How to argue



 Examiner: Hi. What’s your name?

Kelvin:  My name is Kelvin.

Examiner: Kelvin, OK. So, Kelvin, I’m going to ask you a few questions. I’d like to ask you about your school. So, what subjects do you like most?

Kelvin: I think I like economics most because I can study different kinds of demand and supply theory and I can use it in my daily life to observe the market. I think that’s very interesting, yeah, and very useful.

Examiner: OK. And are there any subjects that you don’t like so much?

Kelvin: Actually, I don’t like physics too much because I need to calculate many difficult questions and all those mathematics words. I’m not really used to them. So, I don’t like physics.

Examiner: I see. All right. Well, how about in the future? Are you hoping to go to university?

Kelvin: Yeah, sure.

Examiner: OK, and what would you like to study there?

Kelvin: I think I would like to study something about business. So, I think nowadays we can only make a lot of money by participating in the financial sectors. So, I would like to study something about financial business. I want to get rich, yes.

Examiner: OK, that’s great. Thanks, Kelvin.


To kill the time (time killers)

The interviewer : OK. So, All right (you agree with…)

What’s your name?

 To argue

The interviewee :

Give your opinion: I think…..because

I think… / I don’t think …  I believe… / I don’t believe …
In my opinion,
For me,
Personally, I think …

I can study…

It’s very useful (useless), it’s interesting, it’s boring, It’s hard, it’s amazing, great, enriching, funny, ridiculous

I need to (I have to…

I use…

I am used to (être habitué à)

I like geography most

I prefer geography to maths

I like geography better than

I want to.. I would like to, Iwish to

Activity :

Express yourself about the  subject that you like at school, the one that you dislike  and what you would like to study in the future.