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Nos amis les modaux (un modal, des modaux)

Les modaux sont à  la langue anglaise ce que nos amis sont

dans la vie. Autant dire qu’ils sont fondamentaux.

A l’instar d’amis idéalisés,

ils ne posent aucun problème de construction.

Ils font partie des auxiliaires, ce sont des verbes-outils dont se sert l’énonciateur, celui qui énonce, celui qui parle  pour porter un jugement ou émettre une opinion.

La structure de base est la suivante:

sujet- modal- prédicat (base verbale)


They can  play all day long.

MODAL  –    S    – P

“Can you go to sleep, now? ”

Tout comme nos amis, ils peuvent  partager des qualités communes.

ainsi should et must se partagent l’idée de “devoir” ainsi que ought to.

Ils sont au nombre  de:

cinq au présent : may      can      must        shall    will


quatre au passé: might    could   ——  should  would

ami/e ou expression du possible, du souhait, de la permission


ami/e ou expression du possible (de l’impossible) du savoir-faire, de la permission


ami/e ou expression du devoir, de la nécessité


de l’interdiction soit une obligation de faire quelque chose

must+ not

must n’ayant pas de prétérit, on utilise alors une périphrase: had to

ami/e ou expression d’un lien à l’avenir, d’une projection dans l’avenir


should  exprime une obligation ou nécessité fortement atténuée

ami/e ou expression d’un lien à l’avenir portant aussi une nuance de volonté ou de bon vouloir ou encore d’inévitabilité, d’une caractéristique ou d’une habitude du sujet


would ainsi que could  renvoient au révolu(traduit par l’imparfait) ou à l’irréel (traduit par un conditionnel)

Tout comme nos amis, ils peuvent  partager des qualités communes:

ainsi should et must se partagent l’idée de “devoir” ainsi que ought to.

need, ought to, dare et used to sont des verbes qui partagent

des particularités des modaux, on les appelle des “semi-modaux”  ils n’en demeurent pas moins précieux.

Wilfred Rotgé et Jean-Rémi Lapaire dans leurs travaux et publications donnent une présentation vivante de la grammaire qui a servi à cette présentation.

13 and Mount Everest ahead of him!

Teenage sailor back in family

US boy Jordan Romero, 13, in Mount Everest bid

Jordan Romero talks about how he has been preparing for the challenge

A 13-year-old American boy is set to attempt to climb Mount Everest, in an effort to be the youngest person to scale the world’s highest peak.

Jordan Romero has set off from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, to the base camp on the Chinese side of the mountain.

He will begin his ascent there, along with his father and stepmother.

Jordan climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania aged 10 and wants to be the youngest person to climb the highest mountains on seven continents.

His father and stepmother have been with him on all his mountain climbs.

The current record for the youngest climber of Everest is held by Nepali Temba Tsheri, who was 16 when he reached the peak in 2001.

Jordan Romero has already climbed the highest peaks in every continent apart from Asia, although he is not planning to tackle the Vinson Massif in Antarctica.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa: July 2006
Mount Kosciuszko, Australia: April 2007
Mount Elbrus, Russia, Europe: July 2007
Mount McKinley, Alaska, North America: June 2008
Aconcagua, Argentina, South America: Dec 2007
Carstenz Pyramid, Indonesia, Oceania: September 2009

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do before I die – I just happen to be doing it at this age. I happen to be going for a world record. But I just want to climb it,” Jordan told the AFP news agency ahead of his Everest attempt.

The latest post on his website says: “It’s time to mobilise” and that the five-day drive to the Chinese base camp was about to begin.

There have been concerns about allowing somebody of Jordan’s age to make the ascent but he has said he will not take any unnecessary risks and will turn around if any problems arise.

Before he begins climbing, he will spend some weeks acclimatising at base camp.

Asked if, given the risks, a 13-year-old could make an informed decision to climb Everest, his mother, Leigh Ann Drake, told the BBC World Service that her son would be with his father the whole time.

She also said that Jordan was “not an adrenalin junkie”.

“He’s very quiet and focused and determined and he is not there to suffer loss. Everybody is very clear on this. Jordan’s safety, from the top of his head to the tip of his toes, is everybody’s number one priority.”

According to his mother, Jordan is: “taking his algebra book and some writing assignments” on his ascent.

“He’s going to have some down-time in those tents,” she said, “so why not take some books along?”

Written comprehension:

Sum up in  your own word what Romero is trying to do.

Can you  find  the adjectives qualifying Romero’s qualities ?

Find the passage where we learn that he is doing his homework?

How do you react to his decision?

What do you think of the sentence: ” It is something I ‘ve always wanted to do before I die?”


I just want to do something big and  something I wanted to do for myself:

and it was just all about the experience

and I just happen to be thirteen

and I feel ready

I feel as ready as can  be

I feel very prepared emotionally and  physically

I’ve been training long, you know,  over 7 summits for about four years for this!

I’ve been training four years!

I am feeling stronger than ever

I’ve been doing very long workouts

I’ve been eating a lot, putting on fat  and  calories

I just wanted to start climbing now,

so I feel ready!

What does he want?

–  faire quelque chose pour lui

– faire quelque chose de grand pour lui et les autres

-faire quelque chose de grand et le faire pour lui

Underline in red the physical preparation and in green the emotional state of mind.

You may have to underline twice (2) the same  statement

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do before I die – I just happen to be doing it at this age. I happen to be going for a world record. But I just want to climb it,”

What do you think of Jordan’s project?

Jordan’s project is  very brave and daring. It may sound rather foolish.

It is also an ambitious and dangerous adventure. I find it odd when he says:

“It is something I wanted to do before I die.”

It sounds strange  for a healthy thirteen-year-old teenager. Yes, it does!

It is rather strange to think about death  as he is neither ill nor depressed. (?)

Personally, I would like to go with him and be part of the  team and adventure.

It must be a fascinating experience, don’t you think so?

He is very lucky to have his friends and family ( and a very important team) by his side.

All these people will look after him and will take care of him during the experience.

Jordan Romero, 13, ‘becomes youngest to scale Everest’

Page last updated at 9:43 GMT, Saturday, 22 May 2010 10:43 UK

Jordan Romero in Kathmandu, 10 April Jordan Romero was due to do some school work during his trip A 13-year-old American boy has become the youngest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, his family says.

Jordan Romero, from California, telephoned his mother from the peak of the world’s highest mountain, she said.

“Mom, I’m calling you from the top of the world,” Leigh Anne Drake quoted her son as saying.

He was climbing with his father and three Sherpa guides. The previous record was held by a Nepalese boy of 16.

The 13-year-old has now conquered the highest mountains on six of the world’s seven continents.

He climbed Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro aged 10. He just needs to scale the Vinson Massif in Antarctica.

He has also scaled Mount Kosciuszko in Australia.

The team set off from Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, last month, heading for the base camp on the Chinese side of the mountain.

While Nepal insists that anyone planning to climb Mount Everest must be 16, China does not impose any age restrictions.

Some mountaineers have criticised the Romero family for letting him attempt the feat but his father said the ascent from the Chinese side is less dangerous, the AFP news agency reports.

Last month, his mother told the BBC he would do some school work during the trip.

Also on Saturday, Apa Sherpa, 50, climbed Everest for the 20th time, surpassing his own record.

B2i A2-B1 Audio Lingua Glogster …

1. Anglais – Audio Lingua – mp3 en anglais, allemand, espagnol

URL de cette ressource : http://www.audiolingua.eu/spip.php?article959 URL de cette ressource : http://www.audiolingua.eu/spip.php?article957


Consignes et contraintes:


A partir de Glogster, vous  devez organiser un voyage et réaliser vous-mêmes le poster idéal de la destination choisie.

Se rendre sur le site officiel du pays choisi ou du sujet choisi (l’office de tourisme, le sujet etc…)

Citer ses sources et  prendre des photos libres de droits.

Choisir l’un des sujets imposés ci-dessous.

Choisir une police de caractères qui ne soit pas trop consommatrice d’encre.

Un lien sonore peut être introduit s’il est pertinent par rapport au sujet.

Quand le professeur le demandera, mettre le document dans l’espace classe.

L’enregistrer comme suit:

GlogsterEmKev pour Emma et Kevin par exemple

Le respect des consignes est fondamental. Le groupe évaluera les posters en fonction des consignes données.

Ce travail peut être réalisé à deux.


Where is it?

What are the major cities?

Find two illustrations. ( +the emblem of the region)

Give the name of the highest mountain?

What are the languages spoken in Wales?


Locate the region. Find one photo to illustrate the region.

Name two major cities.

What is Scotland famous for? ( + the emblem of the region?)

Give the name  of the  two languages spoken.

Would you like to live there?


Give the name of the capital.

What is the symbol of the country?

Illustrate your poster with two famous castles of your choice.

Find the name of the most famous English writer.

Quote two of his plays.

New Zealand

Name of the main cities and capital.

Who were the natives (the first inhabitants) before the arrival of British people?

Major attractions.

Give a tour of the country.

Other subjects:

One state of the USA ( Louisiana, North Dakota etc…)


Date of birth and date of death.

Three photos (not more than 3) to illustrate his biography

Three important elements in his life

The title of major masterpieces.

The Declaration of Independence in the USA

When was it created?

Who wrote it?

Quote four or five major elements?

Find the emblem of the USA (one or two photos)

What is the corresponding document in France?

Give its date.

If I were…

If I were a cat, I would catch a mouse (mice pluriel)

If I were a cat, I would sleep all day long.

If I were a cat, I would enjoy drinking milk.

If I were a cat, I wouldn’t use my claws

If I were a cat, I wouldn’t go to China.

If I were a river, I would rock in the rocks!

If I were a river, I would run from Paris to Nîmes!

If I were a river, I would ride in Russia and Richmond (usa)

If I were a river, I would not drink milk, of course!

If I were a river, I would not enjoy pollution, no doubt!

If I were the sky or the heavens, I would not have clouds but I would be sunny!

If I were the sky or the heavens, I would not live in Seattle!

I would live in Sydney in Australia!

I would not be stormy! No storms in me!

I would not be snowy! No snow!

Well, this is a very ideal dream! Indeed!

But I wish I were a bird to fly high in the sky!

I wish I were a river to bring fresh water to people!

I wish I were a cat to bring joy to sad people!

I wish I were a house for poor people!

I wish I were a tree for children to climb on!

I wish I were a mountain for climbers to enjoy my fields!

I wish I were a fountain to refresh people!

I wish I were a flower to decorate people’s gray hospital bedrooms!

I wish I were a forest for kids to play in! ( a kid= a child)

I wish I were the sea with clean water for people to bathe in!

I wish I were a great fire to bring warmth to my friends !

That’s all folks!

what did you do during the holidays?

correction of the question

What did you do during the holidays?

Alexis slept a lot in his bed

Vanille    went to her grandmother’s house/ home.

Mehdy played football. It was great! It was smashing!

Charlotte ate apples.

Naomi went to the swimming pool.

Vickie met several people.

Abdou did his homework.

Kevin watched TV.

Alexis hanged about with friends.

Charlyne visited her friends.

Paul  went fishing with Alexis and his parents wanted him to study and to do his homework.

Laurie  went to the cinema.

They went shopping with their friends. She rode a horse.


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