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Written expression

How long does  it take to boil potatoes?

The “u”  in “cut ” has the same sound as the “u” in “put” or “duck”.

They have lived (they’ve lived) in that house for a very long time.

Peter, would you go to the shops and get some butter please?

William the Conqueror invaded  England more than 900 years ago.

There wasn’t anything left in the cupboard, it was all empty.

Christmas: cracker, carol, turkey, card.

Let’s ask that woman is she knows the way to the station.

Who left England in 1620 to go to America? “The Pilgrim Fathers”!

intelligently – international

Little children  shouldn’t play with matches because they are dangerous.

I don’t like chemistry and physics much, but I’m   keen  on biology.

I am keen on= I like very much

You mustn’t park here. It says “no parking!”

He’s decided (he has decided) to go to London to look for a job.

‘Look out!” he shouted when he saw the vase was going to fall.

“Is it going to be fine, today?” “I  hope so  because I’m going to the beach.”

When you  get to the crossroads, turn left. Our house is number 56.

Seattle   is not on the east coast of the USA. It is on the western coast of the country!

New York is on the east coast of the USA.

My English penfriend has  asked me to say with him for a week.

I have never sung in public before. I’m a bit scared (afraid).

You look tired. You must stop playing computer games late at night!

Most of the big theatres in New York are on Broadway!

“Burn” rhymes with “earn”.

John’ s been to the post office.

John has been to the post office. He’ll be back soon.

Pronunciation and poetry writing 6° 3

key [i:]

bee, sheep, me, knee, she, sea,

he, tea, eat, tree, we, coffee,three,

green, read, sleep, dream, speak,

be, clean, glee, sweep

Three sheep eat and speak

Sheep sleep in the sea!

We read on trees and we sweep the streets!

We clean the sea! It is all free! We are all free!

fish [i]

sorry, funny, story, really,interesting

The fish is really interesting!

It is a really interesting story!

What a story!

door [o:]

New York!

Doors for York, for New York!

Short doors for New York!

More than four doors for New York!

Does she work in New York?

Yes, she does!

Does he work in New York?

Yes, he does!

We all work in New York, don’t we?



Again came the plane!

The plane came again!

The plane became a game!

The plane hates being late!

The plane  makes the plate!

The plane is painted!

There is so much rain on the plane!

“It is my plain and my rain!”… said the plane!

poor [ue]

power [aue]




food [u:]


low [eu]


open [eu]

shower [aue]

create [ei]

mow [eo]

goat [eo]

snow [eo]

cow [ao]

Power and flower !

Power and shower !

A shower with a lot of power !

An hour in the  shower !

star [a:]

Cars and stars are on March !

Cars and stars are on Mars !

Cards are on Mars !

Cartoons are on Mars !

dog [o]



a dog


my god !

for god !

oh,my gosh !

box !

Cindrella revisited


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