Commenter une image fixe ou animée



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 a-Nature of the document

The document is :

An Ad  – a poster  – a film still   –  a painting   – a cartoon  strip (BD)-  a graph  – a magazine cover – a drawing –


It is from/ it comes from…

c-Main topic/ subject

It deals with…/ It is about…

d)The situation: place, period, characters

There are two characters from Texas

The scene is set in… Colorado in 2013


a-The different parts of the document

The document can be divided into …. parts:

 At the top,… 

In the background,

 In the middle,

In the foreground,    …

On the left, …..  

On the right,…                                                                                                 

 At the bottom, X can be seen/ X is watching a flyer.                                  

It stands out against (se détacher, ressortir)                 

b-Say who/ what is the focal point.

The author emphasizes/  stresses on/ highlights…the flyer.

Maybe he wants to make us aware of the fact that…

 c-Give details on the focal point

– Characters ‘temperament, feelings.

Tom is shocked because he didn’t expect to see such an event.


The painter uses white in his picture to express the notion of innocence.


The flag may symbolize/ stand for/ represents…

It conveys the impression that…


a-Your opinion.

I like, dislike,

-Agree, disagree with the author.  Approve of/ disapprove of…  Justify

-Side with/ sympathise with the author. Justify

-support his/ her  viewpoint on… Justify

-It is difficult/ hard to believe that…

-It may be noticed that…

-We must admit that…

-To some degree, the author is right, but we can say that…

 b-The aim of the author

He wants to depict/ make people aware of/ explain…./ illustrate…./ prove…./criticize/ highlight/   raise an issue…

NB: Useful words

caption (légende)- light and shade- layout (plan, mise en page)- catchphrase (slogan)-slogan


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