Dos and don’ts in job interviews

Your potential boss has found your cover (= application) letter and resume particularly promising. Maybe you’ve had a few phone contacts. The next step is to impress your future employer face-to-face. Here are mistakes you must AVOID during your interview! Don’t worry, each problem has its solution!



 Possible mistakes  Solutions
 Don’t arrive late!  – Keep an eye on your watch. 

– Leave home early 

– Before leaving home, make sure that you know exactly where to go.

 Don’t wear the wrong clothes!  – Choose the appropriate clothes. They have to be neat and clean. 

– Don’t look under- or overdressed!– Don’t forget to comb your hair, brush your teeth and … polish your shoes!

 Don’t avoid eye contact!  – Relax and smile, you are not a robot!

– Look enthusiastic and confident.
 Don’t smoke, drink or chew gum!  – Take it easy. 

– Convince yourself that everything will be  fine. You don’t need a stiffener!– Use deodorant if you know that you are going to sweat a lot because of your stress!

 Don’t hesitate to put forward your qualities!  – You must be able to specify your skills and qualities.– Don’t underestimate your qualities.
 Don’t forget to be polite and articulate!  – Train in front of a mirror and try to speak audibly.

 You must sound convincing. 

– Don’t forget to introduce yourself and to say goodbye when you leave!

 Don’t keep quiet or talk too much!  – Listen carefully to the questions you are asked. 

– Don’t deliver a speech!– Don’t interrupt your interviewer!

 Don’t ask too many / too few questions!  – Ask precise and relevant questions. 

– Avoid questions on sensitive or irrelevant topics.

 Don’t be too critical!  – Don’t sound like a professional complainer 

 Show that you are ready for team work!

 Don’t show too  little interest about the job or the company/firm  – Try to gather information about the job or the company/firm by surfing the net or reading professional magazines

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