food A2-B1

concours World Food Day

food the preterite fast food


Write the verbs in the past tense: preterite simple 

First sentence:

Ten years before  Kentucky Fried Chicken – KFC (sell) 

 its first chicken dinner, 

the first MacDonald’s restaurant (open) 

in California. 

Second sentence:

Dick and Maurice McDonald (sell) 

burgers for 15 cents and milk shakes for 20 cents. 

Third sentence:

People (not have) 

much time for lunch 

so they (not want) 

to wait long for their meal. 

Fourth sentence:

At the first McDonald’s, 

customers (can) get 

their food in 15 seconds! 

Fifth sentence:

This (be) 

the beginning of the cheap fast food. 

Sixth sentence:

In 1955 a man called Ray Kroc (become) 

an agent for McDonald’s

 and (start) 

opening restaurants in other states. 

Seventh sentence:

The McDonald brothers (not be) 

very ambitious

 and so Ray Kroc (buy)

 the company for 2.7 million dollars in 1961. 

Eighth sentence: 

In the sixties he (open) 

over 1,000 new restaurants and now there are more than 25,000 McDonald’s in over 120 countries.

Watermelon in a watercolour 

detail of a painting by James Tissot, curtesy of  Museum of L’Hermitage, Lausanne



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