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Stella -2008 Collège et cinéma

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaoesW5CCvQ[/youtube]Stella was shot in 2008 by Sylvie Verheyde

It is a recent film about the life of young girl in 1977 in a lycée in Paris.

The name of the school:__________________________________________________________

The date on the blackboard:_______________________________________________________

Stella’ s father:__________________________________________________________________

Stella’s mother:_________________________________________________________________

Stella’s friends:___________________________________________________________________


Who are the teachers?____________________________________________________________


What are they studying?


I would like to have Stella as a friend because: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I wouldn’t like to have Stella as a friend because:


Would you like to live in a bar?


There are places with light:


There are places with no light. They are dark.


What are the important elements in Stella’s life? And why?


Does she change and why?


Your comments about the film:

I liked the scene when the English teacher  throws the book outside.

This story didn’t interest me but I liked Gladys’ s family.

There isn’ t  any action.

I didn’t enjoy watching  the film because it is rather sad but one scene was interesting.

The scene which interested me most is the scene  when  Stella fights with a girl.

I liked watching the film Stella because the story speaks about a  teenager’s life.

From the beginning of the film, she feels very different from other pupils and she will change and the film is the story of her evolution.

My favourite scene was when the dog bites Gladys.

I didn’t enjoy the movie because it was sad.

In this film, there are some funny extracts.

I liked  the scene when Stella was at school and when she went to her grandmother’s.

I didn’t  like the movie because it  was not funny.

I liked the scene with music and dance.

I didn’t like  the scene when Stella invited  Gladys  and when they had  a chat and a fight with the  pillow.

In the film, Stella enjoys listening to music and dancing.

Dancing and music are her favourite hobbies.



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