Project 1: Promoting my culinary school

Timothy Fisher is presenting the CIA (Culinary Institute of America)

Go behind-the-scenes into the teaching kitchens and classrooms of the CIA. Learn more the skills culinary arts students learn during their first year at the college. Freshman courses include Culinary Fundamentals, Product Knowledge, Food Safety, Modern Banquet Cookery, and more….

Project: Make a video to promote your Culinary High School.


Your school launched a competition to present the behind-of-the scenes of your culinary school. Make a video to promote your school in an original way.

I)Global comprehension

 Say what you understand. The young man’s feeling, the purpose of this video

II) Phonology

Put the following words in the right column according to the pronunciation of the underlined phonem.

Culinary/ behind-the-scenes/ / fundamentals/ focus/ soup/ stock/ production/ knife/ techniques/ searing/ sauteing/ braising/ poaching/ frying/aspects


Vowels Diphtongs
[U :] [ e ] [/[A/] [^] [ i : ] [ei  ] i? [ ai ] [au  ] [?u] [u?  ]

 III) Detailed comprehension

A/Speak about the fundamentals kitchen at CIA (Group A

 B/Complete the sentences below with the right words (Group B)

  Hi, my name is Timothy Fisher and I am going to give you a ___________ look at some of the culinary classes that we have here at the CIA. I mean that I will tell you some __________of our school that you can’t see normally. First of all,  we’re going to see our culinary _______________ kitchen.  In this class we _______on the fundamentals from _______and stock ___________to precision knife cuts as well as cooking techniques things like ______sauteing, ______, poaching, _______and much more.

  C) Cooking techniques

Match the cooking techniques with their definitions

D) Naming the classrooms.

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