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The Promises film project

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Comprehension about the Promises film project.

While working on this film, you have contributed to the project: Congratulations!

A-The narrator B. Z grew up 20 minutes from here but never got the chance to get there:


-he never crossed the borders between the two communities

-he was given the opportunity to get there

B-Checkpoints are situated :

  • so that Arabs and Muslims cannot cross the the West Bank

    to avoid extremists

  • as a protection for the population in general for active terrorists

  • as daily reminders of occupation

  • because no other ways are possible at the present times

C-The Western Wall is situated behind the Aqsa Mosque :

-the Wall is called Holy Wall for the Jews and people leave their prayers or wishes in it

-the Wall is a western destination for tourists and politicians around the world

-one of the twins in the film says that when he was younger he used to pray for a stolen bike, to make a wish but mostly for….

D-The little girl uses the future tense during the « chair » scene:

  • she has projetcs and dreams for the future, her future life

  • she has no dreams for her future given the situation

Ereligious practice: who does what?

The Jews read the Torah (the law)

What is the Torah composed of?

various books from the Bible:  Genesis, Exodus, Numbers and a few others

The Shabbat is part and parcel of the Jewish religion:

  • it is a day devoted to family and prayers

  • it is a festive day and people stop buying things, shops are closed and the town is having a rest

  • it is the seventh day in the Bible when God is supposed to have a rest after creating the earth, man and woman.

  • people who practise the prayers and respect the traditions wear the kippa (calotte)

F-Prayers for Muslims:

bending forward in sign of respect is part and parcel of praying as well as washing oneself before entering the mosque

Book : the Coran

G-Can you name a few details given by the litlle girl?

  • the child in the film says she is not allowed to tear toilet paper.

  • She is preparing meals whereas her brother is playing on the computer

H-Symbols working for an optimistic and realistic outcome= issue= building up of the peace process:

  • children from various districts talk to each other

  • children are willing to know each other although they are different

  • the two chairs : the little girl tries to separate them and it takes time

  • the little girl eventually succeeds in separating the two chairs… ON HER OWN , with nobody’s help


encercler-échapper-colonisation protéger- viser- soulèvement palestinien-jeter- les colons-

Palestinian uprising- settlers-to aim at-settlement- to escape from- to encircle- to throw- to protect

to throw-Intifada ( Intifadah- ??????? )

What do you think?

There is no chance for peace without these meetings (the meeting of young people, across the borders and frontiers)

There is a lot of chance for peace without these meetings.

J-Do you think that the language barrier is a problem for the different communities:

  • yes, it is a problem because they don’t undertsand each other

  • yes, it is a problem because they are not invited to communciate with each other

  • no, it isn’t a problem

  • there is a real obstacle because they have to get translators who are willing to help

  • languages are of the utmost importance

  • languages are part of the identity of each community

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