our trip to Italy 4°2

On the fourth day:

We visited another great city.

We saw  wonderful  historical buildings!

We had the great opportunity to visit the Museum of Calcio.

We also visited Firenze and we had a lot of fun there! We saw the people on the stadium and our teachers  explained a lot of interesting facts to us.

We were not allowed to watch any movies because we had no authorization to do so!

The basilica  was a wonderful experience. It took 200 years to build it!

On the fifth day:

We visited a different town and our teachers gave us some free time! We could speak and say a few words in Italian:

“I would like a stamp for France !”

“Can you give me a stamp, please?”

“Have you got a stamp, please?”


I  was fond of ice-cream.

I  really enjoyed chocolate ice-cream.

Last but not least, it was great, super, ace!

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