Video 1: A day in the life of a sous-chef

Warm-up: A culinary or hospitality job: which one is for you? Why or why not?

3.Make a commentary of the video.

Use the following guidelines for your presentation and do not forget to assess the document and say the reasons why you enjoy it or not.
1.Find a title for the video clip. Justify your answer.
2.Give the nature of the document.
2.Identify and introduce the main character (race, age, nationality, residence, job)
3.Highlight the main aspects of his job (task, working conditions, anecdotes about his grand-mother, goals and prospects)


Click HERE to have some answers.

Video 2: Two professionals’ lives

a) Watch the video.

The  questions below  have been jumbled. Reorder them.

1.Typical day ?

Your training and qualifications ?

Biggest challenge of your career ?

What do you love about hospitality ?

Your school and examination subjects ?

Key skills for hospitality ?

Where you always focused on hospitality ?

9.What surprised you about hospitality ?

Did anyone influence your career choice ?

Misconceptions about hospitality

Why hospitality ?

Highlight of your career

Negative aspects of hospitality

14.Your career advice

  1. b) Help the interviewer complete his questions:

Typical day ? ___________________

Misconceptions about hospitality ? ___________________

Negative aspects of hospitality ?      ___________________

Your career advice ?  ___________________


  1. c) Complete the chart


Name Eileen Buicke-Kelly (gpe 1) (gpe 2)


Occupation commis chef


Reason of his/her career choice     






Skills for hospitality     



Misconceptions about hospitality     




Negative aspects about hospitality