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A2-B1-B2 Edward Hopper

Hopper 1powerpoint


“If I could say

it in words,

I wouldn’t need

to paint”

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NGA New York curator speaks about Edward Hopper’s paintings


Boys and girls meet:

a gorgeous adult Persian cat and a lovely German sheepherd
puppy – they’re going to get on like a house on fire.
several Rockwell’s illustrations:

It is  true or false ?

The atmosphere:

calm and quiet

disturbing  and disquieting

peaceful and relaxing

noisy with a lot of people walking and doing their shopping

It gives an impression of quietness and accomplishment

It conveys a  strange feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen

It conveys the feeling that something pleasant will take place

Which adjectives ?

sad- romantic- gothic- realisitc- modern- everyday America  or Grand America

Which words?

romanticism- realism-modernism- gothicism

What are the artist’s favourite scenes?

Choose two answers:

busy streets    or empty streets

-daylight  in the early morning or  at night

urban scenes  –  everyday America or  Grand America

-people interact with each other  (talk and chat)  

people are indifferent and do not care about each other

-people look at various directions

colourful   or     sad    scenes

-people on their own (seuls) or  people with friends

towns,  cities  or seascapes and landscapes

-loneliness and isolation

-lonely and isolated


On the one hand,

On the other hand,

It is up to the viewer to decide !

The viewer is considered as a free person to judge and make his own picture of the scene

The artist  is very respectful of the viewers as he does NOT impose his own viewpoint

The viewers are free to invent their own world

they can choose between  positive and negative feelings,

between loneliness and isolation


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