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Valentine ( A2-B1 and more)


While the history of Valentine’s Day is sometimes debated, it clearly links back to a Catholic saint named St. Valentine.

The problem is there are actually three St. Valentine’s — one a priest, one a bishop, and little is known about the third. All were martyrs.

In 469 A.D., Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14 a day to honor St. Valentine, one of these three men.

One legend says that a Roman emperor banned soldiers from marrying in the third century, but St. Valentine took issue with this. He became an advocate for soldiers and was executed as a result of his outspokenness.

Another legend says St. Valentine was executed for his beliefs in Christianity and just before he died, he left a farewell note for a loved one and signed it “From Your Valentine.”

A conventional and widely accepted belief about the holiday itself is that Valentine’s Day grew out of a Middle Ages tradition of celebrating Feb. 14 as the day “the birds began to pair.”

History.com notes that February has long been associated with being a month of love, and Feb. 15 was celebrated in ancient times as a fertility festival.

Words of Love – A Valentine’s Vocabulary…

BEAUTY: attractiveness, charm, elegance, grace, loveliness
CHARM: attraction, fascination, glamour
CONSORT: companion, comrade, mate, partner, soul-mate, spouse
DELIGHT: enjoyment, gladness, happiness, joy, pleasure
DEVOTION: affection, attachment, fidelity, loyalty, dedication
DIGNITY: elegance, grace, stateliness
FOREVER: always, eternity, perpetuity
HAPPINESS: bliss, cheerfulness, contentment, delight, joyfulness
HOPE: faith, optimism, reliance, belief, desire, wish
JOY: bliss, delight, elation, gladness, happiness
LOYALTY: allegiance, constancy, devotion, faithfulness, fidelity
MARRIAGE: matrimony, nuptials, wedding, wedlock, bond, union
PROMISE: pledge, vow
RENEWAL: enlivenment, invigoration, regeneration, revival
RESPECT: admiration, appreciation, esteem, favor, honor, regard
SACRIFICE: dedication, devotion, offering
SINCERITY: candidness, candor, frankness, genuineness, honesty,
SPIRIT: being, heart, mind, psyche, soul, energy, life, verve
WISDOM: wiseness, insight, judgment, knowledge


AFFECTIONATE: adoring, caring, considerate, devoted, loving
BEAUTIFUL: attractive, fair, lovely, stunning
DIVINE: godly, heavenly, glorious, wonderful, wondrous
ENDLESS: continual, eternal, perpetual, unceasing, unending, timeless
FAITHFUL: constant, steady, steadfast, true
FOND: affectionate, dear, devoted, loving
HAPPY: cheerful, glad, joyful, joyous, merry, pleased
HOPEFUL: hoping, optimistic, promising
INFINITE: endless, limitless, unbounded, immeasurable
MARRIED: marital, matrimonial, nuptial, spousal, wedded, united
NOBLE: august, royal, ethical, moral, virtuous, honorable
OPTIMISTIC: bright, sunny, upbeat, promising
PEACEFUL: placid, quiet, serene, still, undisturbed
PRICELESS: precious, inestimable, invaluable, valuable
SINCERE: genuine, honest, real, heartfelt
TOTAL: complete, entire, whole, absolute, pure, sheer, utter
UNCOMMON: extraordinary, scarce, unusual, rare, unique
UNCORRUPTED: ethical, principled, untarnished
UNDENIABLE: certain, incontestible, sure, undisputable
UNDYING: deathless, immortal, eternal, everlasting
UNFADING: enduring, lasting, undying, unfailing
UNIVERSAL: omnipresent, cosmic, global, worldwide
UNSELFISH: selfless, self-sacrificing
VIBRANT: intense, strong, vivid, dynamic, energetic, vigorous
VIRTUOUS: ethical, moral, noble, principled, pure, righteous
WARM: compassionate, sympathetic, tender, enthusiastic
WORTHY: capable, deserving, desirable, suited, honorable, noble


CHERISH: esteem, prize, treasure, cultivate, foster, nurture
HOPE: anticipate, await, count on, expect, look forward to
INSPIRE: excite, exhilarate, motivate, stimulate, impress
LOVE: adore, cherish, treasure
MARRY: espouse, wed, combine, couple, hitch, mate, link, unite
PRIZE: appreciate, value, cherish
PROMISE: pledge, vow
RENEW: regenerate, restart, refresh, rekindle
RESPECT: honor, regard, value, admire
UNITE: connect, converge, join, meet, merge, unify
VALUE: assess, evaluate, rate, appreciate, prize


AFFECTIONATELY: dearly, devotedly, dotingly, fondly, lovingly
DIVINELY: blissfully, gloriously, splendidly, sublimely
ENDLESSLY: ceaselessly, constantly, forever, interminably
FAITHFULLY: devotedly, loyally
HAPPILY: blissfully, joyfully, joyously, cheerfully
ONLY: alone, entirely, exclusively, solely
SINCERELY: genuinely, honestly, really
TOTALLY: absolutely, completely, entirely, fully, purely, wholly

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