Kes by Ken Loach – B2i- bullying A2





1)Je décris les différentes scènes en utilisant les verbes be+ BV+ing

par exemple: He is eating…

I describe the characters and the scene:

I describe the school:

the pupils:

the staff :

2)What do pupils wear?

3)Why do they wear uniforms?

4)Toolbox for the film: Make your way between words, adjectives, verbs and nouns.

sad and tragic, sadness and tragedy, comedy, comic, funny, strange or bizarre, strangeness,

poor, poverty, real, reality, economic crisis,

the pits(la mine), to work down the pitsmine), people suffering from alcohol,

people dependant on alcohol,

to train a kestrel ( dresser un faucon)

dead mort/e), death(la mort), to steal, to do odd jobs (vivre de petits boulots), newspaper, to suffer from bullying(souffrir de harcèlement), to bully someone, to be bullied by someone, to be a bully

to bully someone= brutaliser

to be bullied by=être brutalisé/e par

5)Find Yorshire on a map:

-Where is Yorkshire?

-Can you name three towns or cities in Yorkshire?

-What is Yorkshire famous for?

6)Je  cherche des informations sur le lien suivant:

7)I translate the verbs used in this poster:

to beat-beat-beaten:

to deprive-deprived-deprived:

to ridicule-ed-ed:

to break- broke-broken:

8)The tense used is:

I give my opinion about this poster:

Do you agree with this poster about the film?

 Yes, I……..,

No, I ……..



Cette affiche est une bonne illustration du film.

Je note d’autres éléments qui m’ont marqué/e

10)Les superlatifs : le plus…, le moins…

The funniest scene is….

The most tragic scene is…

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