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Glogster A2 B1 et B2i

Fiche réalisée dans le cadre des activités B2i

(2.1et 2.6, 2.7 + 4.4 et 4.5 )et A2-B1

Collège Lucie Aubrac de Doubs

Marie André-Milesi

A partir de Glogster, vous  devez organiser un voyage et réaliser vous-mêmes le poster idéal de la destination choisie.

Se rendre sur le site officiel du pays choisi ou du sujet choisi (l’office de tourisme, le sujet etc…)

Citer ses sources et  prendre des photos libres de droits.

Choisir l’un des sujets imposés ci-dessous.

Choisir une police de caractères qui ne soit pas trop consommatrice d’encre.

Un lien sonore peut être introduit s’il est pertinent par rapport au sujet.

Quand le professeur le demandera, mettre le document dans l’espace classe.

L’enregistrer comme suit:

GlogsterEmKev pour Emma et Kevin par exemple

Le respect des consignes est fondamental. Le groupe évaluera les posters en fonction des consignes données.Ce travail peut être réalisé à deux.

Wales :Where is it?What are the major cities?

Find two illustrations. ( +the emblem of the region)

Give the name of the highest mountain?

What are the languages spoken in Wales?


Locate the region. Find one photo to illustrate the region.

Name two major cities.

What is Scotland famous for? ( + the emblem of the region?)

Give the name  of the  two languages spoken.

Would you like to live there?


Give the name of the capital.

What is the symbol of the country?

Illustrate your poster with two famous castles of your choice.

Find the name of the most famous English writer.

Quote two of his plays.

New Zealand

Name of the main cities and capital.

Who were the natives (the first inhabitants) before the arrival of British people?

Major attractions.

Give a tour of the country.

Other subjects:

One state of the USA ( Louisiana, North Dakota etc…)


Date of birth and date of death.

Three photos (not more than 3) to illustrate his biography

Three important elements in his life

The title of major masterpieces.

The Declaration of Independence in the USA:When was it created?

Who wrote it?

Quote four or five major elements?

Find the emblem of the USA (one or two photos)

What is the corresponding document in France?

Give its date.

Protected: Irish music

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A2-B1 Getting to know each other


Gorilla Samantha

17 August 2010 Last updated at 19:54 GMT

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Gorilla Samantha, 37, dies at Toronto Zoo after stroke

Samantha the 37 year old lowland gorilla Samantha was born in Gabon, where gorillas are becoming endangered

Longtime Toronto Zoo resident Samantha, a 37-year-old western lowland gorilla, was euthanized on Tuesday after suffering a second stroke.

The 37-year-old gorilla had been a fixture at the zoo since it opened in 1974 when she was 2.

She had five offspring, two of which remain at Toronto Zoo along with her mate Charles, a silverback gorilla.

Matt Stephenson, the zoo’s gorilla keeper, said he would miss Samantha who “always brought a smile to my face”.

The zoo’s chief veterinarian decided euthanasia was the most humane option after the stroke on Monday – her second in two months – left Samantha in a critical condition.

The first stroke paralyzed the right side of the gorilla’s body.

Samantha was born in Gabon, West Africa, where gorillas have become endangered as a result of hunting and habitat destruction, including logging and mining.

She was part of a species survival plan for these western lowland gorillas.

“I will particularly miss her ‘singing’ at breakfast and dinner, and those purrs and rumbles she made that were like music to the soul, which always brought a smile to my face,” Mr Stephenson said in a statement.

Boys and girls


In this family feud, Hanna Rosin and her daughter, Noa, debate the superiority of women with Rosin’s son, Jacob, and husband, Slate editor David Plotz

Hana Rosin is the author of The End of Men


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