Weowie”, but once again Weowie didn’t respond. So Guthi-guthi came down with a roar like thunder and banged on the mountain and the mountain split open. Weowie the water serpent came out. And where the water serpent travelled he made waterholes and streams and depressions in the land.

So once all that was finished, of course, Weowie went back into the mountain to live and that’s where Weowie lives now, in Mount Minara. But then after that, they wanted another lot of water to come down from the north, throughout our country. Old Pundu, the Cod, it was his duty to drag and create the river known as the Darling River today.

So Cod came out with Mudlark, his little mate, and they set off from the north and they created the big river. Flows right down, water flows right throughout our country, right into the sea now.

And of course, this country was also created, the first two tribes put in our country were Eaglehawk and Crow. And from these two tribes came many tribal people, many tribes, and we call them sub-groups today. So my people, the Ngiyaampaa people and the Barkandji further down are all sub-groups of Eaglehawk and Crow.

So what I’m telling you-the stories that were handed down to me all come from within this country.


May 2023