Careers in Catering


                                   To what extent does the catering and hospitality industry appeal to you?


a) Watch the video.

The  questions below  have been jumbled. Reorder them.

1.Typical day ?

Your training and qualifications ?

Biggest challenge of your career ?

What do you love about hospitality ?

Your school and examination subjects ?

Key skills for hospitality ?

Where you always focused on hospitality ?

9.What surprised you about hospitality ?

Did anyone influence your career choice ?

Misconceptions about hospitality

Why hospitality ?

Highlight of your career

Negative aspects of hospitality

14.Your career advice

  1. b) Help the interviewer complete his questions:

Typical day ? ___________________

Misconceptions about hospitality ? ___________________

Negative aspects of hospitality ?      ___________________

Your career advice ?  ___________________


  1. c) Complete the chart



Eileen Buicke-Kelly (gpe 1)

(gpe 2)



commis chef


Reason of his/her career choice    








Skills for hospitality    




Misconceptions about hospitality    





Negative aspects about hospitality