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2012 Election and President Obama ‘s speech + Florida’s ballot


President Obama speaking after 2012 election results abridged version

florida_ballot_gilchristcounty 2012

Le prétérit et la Maison Blanche

The White House, Washington
Good morning,

Six months ago, Gail O’Brien didn’t know whether or not she would be able to treat her cancer.  Betsy Burton wasn’t sure if she could afford to keep paying the skyrocketing premiums for her employees’ health insurance. Paul Horne was struggling to make ends meet after his prescription drug coverage hit the “donut hole.”

The thing about these stories is that they could happen to anybody.  Millions of Americans — maybe even you or someone you know — have been struggling for years with our broken health care system.  These stories are what inspired me to fight for the Affordable Care Act and made me so proud to sign this landmark legislation into law six months ago.

Every day, I hear from Americans like Gail, Betsy and Paul, and a few of these folks have stepped forward to bravely share their stories with the entire country. Take a minute to hear what they have to say:

50 States/50 Stories. Listen Now

The Affordable Care Act is already making a difference in the lives of millions of Americans.  And starting tomorrow, the Patient’s Bill of Rights goes into effect, ending some of the worst abuses of the insurance industry and putting you, not your insurance company, in control of your health care.

Here’s what the Patient’s Bill of Rights means for you:

  • No more discrimination against kids with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies can no longer bar families from purchasing coverage because of a child’s pre-existing condition.
  • No more lifetime coverage limits. Insurance companies can no longer put a lifetime limit on the amount of coverage you can receive.
  • Young adults can now stay on their parent’s plan. Young adults can stay on their parent’s health insurance plan up to age 26 if their job doesn’t provide health care benefits — a huge relief for many parents and recent college graduates.
  • Free preventive care. If you join or purchase a new plan, the insurance company will be required to provide preventive care like mammograms, colonoscopies, immunizations, pre-natal and baby care without charging you any out of pocket costs.
  • Freedom to choose your own doctor. If you purchase or join a new plan, you have the right to choose your own doctor in your insurer network.
  • No more restrictions on emergency room care. Insurance companies will not be allowed to charge you more for out of network emergency services if you purchase or join a new a plan.

This is a long-overdue victory for American consumers and patients.  For years, millions of Americans have been at the mercy of their insurance companies as they jacked up rates, denied coverage or dropped patients all together.

Now, some opponents of this reform have pledged to “repeal and replace” all of the progress we’ve made over the past six months.  But I refuse to go back to the days when insurance companies could deny a child health care due to a pre-existing condition or impose a lifetime limit on care for a cancer patient.  Those days are over.

The Affordable Care Act provides basic rules of the road that make our health care system work for consumers.  It cuts costs and will help us begin to get our fiscal house in order.  And most importantly, it provides Americans with the peace of mind that their insurance will be there for them when they need it.

To learn more about the Patient’s Bill of Rights and the Affordable Care Act, visit:



President Barack Obama

P.S. Last week, I surprised Gail O’Brien by calling her at home.  You can see what happened here:


Protest Painting – Art Engagé



Barbara Kruger  éclate les supports et dérange.

E-thanks to Christian Robert for links;-)!

A2-B1-B2 Edward Hopper

Hopper 1powerpoint

"If I could say

it in words,

I wouldn't need

to paint"

video clips: copy and paste!



NGA New York curator speaks about Edward Hopper's paintings

Boys and girls meet:

a gorgeous adult Persian cat and a lovely German sheepherd
puppy - they're going to get on like a house on fire.
several Rockwell's illustrations:

It is  true or false ?

The atmosphere:

calm and quiet

disturbing  and disquieting

peaceful and relaxing

noisy with a lot of people walking and doing their shopping

It gives an impression of quietness and accomplishment

It conveys a  strange feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen

It conveys the feeling that something pleasant will take place

Which adjectives ?

sad- romantic- gothic- realisitc- modern- everyday America  or Grand America

Which words?

romanticism- realism-modernism- gothicism

What are the artist's favourite scenes?

Choose two answers:

- busy streets    or empty streets

-daylight  in the early morning or  at night

-urban scenes  -  everyday America or  Grand America

-people interact with each other  (talk and chat)  

people are indifferent and do not care about each other

-people look at various directions

-colourful   or     sad    scenes

-people on their own (seuls) or  people with friends

-towns,  cities  or seascapes and landscapes

-loneliness and isolation

-lonely and isolated


On the one hand,

On the other hand,

It is up to the viewer to decide !

The viewer is considered as a free person to judge and make his own picture of the scene

The artist  is very respectful of the viewers as he does NOT impose his own viewpoint

The viewers are free to invent their own world

they can choose between  positive and negative feelings,

between loneliness and isolation

… Christopher Columbus, America and history

Les élèves jouent les personnages(prévoir une mise en scène minimale, une étoffe,  des fruits ...)

Wampanoag1 and Wampanoag2:

You are welcome on our land! We are the wampanoag tribe!

Christopher Columbus:

Hello, my name is Christopher Columbus. I am really tired.

I haven't got anything to eat and we are very hungry! We don't know where we are!

Have you got anything  for my men, their children and the ladies, please?

A lot of men were sick on the ship! They vomited and we didn't have enough food for everyone.

- Wampanoag1: Well, yes, we have a few things here. We've got eggs and fruit...and meat as well!

-Wampanoag2: We've got clean water and a fire! Come closer!

-CC: Thank you so much! It is very kind of you!

W1 and W2: Come in our tepee!

CC: You speak English very well!

W1 and W2: We know Europe very well!

CC: We are very lucky! Come on folks!


They all step inside the tepee.

The next autumn was a season with a lot of fruit and the English people invited the wampanoag for a meal...to say 'thanks'.

They had turkey with cranberries.

This was the first Thanksgiving meal!



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