What did you do during the holiday (GB) or vacation (US)?



I received a present from my grand parents .

It was my birthday. It was fun!

I played football and tennis.

The dog ran on the lawn in the garden.

We had a lot of fun;-)

I visited my friends and my family.

They were very happy to see me.

I enjoyed my good marks. 

I did my homework and I also cycled;-)!

I also listened to music.

I sang and I played the guitar and the banjo.

I didn’t have a bad mark, so I was pleased, happy and I smiled a lot!

I missed the train  on my way to Paris.

I woke up late 🙁

I didn’t miss the train, I didn’t go to Paris.

I tidied my bedroom.

My parents didn’t yell at me because I did my homework and I helped them.

The dog barked a lot because he was unhappy: he was sick, poor dog:-)!

Did you receive a letter from your grandmother?

Did you receive many messages on your phone?

Were you happy?  Were you unhappy?

Was the dog sick? Was he well?

Did you open your birthday present? 

Did you help your parents?

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