Bend it like Beckham 6°2

6°2 comments and impressions about Bend it like Bechkam.

Collège et cinéma

I thought this was a very good movie because it is about a girl.who is determined. Corentin

I liked this film, I loved it from the beginning to the end. There were beautiful colors Lucas M

I like the film because Jess fights for playing football. Lou

I liked this film because it is about friendship,love and sport and I think this movie was better than the other two charlotte

Bend it like Bechkam is a film that shows the willingness of Jessminder to become a professional football Cyprien

i liked the movie because it was about football

jess wants to play football but her parents don’t want her to play football paul

I liked this movie because it talked about football and Ilove football ! Even if the film was in English, I understood everything because it was subtitled ! Thibaut

jess is a girl who likes football . The movie is about parents who don’t like football Jules ‘s friends is jess:evan

I enjoyed the story of the film Arthur

I think this movie was awesome! Hélène

Beckham is Jessminder’s star. Armand

There is always a lot of suspense margot

Mr and Mrs Bhamra don’t like football axel

the subjects of the film are interesing because there are football culture best friends and love alice

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