Freedom of life


It’s this time of the year again, when we make it known to the world that we’re looking for new crew members willing to embark with us.

Based on our needs as human beings, the commune creates a context in which individual and collective fulfillment is possible, as well as a potential solidarity with indigenous, feminist, anti-racist, anarchist, LGBTQ+, and ecological struggles, and those not mentioned here.

The strength of these alternative communities lies in their active solidarity and mutual aid as well as in the bonds of trust that are created after so many informal encounters. Often intertwined, alternative networks provide greater resilience to economic and social fluctuations and declines. What we are proposing here is to strengthen the links not only between collectives, but also between the individuals who constitute them.

The communal life is thus the manifestation of this individual desire to unite, act, and appropriate one’s environment. To contribute to the collective growth, to connect with oneself and others, and to transpire the community.

Part I.Comprehension 

Answer the following questions:

1.What do you think of the video (funny, interesting, colourful, )?

2.Speak about the people you see (origin, social class, feeling, age, action, way of living, political ideas etc…).

Is the video funny, interesting, colourful, informative, subversive, dangerous….. ?

What is the goal of the video ?

3.How do you understand the title « Living à l’infini ».

Part 2.Expression écrite ou orale (utiliser pour)

4.Would you like to live in a community like that ? Tell about its advantages and drawbacks. (120 mots/2-4 mn)