Sorosoro or fighting for the survival of languages

Approximately 6,000 languages are spoken on earth.
* 90% of Internet pages are written in only 12 languages.
* 96% of languages are spoken by only 4% of the world’s population and 500 of these are spoken by fewer than 100 individuals.
* On average, a language dies out every 15 days, according to UNESCO experts.
* If urgent measures are not taken, 90% of the world’s languages may well disappear during this century.

sorosoro …is taken from Araki , Vanuatu (Pacific Islands)
means speech and breath

the project is interesting as it has planned to produce a web and television programme of languages and cultures and to give back
the data to the people concerned…project can be seen Quai Branly

See you!

this is independent from the Commonwealth association, was created by Jacques Chirac and it has a very similar vision of cooperation and keeping “roots”, culture and languages as part of educating people and helping them along getting rid of “violence” based and nourished by the lack of recognition of the “otherness” in others

Violence may find its best element in the fact that people’s primary cultures and languages are IGNORED and NOT taken into account.

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