Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

– A study of Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address

– Pronunciation of the -ED suffix

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Randall Kennedy on Obama’s victory

– Randall Kennedy, an American Law professor at Harvard University, comments on Obama’s victory and inauguration

– Grammar, WOULD

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Mr Brainwash’s wall painting

– A work of street art dealing with Obama’s election and the Civil Rights movement.

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Final task

Speaking task

Two friends meet in a café after Obama’s inaugural address. One thinks things have changed at last while the other argues that there’s still a lot to be done to end racial discrimination and prejudice.

Writing task

You attended Obama’s inaugural address. You write a note on your blog to give your thoughts about Obama’s election.You’re an opinion columnnist for the Los Angeles Times in 2009. You recently drove down South LA Brea Avenue and came across Mr Brainwash’s inauguration day mural celebrating Obama’s election. You write a column explaining why you were struck by the mural and how relevant you think it is.