Structure connectors



Capacité I can   write (past = could)I know how to writeIt’s   easy for me to write

I’ll manage to write

Incapacité I   can’t writeI’m not able to write = I am unable to writeIt’s   impossible (hard/not easy/not possible) for me to write
Obligation  I must writeI have to writeI need to   write

It’s   necessary for me to write

I’m supposed to write

You are forced to…

You are made to…

Absence   d’obligation   I don’t have to writeI needn’t writeIt’s not necessary for me to write
Permission I may writeI am allowed   to writeDo you mind   if I write?

Do you mind   my writing?

conseils You   should writeIf I were you, I’d writeYou’d better write

I   advise you to

Désirs et souhaits: You   would like me to writeYou want me to writeI feel like writing

I dream of writing

I wish I wrote (toujours preterit)

Intention I will   writeI’m going to writeI’m thinking of writing

I’m about to write

I plan (I intend) to write

I’ve decided to write

I’m determined to write

Whether you like it or not, I’ll write   (toujours future)

Regrets reproches             I’m sorry I writeForgive me for writingI wish I had not written (participe passé   car toujours au past perfect)

I should not have written (participe passé)

If I had known, I would not have written   (participe passé)

What a pity I write

Plainte etaversion pour I’m   fed up with writingI’m tired of writingI’ve had enough of writing

Writing really gets on my nerves

It drives me mad

It makes me sick

I   can’t stand (bear) writing any longer

Opinion  As far as I’m concerned…In my view…As for me…

I think (believe/reckon/feel)…

I’m convinced that…

Consequences It   means that…It implies that…Consequently = so

as a   consequence = as a result = therefore

Oppositions and contrasts I   write whereas …Unlike    Tom…, I writeOn the contrary

But:   he is nice but he can be severe

However   he plays the piano well

Comparison More   adj thanLess   adj than =not as adj as
Likes, tastes I’m   fond of writing =I’m   keen on writing , I enjoy writing dislikes I   dislike+ VingI   resent playing soccerI   can’t stand his jokes

I   can’t put up with his jokes


similarity  it is similar to = it is the same as preferences I   prefer writing to readingI’d rather   play football than jog
cause As, since (étant donné que…)Owing to (à cause de)Because   of

That’s   why= that’s the reason why

It   caused…

It   provoked…

consequences It   means that…It   implies thatIt   resulted in…
habitude I am   used to + Ving Habitude dans le passé I used   to playing soccer when I was youngerI   would play soccer when I was younger
but In   order toToSo   that

He   studies hard so that he passes his exam

indifference I   don’t mind + VingI   don’t care about + VingIt   doesn’t matter whether you study or you sleep


concession Although   (though)Even   thoughIn   spite of….

Despite   (in spite of) his efforts, he didn’t succeed


Condition  IfAs   long as… (tant que)Even   if…

Otherwise   (sinon)

Influence   someone Tom   makes his brother play football