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A1- A2 William the Conqueror Cultural Animated video clip

the preterite simple is one of the tenses used to speak about past events


After winning the battle against Harold’s army, the Normans became the new masters of England.

1. They took all the land. They did not ask anybody.


2. The English hated the Normans, because they were so cruel.


3. The peasants had to work hard. They did not get paid much.


4. They hid in the woods. They tried to escape William’s soldiers.


5. Only a few were able to run away. They fled to Scotland.


6. Later they were caught and punished very hard, because they had broken the King’s peace.


7. Soon William was master of the whole country. He built strong castles everywhere.


A-On Christmas Day 1066, I became King William.

B-Your Majesty!

C-We crushed the Saxons!

D- William defeated Harold at the battle of Hastings. His victory appeared in a tapestry in Bayeux (Normandy).

E-William set sail (ships and boats) on September 27th

F-“The sea is rough!, isn’t it?”

G- Our story begins in 1066. Harold Godwine became the last Saxon King of England.

H- In France, William, Duke of Normandy prepared an invasion, the great invasion of England.

I-The Normans wrote in Latin.

J-At Berkhampsted, the Saxons finally surrended to William  the Conqueror.

K- King Harold  died on the battlefield.

Bayeux tapestry relates the story of the invasion of England by William the Conqueror from the viewpoint of the warriors.


Match the  dates  with  the  events  down  below and  write   the  verb   in   the past   if   necessary

5th January (1)
6th January (2)
early May (3)
all Summer (4)
early September (5)
20th September(6)
25th September (7)
28th September (8)
13th October (9)
14th October (10)
24th December (11)

Edward the Confessor dies. (1)
Harold Godwinson crowned King. (2)
Halley’s Comet is visible. (3)
Harold waited for William to invade. (4)
Harold Hardrada lands in Northumbria. (5)
Hardrada wins Battle of Fulford Gate. (6)
King Harold wins Battle of Stamford Bridge. (7)
William lands in the south. (8)
Having rushed south, Harold camps at Senlac. (9)
The Battle of Hastings (10)
William crowned King in Westminster Abbey (11)

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