4°2 Computer science

The screen is used for reading the information.

The mouse is  an object which is rather small.
It has the same shape as the animal.

The password is a personal code which should never

be given to anyone!

Downloading is forbidden by the law (loi)

Crashing is common!

On s’est servi des deux verbes to download,

to crash en ajoutant -ing

on en a fait des noms, des substantifs!

Before printing  out, I should think about the environment

and use environmentally-friendly solutions:

– Reduce the size of the characters

– Print just once!

– Print in black, don’t use color/ colour

– Print on recycled paper or paper which has already been used!

Saving our  work is very important and essential!

Deleting can be dangerous because our work can disappear!

Laptops are light and easy to use!

Hackers are the creators of contemporary wars!

They can block any system, any government ( Latvia),

they can introduce themselves in any governmental or

international networks!

They are the real enemies of the web!

Computer science is my favourite subject!

computer skills

computer analyst





chat room

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