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ideas of starters


Speaking and respecting the rules paper report 6°:5° MS M ANDRE

Page de garde rituels-4is-it-a-flower.jpg thanks to Emmanuelle Antioh 


*** Safety on the road! ***


*** A 2 – B1 Let us go shopping ***







Mix it up day:-) 6°2 H a p p i n e s s

6°2 Collège Lucie Aubrac

Mix it up day!

With our friends “Les prépositions de lieu”

H a p p i n e s s

H for happy holidays [z]and happy houses ![siz]

Hello, Mexico on a horse !

Hide behind handsome heads !

Health in front of our hearts !

A for apple-afternoons around amusing armchairs !

Awards on the right!

Awards on the left !

Amazing! Just awesomely amazing!

P for pretty parties in front of Pekin, Paris, Pontarlier !

Paintings of pasta, peas and plants

Pass above the pier!

Poetry is powerful!

P for prestigious penguins near the public and the polar bears !

Pink and purple promises with Peaceful Princes and Princesses

Prefer the perfect present in this park

                                             to the peculiar past in that park!

I for an ice-cream  or an inventor of  illnesses

I for inivisible ice-creams in our imagination!

I for  intelligence  in an imaginary ice-cream

I for get an  idea, be inspired !

N for near our neighbours

Next to the notice-board for  our neighbours

E for enjoy (y)our evening

Enjoy eating with (y)our enemies in Exeter!

S for success and surfing

in the swimming pool with snakes, snails and spiders.

S   for    a    story

                and   for                               

                                    s    o    r    r    y   !

Tim Burton


Find out about prepositions: 








“Pardon my enthusiasm!”

“I like your enthusiasm!”

an extract from The Corpse Bride by Tim Burton




My haunted house

There is an owl in the tree. There is a Jack o’ Lantern in front of the house. There is a cat on the roof. There is a ghost in the left downstairs window. There is a witch flying on a broomstick above the moon. There are graves beside the house. There is a skeleton in the right downstairs window. There is a bat in the sky. There is a cobweb above the door. There is a vampire next to the house. There is a werewolf under the tree.



There is a five centimeter pumpkin on the road.

There is a moon at the top of the pumpkin.

There are three cats on the left of the pumpkin.

There is a hat under the road.

There is a cobweb next to the moon.


June 2024

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